How To Remove A TikTok Filter | How It Exactly Works!

How To Remove A TikTok Filter | How It Exactly Works!

Videography is an important media tool but what made videography entertaining was the introduction of filters. Tiktok has also joined the club and today we tell you how to remove a tiktok filter. You might think why are we teaching you to remove a filter instead of adding it?

Well, my dear friend, it is because you need to unlearn things first before learning, and also because this post is about showing you how to remove a tiktok filter and not learning how to add one. But don’t worry we will touch upon that subject some other time. The short video format introduced by TikTok got popularized very quickly.

What makes the content even more appealing is the use of effects and filters in these videos. But sometimes you use the wrong one or include one when it’s not needed, so you should know how to remove a tiktok filter. So, if you find yourself in a position where you have inserted a filter in your videos that is ruining their appeal then don’t panic, TikTok has got you covered.

There are different ways to remove a tiktok filter from a video, you can remove filters from drafts and remove them before and after recording, and apart from that you must learn to manage your filters. So, without further ado here is a detailed answer to how to remove a tiktok filter.


How To Remove A TikTok Filter?

How To Remove A TikTok Filter

This is because the world is becoming fast-paced and not everyone has time to sit and watch 20 min long videos. Short videos provided wholesome entertainment and variety in their content. From dubs, and recreations to original videos everyone loves them wholeheartedly.

If you want to how to remove a tiktok filter then know that there are three ways to do so. If you want to be a content creator on the app then this is something you should know by heart because this is what will make or break your profile. No, I’m not trying to scare you but on social media, presentation is everything.

The way you present your content will either make you a star or a joke, so choose wisely, know which tool to use, and most importantly know when to remove unnecessary details.


How To Remove A TikTok Filter From Drafts?

How To Remove A TikTok Filter

The process to remove tiktok filters from drafts is very easy, just remember the following steps and use them correctly next time you feel there are too many filters.

Open tiktok app>profile>select video from drafts>select effects option>tap on undo>tap on the next icon and you are done!

Step 1: Open tiktok and go to your profile.

Step 2: Go to your drafts and select the video you want to edit.

Step 3: Tap the back button during the editing process.

Step 4: Select the effects option.

Step 5: Tap the undo button whenever you see a filter you want to edit. Tap the icon continuously if there are more than one filters you want to remove.

Step 5: Hit the next icon when you are done.


Note: Select the None icon in the Effects sections if you want to remove all the filters.


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How To Remove A TikTok Filter Before And After Recording?

How To Remove A TikTok Filter

Another answer to how to remove a tiktok filter is to remove them before or after recording the video. What happens sometimes is that a creator sees that a video doesn’t look good with a certain filter on, and now it will be a hassle to record the entire thing again so luckily to ease their trouble tiktok allows them to edit the filters during or after recording.

Open tiktok>select filters>tap on portrait>normal>effects>beautify>none and you are done!

Step 1: Open tiktok and start recording a video.

Step 2: Select the filters option.

Step 3: Select the portrait mode and then select the normal option.

Step 4: Tap the effects icon and select the none option.

Step 5: Scroll to the beautify section and reduce the value to none from the face and makeup tabs.

Now that your unwanted filters are gone you can upload your videos the way you want and rake in all the likes you want.


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How To Manage TikTok Filters?

How To Remove A TikTok Filter

If you are an avid TikToker then you must use filters in your videos all the time and that is why apart from knowing how to remove a tiktok filter you must also know how to manage your filters. TikTok is a sea of filters and you can t sit around all day scrolling through each one to check which of these suits your videos the best. This is why you must learn to manage them.

Open tiktok>tap on + icon>tap on filters>management and you are done!

Step 1: Open tiktok and tap on the + icon to begin filming your video.

Step 2: Tap the filters options.

Step 3: Look for the management icon.

Step 4: When the list of filters appears select all those which are your favorite.

After that, a favourites area will appear from where you can select the filters that you use frequently.

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What Are Rotoscope Filters In TikTok?

You must have been part of a challenge on TikTok where Paul Anka’s song is playing while your silhouette moves in the frame or cartoon frame dancing all around, that’s the Rotoscope filter on TikTok. You can remove a rotoscope filter once you upload or save your video.


Wrapping Up!

Now that you know how to remove a tiktok filter there is no stopping you from becoming the best TikToker ever. When you know what are all the necessary tools required to make videos and know how to use them properly then you create unforgettable content and are at the top of the game. You can remove filters from drafts and remove them before and after recording the videos, you just have to know which ones to remove and when to remove them.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to remove a tiktok filter from a saved video?

Ans. The answer to how to remove a tiktok filter from a saved video is that you can’t do it. You can only remove filters while the video is in the drafts or while making a video. Also, you cant remove filters from videos of other creators. You can edit them but the filters can’t be removed.

Q3. Can you remove tiktok stickers from a video?

Ans. You can remove tiktok both filters and stickers from a video. To remove stickers from a video open the video you want to edit>press and hold the sticker you want to delete>move the sticker to the delete icon.


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