Top 7 Organic Ways To Grow Instagram Using Pinterest in 2022

Top 7 Organic Ways To Grow Instagram Using Pinterest in 2022

Instagram users use Instagram for entertainment purposes as well as for business purposes. Many people have their businesses on Instagram and they have grown through Instagram only. It provides a platform to grow their business. But how do they grow? do you know the tricks? or do you also want to make your business grow by using the tricks and techniques.



In this post, we are going to discuss the tricks and techniques for growing a business using Pinterest. It’s not just about growing an audience, but also about growing a more involved community. Here’s how Pinterest can help you start growing your Instagram presence the proper way. Let’s see Organically How To Grow On Instagram Using Pinterest.

Here Are The Top 7 Organic Ways To Grow Instagram Using Pinterest

1. Pin Your Instagram Content

You have to go to your PC and log into your account, and when you are done sharing your stuff on Instagram you have to copy the URL from the browser window of the post you wish to pin.

Select or build a new board to which you want to add the pin. I’m making a new pin for my Portrait Photography Ideas Board in the image below. Create a pin by selecting the + icon on the right. While it may seem obvious and simple, integrating your platforms is the first step in driving traffic and increasing them.

pin 1

2. Claim Your Instagram Account

First and first, you must claim your Instagram account on Pinterest. This has numerous advantages since you now have access to more detailed data and attribution for any Pins that originate from Instagram. Your Pinterest profile will be featured on any Pins from your company’s Instagram page once you claim your Instagram account. Simply put, if you or someone else publishes a Pin with content from your claimed Instagram account, your profile image and a “Follow” button will display above the Pin. This raises the number of monthly visitors to your Pinterest profile and, as a result, the number of click-throughs to your curated Instagram account.


When other people repins your pinned content, it keeps them in life for a longer time as content on Instagram gets old quite fast. But pins live forever. You just have to go to the settings of your account and click on claim your Instagram account.


3. Make the Proper Use of SEO

When used correctly, Pinterest can be a great SEO buy. Because Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine, this is the case. You can try to develop optimized content with relevant keywords incorporated throughout, just as you would for a blog or website, by adding relevant keywords on Pinterest that are related to your brand while also being matched with your target audience searching terms. This increases the chances of prospective interested users discovering your profile quickly.

Where should the keywords be placed? Include them in the description and title of your pin. Take a closer look at the title. You can even use hashtags in the description, same as how you would on Instagram.

Continue to experiment with different keywords based on the material you publish. Your Pinterest analytics will increase, and as a result, more people will visit your Instagram profile via Pinterest.



4. Use Hashtags

While there is no set policy for the identical number of figures in a Pin, the best-performing Pins often have 5-10 keywords and 3-5 hashtags. You may give a clear, useful description for readers that looks to generate attention and conversions by capturing numerous keywords in a Pin description. This can help you significantly increase traffic to your Pinterest profile, boards, and Instagram page by resulting in click-throughs, allowing you to establish an engaged audience that is more inclined to buy from you.



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5. Create Video Pins from Your IGTV

Not able to believe this point? But you have to, you can create video pins that can last up to 15 minutes on Pinterest. Videos are an excellent tool to disseminate information and the media with the most viewers. A video pin is more valuable than a photo when it comes to promoting your content. On Pinterest, quick tutorial videos go a long way.

The procedure is the same as before. To make the video pin, open your Instagram account on your PC, navigate to any of your IGTV videos, and copy the URL.

6. Try to Qualitize your post rather than Quantitizing

When you want to direct traffic to your Instagram video or photo, you have to clearly convey to the viewers what can they expect after tapping your pin. Quality over quantity is one of the most important aspects of Pinterest’s success. It should only be used for your most intriguing and greatest content. Imagery, infographics, and visuals with text overlays perform best on Pinterest, so if you’re sharing a multi-image Instagram post, consider making a Pinterest-optimized graphic to help it stand out. After you’ve pinned it, link back to your original Instagram post for further context, since you’ve now created amazing personalized content that works on both platforms.

7. Stories

By simply posting it as a Pin, you may repurpose Instagram Stories for Pinterest content. However, any interactive elements integrated into your Instagram Stories, such as stickers or swipeable CTAs, will be inactive or unusable on the new platform. If these are present, delete them, but if they aren’t, post them on Pinterest and aim to grow your following across many networks.


Wrapping Up!

So these were the seven methods with which you can grow your Instagram account, try out these methods, and do tell us your experience. I hope you liked this article and it might also help you in solving your problem.

If you still have some questions left on your mind you can surely ask us in the comment box.

Till then Happy Learning!

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