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TikTok Watch History: How To Check Your TikTok Watch History Videos List On Android And iPhone? [2023]

What hurts more than a breakup? Losing an awesome TikTok video after you refresh your feed. Knowing that you will never find it is enough to depress you for life. Thankfully TikTok Watch History has been introduced for all those broken hearts and lost art. Now you can easily watch videos and keep scrolling without worrying about you losing all the gems of TikTok.

This new feature has made viewers happy as their daily dose of laughter, inspiration, and fun is now saved by the app for sharing or watching later. TikTok very easily conquered the entire world of social media. Walking on the shoulders of apps like Dubsmash it created a much bigger and better platform that soon evolved into something unstoppable.

Now, to make their viewers even happier TikTok Watch History has been introduced to make their viewing pleasures more seamless. Users can find this option in Settings under the Content & Activity section. Simply Tap the three lines on your Profile>Tap Settings and Privacy>Scroll down to Content & Activity>Watch History.

Since the menace of losing videos started hovering over social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, something had to be done. This is why TikTok introduced three different ways to tackle it, you can watch videos that you have already watched with the help of TikTok Watch History, using the Watch Videos filter, and using the option of Personal Data Download on TikTok.


How To Check Your TikTok Watch History Videos List? | TikTok Watch History

TikTok Watch History: How To Find TikTok Videos You've Already Watched On Android And iPhone

A new feature of the app called TikTok Watch History has been introduced recently to help users find TikTok videos they already watched. It upgraded the way of creating and sharing content by focusing on videography and using different ways like dubbing, recreation, and original content.

And viewers ate it all up, the app became a hit and soon many other apps started copying TikTok’s style. If you are using the feature for the first time then a message will appear on your screen stating “view up to 7 days of watch history on this device.” You can also choose to turn off the TikTok Watch History if you don’t want it to record your previously watched videos or to delete those videos.


How To Check Your TikTok Watch History Videos List? – Watch Videos Filter

TikTok Watch History: How To Find TikTok Videos You've Already Watched On Android And iPhone

Apart from the TikTok Watch History, there are other methods to see your previously watched videos. Here is another method that you can use if you don’t want to use the first method.

Step 1: Open the Home tab on TikTok.

Step 2: Type the asterisk (*) on the search bar. It acts as a vessel to search for anything on the app.

Step 3: You can otherwise type the keyword related to the lost video to find related videos.

Step 4: On the top right there is a Filters icon, tap it.

Step 5: Toggle on Watched Videos and tap Apply.

Once you complete the process you will see all the videos you have already watched under the Top section. Unlike the TikTok Watch History which shows videos watched in the past 7 days, this method shows all of your watched videos along with videos you might now have seen.


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How To Check Your TikTok Watch History Videos List? – Personal Data Download

TikTok Watch History: How To Find TikTok Videos You've Already Watched On Android And iPhone

When TikTok Watch History and Watch Videos fail to recover your beloved TikTok videos then the Personal Data Download is your last resort. Ask for your personal data from TikTok if nothing is working, the process is much more time-consuming that the other two methods but still has one silver lining. It allows you to see your entire history for the year. All you have to do is follow these tedious but simple steps and all your personal data will be in front of you.

Step 1: Open TikTok and tap on the Menu icon on top.

Step 2: Tap on Settings and Privacy.

Step 3: Select Privacy.

Step 4: Select Download Your Data and you can download it one of the two options, TXT and JSON. My suggestion is to go for TXT as it is easy to read.

Step 5: Tap Request Data.

Once you are done, wait a few days because TikTok takes a little time to retrieve your data. Come back after a few days to the Download Your Data section and open the Download Data icon. Once you see that the TXT file is ready, click on Download.

You will be asked to enter your username and password for verification and then a confirmation to download the file. Once the download is complete, you can find the file on your iOS device or in the file manager of your Android device. The file can also be transferred to a computer as a zip file.

All that’s left to do is now open the file>Go to the Activity folder>Open the Video Browsing subfolder. It will contain all the videos you viewed in the current year. The process is a little lengthier than TikTok Watch History and Watch Videos but it gets the job done.


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Wrapping Up!

It is said that you can find God if you look closely if that’s true then finding a TikTok Video should be hard. With the help of TikTok Watch History, Watch Videos filter, and using the option of Personal Data Download on TikTok you can find any TikTok video you saw in that year. Now the time to feel sad about watching a gem and losing it before you could share it is over. If you still manage to lose it don’t lose yourself over it, just look for the TikTok Watch History option and relax.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Where can we find the TikTok watch history on the app?

Ans. TikTok Watch History can be accessed by Tapping the three lines on your Profile>Tapping Settings and Privacy>Scrolling down to Content & Activity>Watch History. 

Q2. Are the videos labelled in the video browsing subfolder?

Ans. Unfortunately, the only problem with the Personal Data Download method is that the links to the videos may sometimes be unclickable and there may not be any labels or images to identify the video.

Q3. How many days worth of videos can TikTok watch history show?

Ans. The TikTok Watch History shows a video history of up to seven days. Since the app is still in beta testing mode, you can access your history of more than seven days.

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