9 Latest Stud Finder apps for Android and iOS List (2022)

9 Latest Stud Finder apps for Android and iOS List (2022)

Stud Finder applications are the applications that help the user to find metallic objects like nut-bolts,  screws, etc. It is a crucial app for DIY projects. There are tons of stud finder apps for both Android and iOS and finding the best of them is very difficult. There are many apps that are fake and don’t give any correct reading as these are just apps. These are very useful for plumbers, engineers, and even contractors in their daily work-life.

If you are currently looking for such apps then in this article, I have compiled the list of best Stud Finder apps for Android and iOS:

“Here is the 9 Latest Stud Finder Apps for Android and iOS List (2022)”


1. Stud Finder Scanner

stud finder logo first

Stud Finder Scanner is one of the best stud finder applications available on Android. You can download this application on Google Play Store. This app will surely help you in finding the metal things.

With this app, you will be able to use your mobile device to search for metals in the range of the magnetic sensor of your smartphone or tablet. The UI of the application is very simple and is very easy to use.

As you will be enough close to the metals, the reading on your smartphone or tablet will change. You’ll be notified with beeping when it finds a stud in the wall. It is possible to scan the object from left to right or up and down. Stud Finder Scanner is easy to use and gives you an accurate value.

2. Metal Detector

download 9

Metal Detector is another application on this list of stud finder app. This works only on Android. It allows the android device to work like a metal detector. The Metal Detector is a high-quality application, which perfectly fulfills its purpose. The same can be said about other tools from this developer. However, much depends on the sensors on your smartphone or tablet, so some devices may not detect metal objects at all.

If you have your cover on your phone then the results might be unstable and it might give bad results. So, I recommend you to use all the stud finder apps without your mobile cover on. You can get this app on Google Play Store.

3. Wall Stud Magnetic Detector

Wall Stud Magnetic Detector

This app is only for iOS users. This is a simple app and can perform the task very efficiently. The UI of the app is very easy and fast to use. This app is used to find the studs behind the wall simply by putting your iPhone in front of the wall.

This app uses the iPhone’s magnetometer and gives accurate results. It can be the perfect tool for occasional DIY-ers who don’t use a magnetic stud finder quite often. Get this app on the App Store and level up your DIY project experience.

4. Free Metal Detector

Metal detector 5 768x629 1

Free Metal Detector is an app for iPhone developed by Mobeezio, Inc. This app detects ferrous and magnetic metals. You could use it for searching lost items, finding studs from walls, and detecting electromagnetic fields.

This is only for iOS and can be downloaded from the app store. This is one of the best stud finder apps for the iPhone. You must at least give it a try.

5. Stud Finder

Stud Finder

Stud finder helps the user in finding the bolts, nails, studs, and screw through walls. This app makes this task very easy and efficient. This is one of the best stud finder apps currently available. This app is currently used by a ton of plumbers, engineers, and contractors to see through the walls.

This app uses your phone’s magnetic sensor and radiation meter to work properly. The ability to perform deep scanning enables you to detect studs and other metal objects behind the walls. This app works perfectly without the internet too. You can get this on both iOS’s app store and Android’s play store.

6. Stud Detector

Stud Finder by Antilogics

This app will allow you to find metal framing studs, nails, or screws in walls: using the magnetic sensor of your phone, you will be able to find if there’s something in the wood, and display light in case the app find something metallic and ferrous.

Stud Detector app highlights adjustable sensitivity that enables you to scan a variety of metal objects at different depths. This app displays magnetic field magnitude, allowing you to approximate the size and location of the object. What’s more, this smart tool offers distinct feedback levels for audio and vibration. And if you’re left-handed, you’ll love its left-handed mode which is optional.


7. Metal Detector and Magnetometer

Metal Detector Magnetometer

Metal Detector & Magnetometer can be your best option to discover metal objects inside the wall. With added features, it promises high accuracy to explore your surroundings. It also offers a better user experience thanks to its beautiful interface.

This app works using a magnetometer embedded into your mobile device to measure the magnetic field in the nearby area. When it detects a magnetic field, the needle moves to the limit and your phone starts to beep. This means there’s a metal object behind the surface. Metal Detector & Magnetometer comes in handy to get your job done without a handheld stud finder. It can be a suitable app for construction workers, handymen, or DIY-ers.


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8. Metal Sniffer

9 Latest Stud Finder apps for Android and iOS List

Metal Sniffer – use your smartphone as a metal detector. You will be able to determine the exact location of the metal and catch the lowest electrical radiation. The main features of this app are that it doesn’t feature advertisements, has vibration alerts, and has an exact coordinates display.

It is very easy to use and when it detects the metals then it vibrates. You can test this application by throwing a piece of metal to the ground and scanning it with your phone.

9. Walabot DIY

unnamed 5

Walabot DIY is a great tool to find out what’s behind the walls. Whether you want to hang a TV or install new plumbing, it comes in handy to help you see through walls before working. This app is designed exclusively for Walabot DIY devices which can be easily connected to your smartphone.

Using this app you can locate studs, wires, and pipes. It also has the ability to detect movement, allowing you to identify mice or other creatures lurking behind your walls


In the above article, I have mentioned the list of the best Stud finder apps for Android and iOS. If this article helps you then please comment and share your thoughts about the article and also in the comments please suggest how we can improve in our future articles.


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