Epic RPG Bot Discord With Bot Commands [2023] | How To Use?

Epic RPG Bot Discord With Bot Commands [2023] | How To Use?

Epic RPG Bot  Discord is a very popular discord bot among gamers that comes up with lots of features for all those gaming enthusiasts and anyone who belongs to a community of gaming. With more than 100 thousand discord servers using this bot. After you successfully add this bot to your server you’ll definitely make the most of it. It also has a very active community to also help you with any problem. 

So if you love to play games more often and every time you stay connected with lots of discord members. But what if you fell in love with one of the discord users and want to get married inside a server. Well, it’s possible with the help of Marriage bot discord.

Without talking much let’s use  Epic RPG Bot to your discord server to do so, simply add the Epic RPG bot to your server and give all the permission needed, click on authorize button and it’s done.

So, In this article, we’re going to guide you on How to use Epic RPG bot discord and also we’ll mention some of the best Epic RPG bot commands below.


How To Add Epic RPG Bot Discord

To add Epic RPG bot discord to your server you need to follow some of the instructions given below.

Step 1:-  Go to the Epic RPG bot discord official website or you can click on the Link.

How To Use Epic RPG Bot Discord With Bot Commands

Step 2:- Tap on the invite link and you will be redirected to Discord.

Step 3:- Login with your username and password.

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Step 4:- After that select one of the servers from the drop-down menu and tap on the desired one.

Step 5:- After that give all the permission and Tap on the “authorize button”.

Step 6:- Now you can Successfully use Epic RPG bot discord.


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How To Use Epic RPG Discord With Bot Commands

It’s very easy to learn and then understand how to use the Epic RPG bot and to do so, you can Follow the instructions given below.

Step 1:- Open discord on your mobile phone or PC.


Step 2:- Then Click on the “server” where you want to run these bot commands.


Step 3:- Then simply pick any command from the bot command list given below and then use “rpg” as prefix and then bot command name.


So, this is all about how to use the Epic RPG command and make sure to add Prefix properly before adding any bot command name.

 Useful Epic RPG Bot Discord Command

There are types of bot commands that you can use to have fun with this best discord bot. Below I’ve mentioned some bot commands to checkout and use them.


Best Fighting Epic RPG Bot Discord Command

  • hunt, adventure – The most basic commands to get coins and XP
  • heal – If you lost too many HP, buy a life potion and heal yourself
  • duel – Fight with other players to get XP and coins
  • dungeon, miniboss – Two times a day, you can try to beat a boss/miniboss with the help of other players!
  • arena – One time a day, you can start an arena event! Other players can join to get cookies.

 Best Working Epic RPG Bot Discord Command

  • chop, fish, pickup*, mine* – The most basic commands to get items
  • craft – If you have enough items, you can craft swords, armours and special items!
  • recipes – Here you can see all the crafting recipes.


Best Economy  Epic RPG Bot Discord Command

  • shop – Here you can see what kind of stuff you can buy
  • buy, sell – You can sell anything from your inventory and buy anything from the shop
  • trade – There are some items that can be traded for other items of similar value.

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Best Gambling Epic RPG Bot Discord Command

So, you can also bet your coins that you gained with these commands:- dice, blackjack, slots, coinflip, multidice*, wheel*

There are a few more mostly used:- guild*, daily, cook*, enchant*, time travel*, pets*


Best Statistics Epic RPG bot discord command

  • profile – Check your progress
  • inventory – If you got items, you can see them here
  • quest – Simple quests that will provide XP and coins


These are some best Epic RPG bot discord commands and you can also find them on top.gg


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Why Is Epic RPG Bot Discord Not Working?

However, if you aren’t able to use Epic RPG bot commands or it’s not working in your Discord server, it might be due to a server issue or an old version of Discord. So, if it still doesn’t work after updating it, you may need to ask for help from the Epic RPG  support community server, as it would definitely help you to resolve the issue.


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above article helped you to know How To Use Epic RPG Bot Discord With Bot Commands and there are some useful commands that you can use to make this bot fun.

If you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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