About Us

About Us

What Is Americbuzz?

A place where you can find every missing piece from your tech puzzle, we at Amrericbuzz are a bunch of people trying our best to fetch you tech-related news and updates just at your fingertips. From the latest social media trends and gaming updates to innovative tech solutions and even all the buzz revolving around the entertainment arc. Our prime objective includes creating a safe haven for everyone who somehow struggles to walk hand in hand with the advancing technologies and social media platforms. 

Our team is determined to fill in the gaps and create bridges for increasing your efficiency in the tech realm. Our experts rigorously work towards providing you with the best tips and tricks to break into the algorithms of major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Additionally, our insightful gaming and entertainment section ensures you’re always one step ahead in the realm of gaming as well as the ever-evolving entertainment sector. We at AmericBuzz strive to create a go-to source platform for you to stay informed, entertained, and empowered in the ever-evolving and dynamic digital landscape.

Have a question, suggestion, or just want to chat about tech? Our team is always open to constructive feedback and queries related to our website. We love hearing from you and value your input. Reach out to us through our contact page or find us on your favorite social media platforms. You can contact us to share your reviews or queries regarding our website at [email protected] , [email protected] or [email protected].

Meet The Founder: Avyukt Chib

A young mind with a will to bring change! The credit for the onset of the journey of Americbuzz goes to Avyukt Chib. His vision is to create a platform to empower people in the vast realm of social media apps and technologies across the globe. As a 90s kid, waking up to new technology every day and achieving mastery over it was daunting for him! Yet it somehow allowed him to gain expertise in the technology spectrum. Despite being an experienced tech writer for years he stumbled upon the idea of creating a platform to aid all types of social media users and tech enthusiasts to bridge the gap between social media technology and the everyday user. As a result, AmericBuzz was born with a set of with small but dedicated team, Narinder embarked on an adventure to simplify and demystify the complex world of social media networking.

Senior Editor

Yashsvi Sharma: Yashsvi with her expertise in Snapchat and its entities and a passion for writing and imparting knowledge is a valuable writer and editor of the team. With exclusive knowledge of the popular social media app Snapchat she covers all domains to keep you all updated. As a writer, Yashsvi is dedicated to demystifying and resolving complex social media concepts and filtering them into easy-to-understand articles and guides. Likewise, her expertise shines through in their well-researched and informative articles.

Meet Our Dedicated Writers

Simran Sharma: Just a tech enthusiast with a knack for writing! With more than 4+ years of experience in the tech and gaming world, Simran strives to curate some of the best working hacks and tips you from the undercovered areas of social media and gaming arenas. With her insatiable curiosity to understand what goes into the working of everything tech and digital, she is urged to bring our readers some untapped elements of the social media, tech, and gaming world onto the surface.

Aashita Singh: Living with a commendable force in shaping the tech and entertainment world Eshita’s content is indeed a masterpiece for sure! Despite covering areas of surfacing technology and social media, she has a keen interest in bringing out the secrets and latest updates from the depth of the sea of entertainment. Her articles are indeed insightful in overcoming all the obstacles you might face regarding your new iOS device or the diversified Android device she has got it all. On the contrary, expect a diverse range of content, she brings the latest news and authentic updates from the unexplored corners of the entertainment world.

What We Offer:

Social Media Insights: We provide the latest updates and troubleshooting hacks regarding major social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Tech Solutions: Our dedicated tech section is curated with an aim to provide simple and some of the most comprehensive guides and hacks to resolve the day-to-day errors you might face with your smartphone, from iOS to Android we have got it all covered.

Gaming Universe: Dive into the deep sea of gaming with us. Our gaming section brings you the hottest trends, tips, tricks, cheat codes, and other updates regarding the gaming universe. Like Roblox, PS4, Xbox, and many more.