What Font Does Discord Use For Messages And Names In 2023?

What Font Does Discord Use For Messages And Names In 2023?

What font does discord use? This query is bothering every discord gamer for a few days. If we talk about adding bots to discord, fixing errors, and many other things related to discord that people search is common. But somehow have you ever heard that people want gaming fonts or want to know about them?

If you use Discord to chat with friends or meet other gamers, you probably spend hours each day browsing the client. You should be able to change the typefaces and other interface elements as you see fit. In Discord, though, is it possible to alter the font? What if you would prefer to send messages on Discord using a different font?

An attractive software with a straightforward font, known as uni sans has been created. The user interface for Discord is simple, adaptable, and simple to use. This is a result of the platform going through several optimizations to perfect it. However, the application’s font choice is also quite important. We will detail exactly what font does Discord use for messages or names in this guide.


What Font Does Discord Use For Messages/Names?

what font does discord use

Discord is a platform for instant messaging and communications that was initially developed for gamers to connect. As it expanded, it welcomed many additional settlements. Discord has “Servers” that hold various “channels.” You can join a server and begin interacting with other users on various channels to discuss various subjects.

You can hold video calls with your friends and have audio talks with them using Discord. Discord is mostly used by streamers and gamers to chat with one another while playing games. Let’s look at the particular font that Discord utilizes in its program.

Unfortunately, choosing a different font from a dropdown menu isn’t as easy when using Discord. Having stated that, we’re going to go over all the different ways you can modify the font appearance on the desktop client.


What Font Does Discord Use For Messages?

Discord does not provide the ability to switch the font when typing a message. However, you can add formatting like strong and italics using Markdown, modify the font’s color using the code block, or create the effect of using a different font by utilizing an external font generator.

1. Change Colors Using Code Blocks

Discord does not provide an easy method for changing the color of your messages, as you might have anticipated by this time. The use of code blocks is one method, nonetheless, of achieving colored font. Use the following sample when sending code in Discord:

Your text here

Consolas, the typeface used in Discord’s code blocks, will now be the default font for your Discord message when you do this alone. The color of your text, however, cannot be altered without additional magic.

Discord supports modifiers that let you define the programming language of the code you’re writing after the first three backticks. Discord colors specific areas to aid in the code’s readability. Instead of merely coloring code elements, you may take advantage of this to colour complete messages.

1. Red

– Your text here

2. Yellow

Your text here

3. Orange

[Your text here]

4. Green

+ Your text here

5. Blue

Your text here

6. Cyan

[Your text here]


Therefore, rapidly generate the necessary code and copy it to your clipboard by using a program like Discord Colored Text Generator.

This approach has the drawback of placing your message in a grey box, which doesn’t make it look particularly aesthetically pleasing, however, you could like how it makes your message stand out.

Additionally, and perhaps most irritating, only people using Discord on a computer can see the code because it doesn’t change color on mobile.


2. When Applying To Format, Use Markdown

Discord enables the use of markdown syntax, allowing you to format your messages with italic, bold, underline, and strikethrough text. Except for strikethrough, applying these is simplest when you input your message, highlight it, and choose the appropriate icon from the menu that appears. In addition, you can write Markdown by hand or by using a keyboard shortcut:

**text**Ctrl + BBold
~~text~~Ctrl + Shift + SStrikethrough
*text*Ctrl + IItalic
_text_Ctrl + UUnderline


3. Make Use Of A Font Generator

what font does discord use

Search online for a font maker first. Fancy text generator, font space, and font generator guru are a few examples. On one of these websites, you can type your message, and it will be converted into a variety of styles. After that, copy and paste your preferred style into Discord. Discord supports them because they technically don’t use a different typeface.

Instead, the generating website converts the letters you enter into a string of symbols rather than characters by matching them to a corresponding unicode symbol. Although it mimics a font, using a real font like arial, times new roman, or comic sans would look more professional.


What Font Does Discord Use For Names?

The Discord app uses Uni Sans as its default typeface. A total of 14 typefaces, including 7 weights and corresponding italics, are included in the Uni Sans font set. Different areas of the application make use of various typeface variations. The main body text uses a lighter variation of the typeface, while the headers are bolded.

A sample of the Uni Sans font that Discord uses is shown below. Several recommended fonts are available if you need text that is similar but not exact. These consist of pontano sans, tepeno sans light regular, filetto extralight, hattori hanzo light, and others.

what font does discord use?

Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered what font does discord use. You can see that using multiple fonts on Discord is not that easy. However, you may play around and alter the appearance of your messages with the use of a font generator, markdown, and Discord’s code syntax.

Discord is continuously changing, so maybe in the future the development team can pleasantly surprise us and offer the option to quickly change the font. In the interim, be sure to explore Discord thoroughly to make sure you’ve learned all of its mysteries.

We hope you find our today’s article helpful and quite helpful on the query of what font does discord use. For more updates on gaming and technology, stay tuned for future articles. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them and type down them in the comment section boxes. Thanks for reading!



Q1. Can I change the Discord font?

Ans. You can click Appearance under User Options in the settings menu in the bottom right corner. You can scale up or down the font size in the chat by using the font scaling feature.

Q2. How can I write in various fonts in discord?

Ans. You can make messages bold, italicized, or crossed out in Discord. Following are examples of how to achieve these:


Add at the beginning and the conclusion of your text if you wish to employ strikethrough. For instance, in Discord, write “hi” to send a message with a strikethrough.


Add ** to the beginning and end of the text body to bold it. For instance, in Discord, you would enter **hello** if you wanted to convey a greeting in bold.


Add a * at the beginning and the end of your text if you want to have italics appear there. For instance, on Discord, you would type *hello* if you wanted to send a greeting in italics.


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