How To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing on iPhone | Here Are The 10 Easy Ways To Fix It Now!

How To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing on iPhone | Here Are The 10 Easy Ways To Fix It Now!

Instagram is the most used social media app all over the world. People even use it to earn money and fame but what if your Instagram keeps crashing on your iPhone? This issue seems to be very serious but it is not. There are several reasons why Instagram keeps crashing on your iPhone.

The most common reason is a minor software bug or poor network connection. But you don’t have to be worried as this problem is easily fixable. To fix Instagram keeps crashing issue try updating your iPhone as the update keeps any minor bugs away from your phone’s system.

Therefore, you must always keep updating your phone to the latest version. To update your iphone go to settings>about>software updates.

This may solve this issue but if your phone is already updated and you are still facing this problem then go through this post as I have discussed several other ways that will definitely solve this problem.


How To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone?

Instagram is one of the major social media applications nowadays. It was introduced way back in 2010 but got hype after TikTok was banned. Instagram provides a reel feature where we can create reels and can watch others’ reels as well. But sometimes Instagram keeps crashing while reels are being played or created. Today we will discuss the reasons and remedies for Instagram keeps crashing issue.


Reasons Behind Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone?

To solve a problem or issue, first of all, we should know the reason why it’s happening. Let’s go through the logic behind Instagram keeps crashing issue.

  1. An Instagram bug that is causing this iOS application to crash, is the latest issue witnessed by iPhone users. It’s not widely affecting and hasn’t got any proper workaround for that.
  2. Sometimes the application caches, some preset files, and other junk which are left over are the reason Instagram keeps crashing problem.
  3. Wifi network connection is one of the reasons for Instagram crashes on our iPhones.
  4. If available storage memory is less than 500MB, it can cause Instagram to crash on iPhone.
  5. The availability of the latest iOS software updates can be a major reason for Instagram to crash on our iPhones.


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How To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone?

But we don’t have to worry about crashing as I have come up with certain solutions for this problem. Let’s go through them.

1. Force Close

instagram keeps crashing on iphone

First of all, we should try to force close our Instagram application and reopen it. To do so we should first

Step 1: Double-click on the home screen and we will witness the application working in the background.

Step 2: Simply find the Instagram application there.

Step 3: Swipe it up to close the application from the background.


2. Managing Storage

We can solve this Instagram keeps crashing issue by simply managing storage. Let’s check how: settings>general>storage and iCloud usage>check space>manage storage>check if it is less than 500 mb.

Step 1: Click on setting apps.

Step 2: Then tap on general.

Untitled design

Step 3: After that click on storage and iCloud usage.


Step 4: On the next screen, we can check the available memory space.

Step 5: After checking the usage by storage apps, we should click on manage storage.

Step 6: If the available storage memory is less than 500MB, then we just need to free up some space.

It will more likely solve our Instagram crashing issue.


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3. Deleting And Reinstalling Instagram App

Delete and re install instagram

If our Instagram keeps crashing that is because of cache, preset files, or any other junk, we can eliminate the issue by

Step 1: Deleting our Instagram application from our iPhone.

Step 2: Reinstalling Instagram again from Apple “app store”.


4. Check Network Stability

Airplane Mode

Network stability matters a lot while using social apps like Instagram. If your Instagram keeps crashing, then see if your Network connection is fine or not. If the internet connection is an issue, we can simply toggle the Airplane mode on and then off. It will reboot the iPhone wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular settings. It can solve Instagram as well as other ios software glitches. If the issue is with our wifi network connection, we can check if our wifi internet connection is stable by using applications like Safari, ping, etc.


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5. Restart Your iPhone

Restart iPhone

Simply restarting your iPhone is also one of the easiest ways to fix Instagram keeps crashing issue. Restarting gives your device a fresh start and removes minor bugs and glitches.

6. Reset iPhone’s Settings

Reset Edited

Another fixing way to troubleshoot Instagram crashing is resetting your iPhone network settings by

Step 1: Open the settings application.

Step 2: After that click on the general option.

Step 3: There we will see a reset option, click on that.

Step 4: Now click on the reset network settings option.


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7. Update Your iPhone

Update iPhone

Updating iOS on iPhone is one of the main fixing ways and it can be done by; open settings>about>software updates>update and done!

Step 1: Clicking on the settings app.

Step 2: Then scroll down and tap on “about”.

Step 3: Then click on “software updates” and check whether a new version of ios is available to install.

Step 4: Simply update the software of your iPhone and our issue is fixed.

Well, after applying all these troubleshoots we can get rid of this Instagram keeps crashing issue. Now we can operate Instagram without it being crashed and let’s enjoy our reels and being a social media celebrity as well.


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6. Update Instagram

how to fix instagram keeps crashing on iphone

If you are using an outdated version of the app then it is most likely to crash frequently. The older the version, the slower the app becomes, so always make sure that your app is updated to the latest version so that it’s filled with the latest features and is bug-free.


7. Clear Cache

how to fix instagram keeps crashing on iphone

Just like clearing your phone’s storage is important in the same way clearing your phone’s cache is also important. When using Android phones, press and hold the Instagram app>Tap on App info>select Storage>tap on Clear Cache or you can simply find App Info by opening Settings>going to Apps> Selecting Instagram. As for iPhone users, the cache is cleared only after uninstalling the app.


8. Check Other Apps

An unusual but still very much possible reason is that other apps can be disturbing the Instagram app and letting it crash. A small bug from the software or other apps can be dangerous for the app.


9. Check The Server

how to fix instagram keeps crashing on iphone

This is the most common reason seen in recent times. An easy way to fix an Instagram crash is by investigating the app’s server to check if it is down. Open google or any other social media app to find any news regarding the server being down. If this is the case then there isn’t much that you can do apart from just waiting it out.


10. Upgrade From Beta Version

If you are using a Beta version of the app then it is most likely to crash frequently because the beta version is not stable. Upgrade to the standard version of the app for a seamless and crash-less experience.

On your android device, open play store>search instagram>find “You’re a beta tester>tap on leave>uninstall the app>reinstall the standard version. If you are an iPhone user make sure you have Apple’s Test Flight app and just remove the beta version from the app.


Wrap up!

Instagram is the most loved app all over the world and we use it most of the time in our day-to-day life. But what if your instagram keeps crashing on iPhone especially if you are someone who uses this social media app to earn money?

Well, This is not a serious problem that can be easily solved. I hope these methods were useful to you. If you still face crashing issues, let us know anytime. We are there and happy to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Can I solve the problem of Instagram crashing by updating my phone?

Ans. There is a possibility that this problem can be solved by updating your phone. To update your system go to settings>about>software updates. 

Q2. How to fix Instagram that keeps crashing on iPhone?

Ans. You can force-stop your instagram app to fix this issue. If it didn’t solve this problem try updating or restarting your phone. You can also reset your iphone but don’t forget to make a backup of your files and data.


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