How Can You Fix The Error We Limit Often You Can Do Certain On Instagram (2022)

How Can You Fix The Error We Limit Often You Can Do Certain On Instagram (2022)

You might have heard or read about the ‘‘We Limit Often You Can Do Certain Things Error” On Instagram. It may have appeared on your screen multiple times. But have you wondered what it actually is? Why does this error occur? and many more questions might come up to your mind. In this post, I’ll be telling you all the things that are required for you to know.

Instagram is a globally used social media platform that is growing immensely that is known as the king of social media. All types of social media influencers, be it in the fashion, art, fitness, humor, or travel niche, find it to be a creative room to share a mixture of content and are highly engaged in it

Many people use Instagram for their livelihood by running their small businesses. Instagram has provided ample opportunities to the people who lost every source of earning in the pandemic and also provided a platform to those who wanted to showcase their talent in front of everyone.

What is ”We Limit Often You Can Do Certain Things Error” On Instagram?

This error means, that Instagram imposes some limitations on the users. It doesn’t mean limitations will be imposed on you if you are doing something wrong or illegal. The limitations will be imposed also when you have overused Instagram’s features. If the platform notices any unusual or wrong things going on, it will send you the message, ‘

“Try again later. We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”

Do you know your account can get banned by Instagram if you decline the pre-banning warning for your account? There’s something you need to understand regarding social media platforms like Instagram, is they hate spam. Spamming will make these platforms an unsafe space for its users and can also raise questions on their credibility and protection.

If you are not able to access your account after receiving this warning, you should wait for 24-48 hours to get back the control of your account.

Anyhow, your account must be restored within a few hours of suspension but if that doesn’t happen you should wait for at least 48 hours, even if it does not get started you will have to contact the Instagram support center and address them with your issue.

What are the limitations that are imposed by Instagram on its users?

If Instagram sends you this message of limitations, it shows that you have not followed the rules of limitations properly and how will you identify the limitation that has been violated by you?

That is why it is important for you to know some of the major limitations that can be imposed by Instagram, but before that, there are some factors that specify the limitations.

  •  The number of accounts that you follow and those that follow you on Instagram.
  • The moderate concentration and activity of your account; accounts with higher engagement are permitted more activities, such as business accounts.
  • How old your account is? Usually, new accounts have more activity time than older ones.

By keeping these factors in mind, I will tell you about some of the major limitations that can be imposed on an average activity account user.

1. Limitation on sharing the disallowed content

If you share or post something which Instagram does not allow you to post, you might receive the message. Like other social media platforms, Instagram also has some rules and regulations that we have to follow.

Here’s a list of things that you should avoid posting or sharing-

  • Sexual content.
  • Illegal prescription for drugs.
  • Blackmail or any kind of harassment.
  • Purchasing and selling of live animals.
  • Hate speeches.
  • Online gambling
  • Buying or selling of tobacco or alcohol.
  • Violent videos

2. Following or Unfollowing Limitation

Do you know Instagram also counts your followers and following per day? A limit of 200 followers or following has been set per day. When you cross the limit you will be hit by the limitation message or warning. If your account is new on Instagram you should be more careful when you are following anyone or anyone is following you. If you cross the limit your account will be considered a spam account.

3. Comments and Liking the post Limitation

You might enjoy double tapping on the screen while scrolling Instagram, but have you been hit by the fact that Instagram has its limitations also on this feature. You don,t have an idea of the time or number of posts or reels that you’ve liked but Instagram is watching and recording everything.

But there’s no need to worry because the limit that has been set by Instagram of liking the posts is 1000 likes. So, Even if you will use Instagram for straight 4 to5 hours you cannot reach the desired or set limit.

4. Limitation of Captions and comments characters

You have already learned, Instagram is a medium that prioritizes pictorial content over noted ones. Keeping that in mind, it confirms that the users compose captions and comments that are not assumed too long to read.

The character total limit on Instagram captions and comments is 2200 characters or words.

5. Limitation on Sending Direct Messages

Can you tell me the number of dm’s that you send on your Instagram account? Well, there is a limit set for this also. An average account sends up to 20-25 chats per day. But Instagram allows you to send 80 chats per day. If you cross the limit, You will receive a warning message or It might disable your account temporarily.

6. Limitation on Hashtags

We often use hashtags in our posts or stories that we share on our account of Instagram. You will have to believe that Instagram has also restrictions or limitations on adding hashtags in our posts. Hashtags help in attracting the attention of the users who follows similar content. However, the limit of hashtags that have been set by Instagram is 30 per post or story that you post.

7. Limitations on-time duration of videos and IGTV

Instagram is now in the trend to post videos and photos, and many users have got crazy by using this feature. But some limitations should also be imposed on this feature because, if not imposed there will be no difference between youtube and Instagram.

Therefore, any type of video and IGTV you post on your account should be of 60 seconds and 10 mins long respectively. Instagram live can be of 60 mins which can be posted. But you cannot post a video longer than 60 minutes.

8. Limitation on adding the stories

When you are on a holiday and plan to post your pictures of the trip, have you thought about how many pictures you can post to the maximum? Not really! right? Let me tell you about this. You might think you can post 40-50 stories per day on your account, but no you’ll be happy to hear this, Instagram allows you to post 100 stories per day. Usually, not everyone can reach up to this limit but somehow if you cross the limit, you will have to wait for 24 hours to post your next story.

9. Limitation on Tagging your friends in your post, story, or comment

You all might know about this feature very well. We tag people in our posts or stories to include them in our posts who were present with us when the pictures were taken.

There is a limit of 20 tags per post and tagging limit is even lower, in the comments of the posts. It is set up to 10 tags.

10. Limitation on the character count in Username or Bio

You can choose your username on Instagram and write your bio. You can choose any of the unique names and bio. But have you wondered up to how many characters you can choose your username or can write your bio?

Instagram has limited its username characters up to 30 and your bio must contain characters up to 150 letters. Bio includes your interests, who you are, what you do, and anything you want to write.

Here is How You Can Fix The Error We Limit Often You Can Do Certain On Instagram

Lucas O'Keefe (@TheLucasOKeefe) / Twitter

There are certain things that can help you to fix the error if you have got this message from Instagram.

1. You can delete the post or story-

After posting your photo or story if Instagram shows you that message, Immediately delete the post or story. It might be not allowed to post that content on Instagram. The best way to fix this problem is to delete the post or story from your account. If your problem does not solve after deleting the post or story you must contact the Instagram support center.

2. Change your Account’s Password-

If you are scrolling Instagram and you have no idea how many posts you have double-tapped or have liked and somehow you have crossed the limit so your account will be suspended for the next 24 hours.

In these types of cases, people or users tend to change the password of their accounts which has proven to be useful. When you log in back to your account with a new password, your problem might get solved and your limitations might get renewed. After changing your password you might log in with your new details and you will be able to use your account’s all the features.

Wrapping up!

If both ways do not help you In restoring your account back, then you might need to contact Instagram’s support system and try to avoid those things or activities that cause any limitation to break and you receive the warning message by Instagram.

Till Then Happy Learning!

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