How To Fix High Ping In Valorant 2024

How To Fix High Ping In Valorant 2024

Are you also a big-time Valorant fan who is facing issues while playing the game online? Well, many Valorant players have encountered the high ping issue while playing the game online. High ping can alter your gaming experience and you may feel frustrated while playing. So, if you are wondering how to fix high in Valorant then you are in the right place because in this guide we are going to discuss all the potential reasons that are causing the high ping issue and some potential ways to fix it. Make sure to read this article till the end.

If you are curious to know how to fix high ping in Valorant then try rebooting your network device, contact your ISP, disable the VPN connection, remove apps from your background, and check the Valorant server status. To know about these potential fixes in detail read ahead.

What Is Ping In Valorant?

How To Fix High Ping In Valorant 2024

A ping in Valorant is also understood as the MS of the game. If there is a latency in the Valorant server and your device’s network connection you will face an issue while playing. The more latency occurs between the Valorant server and your device network connection the more ping issues will arise resulting in a frustrating experience while playing. So, if you are wondering what is causing the Valorant high ping issue and how you can fix this issue make sure to read the next sections.

Why Is Valorant High Ping Issue Occurs?

How To Fix High Ping In Valorant 2024

Having a stable ping is necessary to get a smooth experience while playing Valorant online because you may get kicked out of the match if you are facing high ping issues. Moreover, gaming actions will also differ with high ping and you won’t be able to play the game properly.

This can be an annoying and frustrating experience. Also, a high ping issue can give rise to various error codes on Valorant. If you are wondering why you are facing the high ping issue on Valorant then head below we have mentioned all the potential reasons below:

  • The internet connection you are utilizing to play Valorant is used by multiple users and thus you are not getting the perfect bandwidth needed to play Valorant online.
  • The router device you are using to play Valorant is not configured appropriately.
  • There may be some apps in the background that are altering the function of the Valorant game.
  • The VPN connection you are using is interrupting your experience on Valorant.
  • You are using a Wi-Fi connection to play Valorant. Valorant suggests using a wireless connection to get the best experience.
  • There may be some connectivity issues with your ISP.
  • The region where you are residing doesn’t have any official Valorant server.

How To Fix High Ping In Valorant?

How To Fix High Ping In Valorant 2024

Now, that you are well aware of the potential reasons causing this issue you might be getting excited to know how to fix high ping in Valorant. Below we have provided you with a list of ways that can help you to settle down the issue of high ping in Valorant.

1. Reboot Your Network Device

The very first way to fix high ping in Valorant is to reboot the network device that you are using to play Valorant. You can reboot a network device in three different ways. One is to disconnect your network device from the power supply outlet and connect it back after a while.

The second way to reboot your network device is to head to its administrative interface and reboot it from there. The last way to reboot your device is to press the reset button. However, this way will reset your network device settings to the factory you need to re-set up your network device.

2. Contact Your ISP

The next way to fix the Valorant high ping issue is to contact the ISP. You may need to change the plan you are using or select a new plan that can provide you with the perfect bandwidth to play Valorant without facing any issues. Moreover, there might be an issue with your ISP in your geographical region so you may need to contact your ISP and change your internet service provider if needed.

3. Disable The VPN Connection

A VPN connection masks up your IP address and you may face the issue because of a VPN connection while playing Valorant online. Also, if the VPN connection is running in the background it may connect you to a region where Valorant servers and not officially available and you may face a high ping issue. To avoid such issues on the app you need to disable the VPN connection from your background.

4. Remove Apps Running In The Background

Not only a VPN connection will alter your app experience on the app but there are also some other apps that may interfere with the working of Valorant if running in the background. So, if you want a smooth experience and want to know how to fix high ping in Valorant then remove all the apps that are running in the background on your device. This will surely fix the high ping issue.

5. Check Valorant Server Status

Before you come to any conclusion and make up your mind you should check the server status of Valorant. There is a possibility that the Valorant server is down or may face some bug or glitch from the back end which is why you are facing the high ping issue. You can check the Valorant server status using any third-party app like Downdetector, a server status checker. If there is a server issue with the app these third-party apps will let you know about it.

Wrapping Up!

By now we have reached the end of this chit-chat. We are hoping that you have all the required information that can help you with how to fix high ping in Valorant. No one wants to get interrupted in between their gaming experience and that too when there is an intense match going on.

So, if you are continuously facing the high ping issue in Valorant you can surely bypass it by using the above given fixes. So, this is all about how to fix high ping in Valorant. If you have any doubts or want to know more about Valorant make sure to ping us using the comment box below.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is an ideal playable ping in Valorant?

Ans. An ideal playable ping in Valorant is 50-100. If you want a smooth experience while playing the Valorant online your ping should be between 50-100. Otherwise, you may face the lagging issue or even you will get kicked out of a match.

Q2. Why is my ping so high when my internet connection is working properly?

Ans. If you are wondering why you are facing a high ping issue even when your internet connection working properly then let me tell you this issue occurs because of the issue with the Valorant server.

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