Is Your WiFi Suddenly Slow? | 100% Working Solution To Fix [2023]

Is Your WiFi Suddenly Slow? | 100% Working Solution To Fix [2023]

I was downloading the latest part of my favorite movie series when my wifi speed got slow, and then I wondered, why my wifi suddenly slow works and how I fix it. Numerous factors could be at play if your WiFi is slow. Your computer or router, the wireless channel, the WiFi signal’s strength, or even a network-related issue could all be to blame.

It can be challenging to identify the issue and resolve it because there are so many variables that can affect WiFi performance. We can help you identify and fix the issue if your WiFi suddenly becomes slow and you are unable to locate it.

The main contributors to slow WiFi are nearby outdated devices and interference from those other WiFi networks. WiFi radio waves are also very strongly reflected by solid metal objects and concrete walls, which results in a significantly weaker signal. Just move your router and change the channel to solve the problem.

However, there are probably other factors at play here as well. We will start with the fundamental difficulties and work our way up to more complex issues with solutions because numerous variables affect WiFi performance. So, let’s find out why wifi suddenly slow works and how to fix it.


Here’s Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works – How To Increase Speed

1. Examine Other WiFi-Enabled Devices

Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works | Here's How To Fix It [10 Ways]

The total bandwidth of a WiFi network is divided among the devices currently connected to it, and any program using a lot of bandwidth running on one device may slow down the internet speed on the other devices.

Normal online browsing has little impact on network bandwidth, but if a user is streaming films, downloading large files, or playing games on a device, this could have a significant impact. To prevent the WiFi network from being used for bandwidth-intensive content, watch out.

Additionally, you should unplug unused devices like smartphones since background programs may continue consuming data even when the screen is off.

2. Reduce The Bandwidth Used By Background Programs

Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works | Here's How To Fix It [10 Ways]

This could be the reason for wifi suddenly slow works! There’s a potential that a background application could be consuming bandwidth secretly. For example, Windows Update is infamous for allowing users to share in the background, and there are other apps as well that are linked to the web and use bandwidth in the backdrops; even malware can do this!

The Windows Task Manager, which is available on Windows PCs, allows you to view the running background processes. To access Task Manager’s “Processes” tab, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combination. The processes listed here include both Windows and independent software. Once you’ve located any unopened third-party programs, select them and then click “End Process.”

Just be careful not to terminate any programs that contain the words Windows, Microsoft, explorer.exe, System, etc. If you have any doubts about a procedure, look it up online to discover what it accomplishes. Get a strong antivirus application as well to make sure there isn’t any malware running in the background.


3. Modify The Wi-Fi Channel

All of the routers in your region are attached to the various wireless channels that operate like radio transmissions. Signal interference could occur if numerous routers are linked to the same channel.

Fortunately, you can manually switch to a different channel and select one with less traffic. Nirsoft’s WifiInfoView is a fantastic little program that is straightforward and free for this use. The program will display all Wi-Fi channels along with their levels of congestion as soon as you launch it.


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4. Reset The Network Configuration On Your Device

Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works | Here's How To Fix It [10 Ways]

You should probably think about changing your device’s network configuration if restarting your Wi-Fi network doesn’t fix the issue. Your device’s network settings can be reset to their default values in a nutshell.

From there, you may check to see if changing your Wi-Fi settings has resolved your issue on all of your devices. You will have to enter your Wi-Fi passwords again to access the Internet, and the procedures differ for each type of device. If you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password, you can refer to our helpful advice.

5. The DNS Server Being Modified

Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works | Here's How To Fix It [10 Ways]

This may one of the reasons why your wifi suddenly slow works. Every ISP, regardless of the many internet plans they offer, makes use of a DNS, which essentially aids in translating server IP addresses into domain names like Facebook and youtube.

Most of the time, ISPs’ default DNS servers are slow and unreliable, which is why you may breathe a sigh of relief and experience a much-needed improvement in your online speed and reliability by suddenly switching your DNS server.

You can read our instructions on how to update DNS on your PC or on iOS to understand how to do it. If you use an Android device, go over to the Wi-Fi settings and search for the Private DNS choice.

6. Utilize A Robust Wi-Fi Security Standard

If the security of your Wi-Fi is weak, it might be simple to discover the password. You might have slow Wi-Fi because our neighbor is stealing your connection, which is also possible. The WPA2 security protocol is therefore always advised for use with routers. This can be modified using the router’s settings.

Enter the IP address of your router on any web page on your computer or phone to reach your Wi-Fi settings and set a WPA2 password. The IP address of your router is located on the back of the device, but you can always look it up by going to the network settings of your Wi-Fi on a phone or computer.


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7. Downloading Is Too Slowly

If everything appears to be in order but you are experiencing slower download speeds, there’s a chance that your internet isn’t to blame. The speed of a download is influenced by your internet connection’s speed and the download server’s capacity when you access it from anywhere.

Even if you have a fast internet connection, the download server needs to have adequate capacity to support that pace. If this occurs while trying to download from a specific website, try installing files from multiple websites to determine if there is a difference or not.

8. Improve WiFi Security

Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works | Here's How To Fix It [10 Ways]

If no software or hardware is utilizing the bandwidth, there is a possibility that your neighbour is utilizing your bandwidth without permission. Someone could connect to your WiFi and utilize your bandwidth if it is not secured sufficiently or at all.

Since WPA2 security is now the most sophisticated protocol available for WiFi security, you should utilize it. By entering the router’s IP address in the address bar of your browser, you may access the primary interface of your router, where you must update the password.

When the “Run” window appears, type “cmd” into the “Run” dialogue box to launch the command prompt and obtain the router’s IP address. When you input “ipconfig” in this box, the IP address should appear next to “Default Gateway.”

Simply type this address into the address bar of your browser and press Enter. If asked for a password, type “Admin” or “12345”. If nothing of these approaches proves successful, recommend consulting your internet service provider and asking them for the password.

9. Utilize A WiFi Analyzer

Finding the optimal channel with the least amount of interference and most open space can be done with the help of a Wi-Fi analyzer app. 2.4GHz and 5GHz are the two primary bands utilized in Wi-Fi communications. Consider this when analyzing the outcomes of these tools since the 5 GHz frequency band is less congested but has a shorter range.

Those bands are further separated into numerous channels, and a Wi-Fi analyzer can help you identify which Wi-Fi connections are transmitting on the very same channels so you can choose an alternative. You may find a variety of Wi-Fi analyzer programs on the internet, both free and paid, that can assist you in resolving such problems.

10. Invest In A Fresh Wi-Fi Router

Why WiFi Suddenly Slow Works | Here's How To Fix It [10 Ways]

The quest for high internet speeds is not resolved by purchasing a high-speed internet plan; rather, your Wi-Fi router also plays a significant role. You see, even if you get a high-speed internet connection, you won’t be able to fully utilize it if your Wi-Fi router is out-of-date or doesn’t meet the latest Wi-Fi requirements.

Try purchasing a new Wi-Fi router that supports 802.11ac or at the very least 802.11n if you want to solve this issue. However, you can also buy a faster Wi-Fi router that complies with the most recent 802.11ax specifications if you’re in the market for one. However, please remember that because this system is still being developed, routers that meet Wi-Fi 6 protocols are quite pricey.


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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered the topic of why wifi suddenly slow works. Even though numerous other factors could influence Wi-Fi performance, take this into account and let us know if your problem is still present in the comments.

Remember to read our separate article on the top list of VPNs for school wifi as well. Its usefulness, speed, & bandwidth allowance should be considered in addition to its security because it will keep you secure. We trust that you will also find this post to be interesting and helpful. Thanks for reading!

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