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Instagram Reels are videos (in a vertical, portrait orientation) that can be a maximum of 90 seconds in length. Like all of Instagram’s features, music, filters, and text can be added to your Reel. You can even use multiple clips and still images within a single Reel. Due to the vertical format, you might need to use an image converter using a good editing tool that is geared for social media. Hootsuite has detailed all the major features of Instagram Reels.

Since their debut in 2020, Instagram Reels have proven popular with users and creators alike. Many popular brands have found that Reels have increased engagement rates and helped them build a community around their brand. In addition, reels do not disappear after 24 hours, unlike Instagram Stories. This, combined with their ever-growing popularity, makes them a permanent, essential tool for marketers in 2022. Also, with automatic sharing to Facebook should you wish, you can target both platforms effortlessly with just one Reel.

Instagram Reels News and Trends That Are Hot Right Now

  •       Challenges have been popular on TikTok for a long time, gaining popularity. Reels are no exception; challenges have become an important part of growing a brand and establishing a new customer base. A music store could post a video of a person playing an instrument and challenge users to post their own musical content. A publisher advertising recipe books could challenge users to recreate a recipe and post their own Reels and posts of that meal.
  •       Music is an integral part of many Reels. Instagram has a library similar to Spotify and Apple Music, where you can search for a track to suit your video. The music can immediately capture users’ attention and differentiate between going viral and not. Choose wisely, but do not think you need to choose a hugely popular track. Use any track if it fits with what you are trying to say.

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  •       New features are arriving to Reels all the time as Instagram improves and refines its’ platform. Brands and users who create content using the latest features available on Reels can often become more prominent on Instagram’s Discover pages. Bear this in mind when a new feature is added. Later, a social media publishing platform detailed several trends on its blog.

Instagram Reels Content for Marketers That You Can Try Right Now

A current trend is to compile a Reel of still images. There are two images for each shot, one in full color and the other in black and white. Edit them together, one after the other, to create a cool Reel. You could also try creating a fresh Reel using music suited to your posting month. For example, in September, use ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire, or, for October, use a spooky, ghostly song like the theme tune to The Addams Family.

There is currently an Italian version of ‘And I Love Her, originally by The Beatles, that is proving popular and creating high visibility for Reels using the track. People are posting Reels of something that reminds them of holidaying in Europe. Join in and post your own version!


Instagram Reels are extremely popular, and that popularity keeps growing. Being visible on Reels can help bring you to a wider audience and give you seconds longer to get your message across. As with TikTok, trends catch on via Reels and can help give your latest campaign a boost. Keeping up with these trends can be valuable. So jump in today and create your first Reel.

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