How To Fix Instagram 60 Seconds Story Not Working 2023? | 5 Ways To Solve It

How To Fix Instagram 60 Seconds Story Not Working 2023? | 5 Ways To Solve It

How to Fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working? Does the same question pop into your mind too and Every time you post a story, it only gets half-posted? If you’re facing the same, it is your time to relax! Because this article has all the answers to your questions. Let’s find out how?

Instagram keeps introducing many features, which made its users stick to it. Recently, it added a 60-second feature to stories which prevents the videos from being divided into 15-second segments.

However, a lot of users voiced complaints and requests regarding how to fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working. Considering that, we’ve mentioned some important information below in the article to fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working. Check it out.

What Is Instagram 60 Seconds Story Feature?

Fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

If you’re a constant Instagrammers, you must be aware that Instagram doesn’t allow posting a story of more than 15 seconds at once and if you do so then it will chop the whole video into small 15 seconds segments. But to avoid it, Instagram has introduced 60 seconds story features that allow users to post stories of more than 15 seconds at once. Instagram’s 60 seconds story feature was introduced in August 2022.


How To Fix Instagram 60 Seconds Story Not Working

Many Instagrammers were complaining that the 60 seconds story feature is not working and were questioning why the 60 seconds feature got removed from the platform. So, to help you with that, we have mentioned some ways which may ‘Fix Instagram 60 seconds Story Not working’ problem.

1. Update Your Instagram app

Fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

If you want to fix Instagram 60 seconds Story Not working you may practice updating the app as there are chances that you might have not updated the app for a while. Using an outdated app version can cause this problem. To update Your Instagram app visit the Play store or App store as per your device.


2. Wait for a few days

If the 60 seconds story feature is not working, then there is a possibility of technical issues, or maybe the server is down and is primarily platform related. Keeping that in mind, you can wait for a few days to solve the issue by the Instagram app. These Technical errors can only be solved by the app and all you can do here is wait.


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3. Clear app cache

Fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

If you haven’t cleared the app cache for a while you should consider doing it, as sometimes it can affect app functioning. To Clear the app cache, follow the steps below-

1. Open your Phone Settings

2. Tap on Apps & Notifications

3. Select Instagram from the list

4. Click on Storage & Cache

5. Tap on Clear cache.

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4. Change the region in Phone settings

You can change your region with another if the longer story feature is not working as the availability of some features varies from place to place, and it is quite possible that the 60-second story feature is not accessible in your region but is accessible in another region.

Follow the steps mentioned below to change the region.

1. Go to <Settings>

2. Search for <General>

3. Scroll down to <Language & Region>

4. Select any other region from the list to change the country

5. Restart your Phone

After restarting, log in with your account and try to post again if that works.

Fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

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5. Contact Instagram Support

To ‘Fix Instagram 60 seconds Story Not Working’ issue, you can Contact Instagram Support. Instagram provides its user Help service to solve the difficulty they may face and to get the answers to their questions.

Here’s How to Contact Instagram Support?

1. Via Email

You can Mail Instagram for whatever problem you’re facing on Instagram. Below are the Steps mentioned to contact Instagram Help Centre Via Email.

1. Open Gmail

2. Click On Compose

3.  Type [email protected] in recipients

4. Write your message

5. Click on send 

After this, you may get a response within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Via Phone Call

Also, you can Contact Instagram Support by calling on its online Support. (650) 543-4800 but you’ll not be able to get human responses there.

3. Via Help Centre

Instagram provides Help to its user where you can instantly type and get the answer. The steps are mentioned below-

1. Open the Instagram App

2. Go to settings

3. Scroll and Tap on Help Centre

4. Search for your answer

Fix Instagram 60 seconds story not working

In this way, you can get Instagram support Instantly and easily. But still, if you’re not satisfied or may the answer is not available there, you can further Contact Instagram Support in other ways mentioned above.

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Wrapping Up!

The article contains information about how to fix the ‘Instagram 60-second story not working’ issue, find all possible ways to fix the issue in the article. The longer story feature of Instagram was introduced in August 2022, but many users were complaining that the feature is not working.

I hope this article helped and if it did then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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