how to add bots to discord server

Are you people searching for how to add bots to discord server? Discord is a rather feature-rich chat tool, but if you require much more from your server, you may want to consider installing a bot. They’re quite simple to make and available in all different sizes and forms. Some let you play music, while others develop virtual money that users may accumulate and use to buy exciting things.

You can simply know how to add bots to the discord server by logging in to your Discord account->Select server>Invite>Add Role>Authorize. You can establish a secure and inviting environment where users may chat, stream video games, make stickers, and do much more only if you know how to add bots to the discord server. Looking for how to add roles in discord?

Discord bots are artificial intelligence programs that carry out predetermined tasks to assist you in managing your Discord servers and offer strategies to improve community involvement. Discord bots can do a wide range of tasks, such as welcoming new members to the server playing music in voice channels, muting annoying people, setting up events, creating user “leveling” systems, and much more. The discord sometimes creates discord errors. 

Note: Be careful not to open any links on websites that look suspicious because there are literally thousands of Discord bots out there. Before continuing, make sure the bot is coming from the authorized source. Let me share with you the instructions regarding how to add bots to the discord server?


 How To Add Bots To Discord Server On Mobile In 2022 – 6 Easy Steps

 Discord bot can be added to the server on a mobile device with little to no difference. However, the Discord mobile app does not support adding bots, and the mobile browser does not allow access to Discord. To complete the task, you can utilize a mix of an app and a browser.

1. First, Launch your browser and go to the “top. gg” website. Now, simply select “View” and then Tap on “Invite.”

how to add bots to discord server

2. Pick your server and give the required “Permissions” to the browser at this point.

3. Open the Discord app and choose the server from the side panel on the left. Next, tap the server name shown at the top.

4. To access the server settings, tap on the “Settings” option, and then choose the “Roles” option.

step 4 done

5. Now click the plus sign below to give one of your bots a new role. With the exception of administrator and control server permissions, give the role a name and activate all the permissions you want the bot to have access to.

5 new

6. Return now and click “Members” to display the list of members. Here, choose the bot, then choose the role to which you want to attach it.


Note: If the server you’re looking for is not there, you probably don’t have the authorization to add bots to that server. You can speak with a person who holds a higher position.

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How To Add Bots To Discord Server On PC In 2022


On a Discord server, adding bots is really simple, as it should be. All you have to do to get started is sign into your Discord account through a browser. You must already have decided which bots you want to add to your Discord server, in my opinion. When you have the bots you want to add to your server, take the following actions:

1. Log into your Discord account by visiting the Discord app website.


2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the server name to select the server you wish to add the bots to.

2 4

3. From the drop-down box, select “Server Settings”. Enable the “Manage Server” permission in the General Server permissions section by selecting “Roles” and scrolling down.

3 2

4. Once finished, select “Save Changes.” Make careful to limit who can manage the server to trusted persons and not everyone.

5. Choose the desired bot from Discord bot websites.

4 16. To add the bot to your server, click “Invite” on the bot listing page.

5 2

7. Choose the Discord server you wish to add the bot to from the “Add to Server” drop-down option on the following page, then click on Continue.


8.  Click “Authorize” after verifying the server permissions the bot will use.

All you have to do to add the bot to your Discord server is that. You can employ bots to increase the functioning of your server or to add enjoyable activities for you and your friends to conduct. Go ahead and improve your Discord server with great bots that you find handy now that you understand how to add bots to the discord server.

There are many bots available for Discord; to locate some of the better ones accessible, look through the article and website I referenced. Go check them out as well. We have also compiled a separate list of Discord music bots. If you still play any of these games, you might also look into the top Discord servers for Minecraft, Among Us, and even Fortnite. As always, we’re interested in hearing your thoughts on Discord bots and the program itself.

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Here Are Some  Popular Discord Bots To Add To Discord Server In 2022

Now, you know how to add bots to the discord server. Here are some popular discord bots mentioned below:-

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MEE6:  One of the most often used moderation bots is called MEE6. It has all the customary moderation tools, including reaction roles, anti-spam, kick and ban, and welcome messages.

User levels, social media alerts, custom commands, and streaming notifications can all be configured. MEE6 is a superb moderation bot that also offers a tonne of amusement and utility for your channel, making it a very desirable addition to your bot server.

opengraph 1 

It converts your server into a customer care portal for optimal efficiency and is utilized in over 8.3 million servers globally, leaning more toward the professional end of things. A web panel is included to make user rights and ticket management simpler.

Active tickets can have tags and labels applied, and they can be moved to the appropriate channels. Close the ticket once the problem has been fixed and reassign staff members’ tasks. Lemons made it easy breezy! Who claimed that gamers alone use Discord?


138 1380701 probot probot github new

ProBot is a great moderation bot, much like MEE6. It includes all the necessary components to function as a professional moderating tool, including reaction roles, user leveling, a language filter, and anti-spam. Perform routine performance checks on your Discord server and impose tight behavioral rules on all of your users.

To foster a positive and welcoming environment, members who are detected violating should be kicked out or permanently banned.

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Without Rhythm, no collection of Discord bots is ever complete. But as of September 15, 2021, Rhythm has stopped providing its services as a result of legal notice from YouTube. With over 20 million servers globally using it, it was the most widely used Discord bot.

With prompts for volume, playing, audio effects, and autoplay, Rhythm was mostly used as a music bot and provided complete control over the playlist. You might also create DJ jobs with playback privileges. We have listed them even though they have temporarily stopped offering their existing service since, in their own words, they are developing a new and improved service. Given how excellent the initial service was, this warrants attention.

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Dank memer bot 1 new

Dank Memer:  The absolute standard for chit-chat Discord servers is Dank Memer. With the aid of this bot, you can create and distribute memes or support a fake meme currency. To make your channel more friendly and your chats more enjoyable, invest in new and relevant memes.

Additionally, Dank Memer serves as a kind of mini-game where users can increase their meme currency through theft or gambling.

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Q1. Why does my Discord bot seem to be down?

Visit the source website’s dashboard for your Discord bot. Verify that the bot has all the permissions it needs to perform its job. Even if you completed all of the preceding steps and gave the necessary permissions, the bot may still be experiencing server-related unavailability. In such cases, we suggest checking out the bot’s subreddit or Discord forum for more details.

Q2. How can I add bots to my mobile Discord server?

By entering into the Discord website using a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, you can add bots to your mobile Discord server.

Q3. How can music bots be added to a Discord server?

Music bots can be added to the Discord server using the same procedure as other bots. You can add the bot using the invite link, and our article on the subject has a list of the top Discord music bots.

Q4. Is it compulsory to add a Discord bot to every server?

The addition of a bot to your Discord server is optional. Most individuals do it because it’s easy and enjoyable. It adds character and accessibility to your channel.

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Wrapping Up

Above we’ve mentioned all the details on how to add bots to the discord server? We really hope you will appreciate our work. Did we overlook anything? What Discord bots have you tried or are you thinking about introducing? Tell us in the comments section below. Till then stay safe and healthy.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with various bots. Mix and combine until you find the ideal combination, and if you come across a bot you truly enjoy, remember to give its creators some support.

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