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The Covid-19 pandemic led to an upsurge in e-commerce transactions, with individuals exploring courier services that are reliable and efficient. One of the determinants of an efficient courier service is its delivery options as well as the ability to provide updates to manage your delivery expectations. It is easier to stay updated and track packages when in communication with the courier service.


Technology has provided improved systems to enhance this form of communication. Specifically, the 4px tracking technology provides instant updates via reports and schedules, without recourse to customer service calls.

Benefits of the 4px Tracking Delivery Updates Feature

4px tracking uses smart technology in its logistics services to improve your delivery experience. Most individuals who engage in e-commerce transactions ask, “how can I track my parcel?”This is a common question that the 4px tracking system resolves with updates on the location of each parcel. The Benefits of the delivery update feature include:

Automated Process

In the past, people had to call the customer service unit for updates on their parcels. Parcel tracking was time-consuming because of the time spent on the phone as well as the possible network glitches. However, the 4px tracking system provides each parcel with a unique parcel tracking number that enables the recipient to access the delivery details at any time.

Parcel Monitoring

The availability of reports on the parcel eases the tension associated with e-commerce purchases. It gives you control over your order from the point of departure to when it is delivered to your doorstep. You can also explore a variety of options with this package tracking system such as knowing the estimated time of delivery. It is of interest to state that the online tool and app provide updates in event of a change in the delivery time or status.


The 4px online tool reduces your dependence on carriers because, with the package tracker, you have access to the delivery reports as well as proof of delivery. The package tracker organizes the relevant data with minimum human interference. It becomes easier to resolve issues of misplaced parcels using the unique tracking ID assigned to each parcel.

Enhanced Service Delivery

Partnership with international companies such as FedEx and TNT guarantees prompt delivery of your parcels. However, the delivery time varies depending on the destination and even the weight of your parcel. The advantage that this online tool and app offers is being notified about any change in the status of your parcel or the estimated delivery time.

How to Get Full Reports and Schedules on the 4px Tracking System

The 4px tracking system contains the history of the status of your parcel alongside its current location. You can access this information at any time using your parcel tracking number. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the website, or log in to the app on your mobile device
  • Enter your unique tracking ID
  • Review your parcel status history and current location

If you have further inquiries, you can call the customer service line or send an email. In addition to the steps outlined above, 4px has a tracking API which several companies have integrated to improve their services within the shipment delivery industry. It is on this basis that you can validly use your 4px tracking ID when engaging their courier services.


Your tracking ID consists of 13 digits (a combination of letters and numbers) and can be used for updates on parcel registration, departure, transit, and customs clearance, among others.


4px is committed to preserving customer trust while standing out as the No.1 cross-border solution provider within the e-commerce industry. Its smart technology improves service delivery with priority given to customer satisfaction. You can always access the online tool and app at your convenience for your deliveries.

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