How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid After Removing 2022

How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid After Removing 2022

Did you accidentally delete your Reel from your profile grid? And you don’t know How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid. This is a major problem and you can miss one of your major’s posts. Have you ever wondered how to fix that problem? Relax, in this article, you will get to know about this perfectly.

If we talk about the reels, we’re mainly talking about Instagram Reels. After having the feature of creating reels, Instagram is being used by people to the fullest. This made them more creative and it has created a lot more opportunities for them. People are also going for Facebook reels but do you want to know how to remove reels from the Facebook app?

Sometimes you unknowingly delete the music on Instagram, sometimes reels, which make you sad but not to think much we have the solutions for you. In this article, you can encounter various solutions to knowing How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid.  Take a dip into it.

 Here Are The Ways On How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid

First of all, you should know that the older version of Instagram had the option of “Add to profile grid” and from this, you could easily add a reel back to the profile grid. But later, Instagram dropped this feature in its new latest versions and now you can only add a reel to your profile grid while sharing.

Below are the two ways from which you will know “How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid” after removing or after posting them:

How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid For Andriod Users

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The very first way to get back your reels to your profile grid is to download the old version of Instagram. What next do you have to do? Check the below steps:

Step 1 First of all save your “Reel drafts” and story drafts so that your data would not get erased. After that uninstall the current version of the Instagram app. If you hadn’t saved the data, your data would get erased. So be alert.

Step 2 – Then, go to your browser to search for the Older version of Instagram and then click the one you need to browse. Now download it.

Step 3 – You have to wait for some time until the APK file gets downloaded. When the file gets downloaded, open the file and install the Instagram app then.

Step 4 – Now, open the Instagram you have just installed. Log in to your Instagram account and go towards your profile tab.

Step 5 – Here you won’t be able to discover the reel tab first. But you can get that by refreshing Instagram to get the reel. Then Log out and log in again. You’ll be seeing the reel tab now.

Step 6 – After that go to the reels tab on your profile. From here open the reel video which you want to bring back to your profile grid.

Step 7 – At last, click on the three dots shown on the bottom and then select “Add to profile grid” to bring back your reel to your profile grid.

How was it, Android users? Tell us in the comment box below. We want to know your thoughts regarding this.


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How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid For iPhone Users


How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid

Source: TechRadar

Above I’ve mentioned some steps for only Android users. Although, we have a different method for iPhone users. The method to know How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid With Instagram is by reposting the reel again.

But here, the thing you should know is that you will definitely get your reel video back to your profile grid but it will remove all your views, likes, and comments on that reel earlier. But if you are fine with that thing, you can head towards the step-by-step guide to getting your reel video back to your profile grid. see the steps given below:

Step 1 – The very first thing is to open the Instagram account, Log in to your Id and go to your profile.

Step 2 – Then, click on the reels section and select the reel video that you want to get back to your profile grid.

Step 3 – After that, click on the three dots button present in the right corner. Then click the delete option. You have to make sure that the same reel must be present in your gallery, if you hadn’t done that you have to save the reel video to your gallery or camera roll before deleting it.

Step 4 – After doing that, go to the Instagram reel camera, after that go to the gallery to find that reel video and you have to load it for editing purposes.

Step 5 – Edit the real as you did it before and then click the next button to add the caption for that reel video.

Step 6 – You have to check the “Also share to feed option” which is below the caution section for putting your reel to your profile grid.

Step 7 – Lastly share the reel video of the features enabled.

What say iPhone users? Impressed or not? Share your views in the comment section below.


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How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid By Using Secondary App

You must know that Instagram still has some incomplete features like missing reels on the grid. But not to worry, we are here to make you find the best possible ways to unlock the question of How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid With Instagram.

This problem has been reported by so many Instagram users of reels video grid. So let us make you happy by throwing one more way to know How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid With Instagram. Check out the below steps:

Step 1 – First of all, log in to your Instagram account and rush toward your profile page.

Step 2 – As yan can see all the posts are here. So, among all of them, select the one reel video you want to add back to your profile grid

Step 1 – After that, tap on the three-dot bar positioned in the extreme right corner on the bottom side. There you will see numerous options will appear.

Step 1 – From there, click on the copy link option among those.

Step 1 – Then, log in to the Planoly app and here click on the Add+ to grid option which is present on the top of the center.

Step 1 – You’ll see that it is allowing you to import the missing reels the moment after you select the source to import the content. For doing this select import missing IGTV or reels option.

Step 1 – After selecting that, a bar will appear. Here, paste the copied link and click on the import section.

Step 1 – Here you’ll see, that it is asking you if your post is on the right spot or not. If it is at the right place then you don’t have to do anything. But if it is not, then you have to drag and drop your reel on the right place and then click on continue and now you’re all done.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below. We will appreciate that gesture from your side.


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Q1. How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid?

You can add reels to your profile grid by reposting which is available for iPhone users and by installing the older version of the Instagram account(for android users) you can also switch to the secondary app option.

Q2. What happens when you remove the reel from your profile grid?

You will see a section called “Add to profile grid” that you have to turn off and then save that and return to your profile. When you reload your profile you’ll see that the specific reel video will get removed from your profile view but not to worry as it will be present in your reel section.

Q3. Does removing reels from the profile affect views?

Yes, it will affect your views. Moreover, if you are an iPhone user you won’t be able to recover the prior video’s comments, views, and likes.

Wrapping Up!

The article was all about How To Add Reels To Your Profile Grid. Hope you liked our content to the fullest. Reels nowadays are made by a large lot of the population. But you should know to tackle some unexpected happenings on it.

We have given you all the possible content on the reel video.Do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

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