How To Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled In The App Store And itunes

How To Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled In The App Store And itunes

Have you ever faced trouble while logging in-app store or iTunes and later whenever you try to log in you’ll receive a warning message that indicates “your account has been disabled in iTunes and the app store? I know how frustrating it is but no need to freak out. 

There are several reasons behind that and some of them are not having a valid apple id, trying to log in several times by wrong password, and many more. Because of that, you’re also not able to get access to many apps like iTunes, apple music, app store, etc. 

But do you know it could be enabled easily, to do that you need to know everything about the app store and iTunes and if you’re new to apple and don’t know much about it then this article would definitely help you to fix your app store and iTunes account that has been disabled we are going to discuss a few things, so please make sure to read it till the end?

Here are some reasons why your Apple id or iTunes is disabled?

So, there are several reasons why your apple id is disabled and you’re getting those warning messages continuously when you try to log in to your app store or iTunes.

Reason 1:- Entering wrong passwords again and again in your app store or any app that is linked to iTunes.

Reason 2:- Not paying your bills of iTunes and app stores purchases.

Reason 3– Haven’t used apple id for a long time to protect it from hackers.

Reason 4:- Charge Dispute on your Credit Card

Reason 5:-if you made a huge amount of purchase from a store and later disputed the charges for this reason your account may be disabled from the apple services until you clear the things up with apple.


How to fix your App Store and iTunes account that got disabled? 

Luckily there are some easy options to recover your disabled account and to do so please follow the steps given below and it will help you for sure.

1. Reset Your Password

change apple id password on iphone settings
Credits:- Mobitrix

Step 1:- So if the first reason you have us not entering the correct password then doesn’t think much go to and type in your apple id.

Step 2:- Then press continues and it will ask your phone number which is linked to your apple id.

Step 3:- Add your phone number and wait for the further process after a few seconds you’ll receive a link to reset your password.

Step 4:- Then reset it right after and then move to the next step.

Step 5:- Open your iPhone or iPad go to settings apple id and password and security

Step 6:- Tap on change password and then enter your previous password to confirm that it’s you and then enter your new password and that’s it.

Step 7:- Go back to your settings and do sign out from everywhere.


2. Contact Apple Support

Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled In The App Store
Credits:- iDownloadBlog

So, if you’re doing with password reset and it doesn’t help you to enable your account then try to contact apple support and it will help you thoroughly and the response of every apple technician is very fast and accurate. Anyone can contact support and it will definitely help them to restore their account, if you want to enable your app store and iTunes by yourself then you can move ahead to the next step where you’ll learn how to do it.

Steps to follow to contact apple support:-

Step 1:- Go to

Step 2:- Select the region where you are currently living.

Step 3:- Scroll a little and then click on contact apple support.

Step 4:- Click on “iTunes Store: Purchasing music, movies, apps, and books.”

Step 5:- Select “Account Management.”

 Step 6:- Choose “Account disabled in the App Store and iTunes Store alert.”

Step 7:- Schedule a call with Apple Support or they’ll assign you a technician and you easily chat.


3. Sign in and Sign Out your Apple Id

sign out itunes app store
Credits:- EaseUs

Sometimes when you left your account unused and you haven’t logged in for a couple of months so sometimes it will show you a warning that your account is disabled but it might be fixed by doing this Sign in and sign out.


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How to Sign in and Sign out on iPhone?

Step 1:- Go to Setting->Apple ID->Sign out.

Step 2:- Now, Enter your Apple ID password and tap “Turn Off”.

Step 3:- “Sign Out” Again to make sure that you’re signing out of iCloud.


How to Sign in and Sign out on Mac?

Step 1:- Go to the Apple logo at the top left corner of your Mac and then click on “System Preferences”

Step 2:- Then Click on Apple Id-> Overview->Sign Out.

Step 3:- That’s it your sign out is done and now you’re ready to use.


Wrapping Up!

So, At last, we have covered everything that you need to know before fixing it and also we have discussed some of the reasons due to which your account is disabled. So to fix it we have discussed some of the methods to Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled In The App Store. If you really liked the read you can share your reviews in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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