8 Best Ways To Fix Discord Overlay Not Working Problem 2022

8 Best Ways To Fix Discord Overlay Not Working Problem 2022

Facing discord overlay not working like problems, are quite irritating nowadays and people want a solution to resolve this issue as soon as possible in the easiest way. Discord’s in-game overlay function is like the gaming community’s answer to a dream, as we’ve covered in previous pieces. Users may easily communicate with friends or other gamers while playing online games by utilizing text chats and audio calls thanks to its amazing chat system.

Discord’s in-game overlay functionality has allowed for all of this. The overlay function, however, has recently been the subject of complaints from a number of customers. Having Discord’s overlay enabled is essential if you want to play games and communicate on the app at the same time.

It enables you to see exactly who is a part of your voice channel and who is speaking at any given time. When conducting raids, it is very helpful. You’re not the only one whose Discord overlay doesn’t function while you’re playing games! This issue is being mentioned by numerous players. Nevertheless, relax! The good news is that you can quickly solve it using the fixes we’ve provided below. So, let’s get started.


Here’s How To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem?

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

The overlay function in Discord may not be functioning properly on your machine for a number of reasons. The most typical examples are:

  • Acceleration Through Hardware: You can experience issues with Discord’s overlay function if you enable hardware acceleration on your computer to get better performance.
  • Disabling The In-Game Overlay: The fact that Discord does not have this feature enabled is the main explanation. It’s also conceivable that only a select number of games are supported by Discord’s in-game overlay. Because of this, the only way to solve the issue is to manually add the game to the overlay list.
  • Virus Protection Software: The Discord program may be interfering in some way with antivirus software running on your computer, which would explain the Discord overlay issue.
  • Scaling For Displays: The overlay feature might be hidden if you utilize display scaling on your computer to improve visibility and clarity; in that case, you won’t be able to see it.
  • Position Of The Overlay: You have the choice to move the overlay to a different spot on your screen when using Discord. As a result, the overlay feature may vanish from the screen if you unintentionally drag it to the screen’s edge and then scale your display screen. If your Discord overlay isn’t working, you can fix it by disabling display scaling and moving the overlay position.


8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

1. Install Discord Again

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

Your ability to use Discord’s overlay may be problematic for a variety of reasons, one of which is a corrupted copy of the application. We advise reinstalling Discord in order to make sure that this isn’t the case by doing the following:

  1. Look for Discord in the Start Menu. Uninstall can be chosen by right-clicking the icon.
  2. While in Programs and Features, look for Discord, choose it, and then click Uninstall once more.
  3. Now visit the official Discord website and re-download the desktop application.
  4. Start the installation process, finish it, and then restart Discord.
  5. You should now test the overlay one more after successfully reinstalling Discord.

2. Launch Your Desktop Again

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

The overlay disappearing from your screen may be the result of momentary issues that can be resolved by restarting your system. Therefore, you can resolve the Discord overlay not working issue by restarting your computer and launching Discord once more. Try it. Implement the following solution if it doesn’t work.


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3. Improve Game Support

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

The fact that the game you are playing is not supported is a frequent cause of Discord’s overlay just ceasing to function. Since you aren’t actually playing anything, the application cannot tell that you are.

  1. The game may, fortunately, be manually added to your Discord list of supported games.
  2. Check that the video game is operating before you proceed with these procedures.
  3. Click on User Settings.
  4. The Activity Status tab can be found under Activity Settings.
  5. A list of every game you’ve ever played will appear. Don’t worry about those. In its place, you must click the Add it! button.
  6. To add a game, select the relevant window or game name.

As of right now, Discord will recognize this specific game, and when you launch it, the overlay ought to turn on. This procedure must be repeated for each game that isn’t recognized automatically.

4. Activate The Discord In-Game Overlay

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

You must first enable Discord’s in-game overlay feature if you wish to utilize it. Learn how to activate the overlay feature since it is not by default activated;

  1. Launch the Discord desktop application or website. Register with your account.
  2. Open the User settings menu by selecting the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. In the Activity Settings section, scroll down and select the Game overlay tab from the left panel.
  4. Click the toggle next to the option labelled “Enable in-game overlay” to make it active.
  5. Go to the tab for game activities.
  6. Locate the game using the overlay feature that you want to play. Make sure that the game’s overlay feature is turned on.
  7. If the game you’re looking for isn’t already on the list, click the Add It button to add it.
  8. You should also disable the overlay for the game if it is currently enabled before re-enabling it.
  9. Lastly, save the configurations.

Launch the aforementioned game to verify that the overlay is visible.

5. Scale Down The Monitor

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

The scaling feature that you are employing to enlarge objects and enhance app visibility may be the cause of your inability to view the overlay. The issue with the Discord overlay not showing was resolved, according to many users, after scaling the display to 100%. The following describes how to resize the screen:

  1. Start by typing Settings into the Windows search bar. Use the search results to launch it.
  2. As displayed, click System.
  3. It opens by default on the Display tab. Select it in the left pane if it isn’t already.
  4. After that, select a scale and layout option from the drop-down box.
  5. Select 100 per cent (Recommended), as shown.

6. Hire A VPN Program

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem


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To access and play online games, as well as to conceal your location, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By doing this, you will access Discord through a different server. Be cautious because utilizing a Discord proxy increases the risk of computer hacking and virus assaults. Here is how to remove the Proxy:

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

  1. Open Control Panel by typing its name into the Windows search box.
  2. Click on Network and Internet as shown below.
  3. As seen on the page below, click on Internet Options.
  4. You’ll see the Internet Properties window. Click on LAN settings as shown when you are on the Connections tab at the top.
  5. Next, deactivate Use a proxy server for your LAN by unchecking the box next to it.
  6. In order to save the changes, click OK at the end.

7. Start Discord In Administrator Mode

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

If there are any restrictions, running Discord with administrative permissions will enable you to get around them. It may also help you fix the issue where the Discord overlay doesn’t function when you’re playing games. Using Discord as an administrator is as simple as the following:


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  1. Right-click the Discord shortcut that you can find on your desktop.
  2. As shown, click Run as administrator.
  3. When a confirmation prompt appears on your screen, click Yes.
  4. To see if you were successful in fixing the Discord overlay not working issue, restart Discord and launch your game.

If this fixes the issue, you will need to perform the previous instructions each time Discord is launched. Consequently, use the following procedures to run Discord with administrative access permanently:

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

  1. Right-click the Discord shortcut to start.
  2. This time, choose Properties from the option that appears.
  3. Your screen will display a fresh window. From the top menu, select the Compatibility tab.
  4. To make this option available, tick the box labeled “Run this software as an administrator.”
  5. As shown in the illustration below, click OK to save the changed modifications.

From this point forward, Discord will operate automatically with administrative privileges and an operational overlay. If the straightforward solutions didn’t work, see the instructions below on how to change different settings to resolve the Discord overlay not showing the issue.

8. Put an end to any programs that are running in the background

8 Best Ways To Fix The Discord Overlay Not Working Problem

Applications frequently operating in the background could conflict with Discord and interfere with the effective operation of the in-game overlay. We will thus use this strategy to terminate all undesirable background operating applications in order to remedy this issue.

  1. Enter “task manager” into Windows’ search box. Use the search results to launch it, as displayed.
  2. The Processes tab will have a list of all the programs that are currently operating on your computer.
  3. After choosing an app, select it and press the End task button that is shown at the bottom of the screen, as seen in the example below.
  4. For all optional jobs, repeat step 3.

Note: Take care not to stop any processes that are connected to Windows or Microsoft.

Launch Discord to verify that the overlay issue with Discord is fixed.


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Summing Up!

We hope that you were able to resolve the Discord overlay not working issue using our tutorial. If the reinstallation didn’t repair the problem and none of the aforementioned fixes was successful for you, the problem may not be something you can resolve.

In that situation, we advise getting in touch with Discord’s official support. Tell us which approach you found to be most effective. Please feel free to share any questions or comments you may have about this article in the space provided below.

Hope you find this article helpful as well as informative too. For more updates on gaming and technology, stay tuned for future articles. Thanks for reading! and stay safe!

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