How To Get Discord Nitro For Free Without Credit Card (2024)

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free Without Credit Card (2024)

Have you ever thought about how to get Discord Nitro for free on Android and without a credit card? Discord is an excellent platform for joining an online community of people who share your interests. It was initially developed for gamers, but it has since expanded to serve various kinds of communities that want to use video calls, voice chats, video streaming, and other features. It’s debatably one of the best and most well-liked apps among the world’s gamers. Even though it is free to use, practically all other online services require a paid subscription to reach their full capabilities.

If you’re also curious to know how to get Discord Nitro for free then open the Epic Games launcher>go to the store>access the Discord Nitro>tap on the get option>open the URL received on your email>tap on the redeem Discord Nitro now option>tap next>click on add a new payment method>tap next>choose the payment type and go through the on-screen instructions. To get more detailed information read ahead.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free In 2024?

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

With beautifully animated avatars and a personalized tag, Discord Nitro enhances your voice chat, conversations, and video in Discord. Additionally, it offers a 30% discount on additional boosts and 2 server boosts, all of which are excellent.

The good news is that Epic Games will be selling it through its game store for the next three months. So, you can check out how to get Discord Nitro for free on the Epic Games Store. Discord is free, however, if you want to access its more advanced features, you might need a Discord Nitro subscription! What does Discord Nitro do, you might be asking yourself at this moment?

Although upgrading is not necessary because the majority of services do not require a membership, free users still have some restrictions. For instance, they are not permitted to use the same emoji on two different servers.

Additionally, the free plan is lacking in tools for customizing accounts and streaming quality. Users of Discord Nitro are the only ones who can use these features and more. Discord Nitro not only has improved add-on features but also allows users to support their favorite servers and unlock new features.

To know how to get Discord Nitro for free head to the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the “Epic Games Launcher” and go to the “Store”.

Step 2: Then, access the “Discord Nitro” and tap on the “Get” option.

Step 3: Then, you need to open the “URL” you have received in your email address to redeem “Discord Nitro”.

Step 4: Now, tap on the “Redeem Now” option and a new tab will open.

Step 5: Now, sign in to your account, tap on the “Next” option, tap on the “Add A New Payment Method” and tap on the “Next” option.

Step 6: Then, choose the “Payment Type” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Discord Nitro In 2024?

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

If they wish to move to Discord Nitro premium services, free Discord users can pick between two options. Monthly and yearly membership options are available. A 16 percent discount is also offered if you choose a yearly subscription plan. There are two Nitro Discord versions:

  • Nitro Classic and Nitro! You will need to spend $4.99 on a monthly plan or $49.99 a year if you decide to subscribe to the Nitro Classic service. With fewer features than the Nitro, this version is considerably less expensive.
  • For the Nitro subscription service, on the other hand, be prepared to fork over $99.99 for the yearly plan and $9.99 for the monthly. Users can choose from a variety of features.
  • Your screen-sharing options will often be limited to 720p quality if you select the free version (30fps).
  • The two paid versions, however, let you share a screen with peers in either 720p (60 frames per second) or 1080p resolution (30fps).
  • In contrast to screen-share, Go-Live offers users limited broadcasting, allowing you to broadcast games to people who aren’t your buddies.
  • As a result, the free edition only allows for 720p (30 frames per second) streaming, whereas the Nitro Classic membership enables 1080p (60 frames per second) streaming, and the Nitro offers 60 frames per second and higher quality.
  • Only files up to 8MB in size can be uploaded and shared using the free version. However, you will have a higher uploading limit with paid variations.
  • You will, however, have a greater uploading limit with paid alternatives. For instance, the Nitro Classic offers a maximum upload size of 50MB, whereas the Nitro enables a maximum upload size of 100 MB.

Both paid versions’ users receive a badge that is displayed beside their usernames. You can transform your photograph into an animated GIF! You can personalize your usernames and emoticons with premium subscriptions to improve your experience.

The ability to boost servers is one of the main differences between the Nitro and Nitro Classic editions. Paid subscribers can give server owners a “server boost” as a user-gifted benefit to enable more benefits for other users. In contrast to the Nitro Classic service, the Nitro service offers two server boosts.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free On Android?

If you want Discord Nitro for nothing, you can get it for nothing. You can use several techniques to obtain a free subscription plan. Here’s how to get the Discord Nitro mobile app and receive it for free:

Step 1: Utilize a mobile app to register for a Discord account.

Step 2: Join one or more public servers, and then invite some friends.

Step 3: Invest in a Discord “Nitro Gift” for a month using your fictitious account.

Step 4: Send your primary account the Nitro Gift once more.

Step 5: Wait a day or two before redeeming the gift on the main account.

Step 6: Immediately contact Apple and explain that you are unaware of the $10 Discord charge. Make them think your younger sibling or child has been making purchases with your cell phone.

Step 7: You can get the full $10 you spent back from Apple Inc. Discord will probably ban the fake account you created.

Note: Ensure the security of your main account. Create a new fake account, and an Apple ID, and use a different payment method if you plan to repeat the process.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free Without Credit Card?

Discord is a well-liked messaging app that is free to use and includes a tonne of amazing features for gamers, including chat, video calling, streaming, and more. However, professional gamers require more features to boost their capabilities because they don’t want to be constrained.

But the biggest issue is that purchasing a Discord Nitro membership plan is only possible with a credit or debit card if you want to use Discord’s more sophisticated features. Without using a credit card, there are numerous methods to purchase Discord Nitro premium plans.

You can get Discord Nitro without using a credit card by using any of the simple methods we’ll outline in the section below.

1. Google Pay

Purchasing a Discord Nitro plan through the G Pay service is a further practical strategy. If you’ve never used G Pay before, you must first create a new account. To use G Pay, you must link a credit or debit card to your account. However, a debit card can be used if you don’t have a credit card.

You may purchase Discord Nitro with a debit card as well, with no problems. If you have trouble adding credits to your G Pay account, you could also ask your friends to do so.

However, if you currently use the G Pay service, all you need are some credits in your account to get started. It’s time to link your Google Play account to your G Pay account. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Step 1: On your Android device, launch Google Play apps.

Step 2: By clicking on your profile photo, you may access the Google Play menu.

Step 3: Check the box for Payments & Subscriptions. Pick your payment options.

Step 4: For your G Pay account to be added, select More payment settings.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

You are now prepared to buy the Discord Nitro package after adding the G Pay account.

2. Paypal

The final option is to utilize your PayPal account to purchase the Discord Nitro plan. If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to immediately buy a Discord Nitro plan through the desktop client or web browser of the Discord service. It’s crucial to note that the Discord phone app does not support the Paypal option.

3. Google Play Gift Card

One of the best and easiest methods to get a Discord Nitro plan is by using a Google Play gift card. To obtain a Discord Nitro pack without using a credit card, you must purchase and use a Google Play gift card on your Google Play account.

Therefore, the first step is to purchase a Google Play gift card from any retailer or website that sells digital services.

The Google Play gift card must then be redeemed on your Google Play account to receive credits to purchase a Discord Nitro package. The actions listed below should be followed to use your Google Play gift card:

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Step 1: On your Android device, launch Google Play applications.

Step 2: By clicking on your profile photo, you may access the Google Play menu.

Step 3: Choose Payments & Subscriptions. To redeem a gift code, select.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Step 4: Fill up the entry area with the code from your Google Play gift card.

To use your gift card, click the Redeem option. Once your gift card has been successfully redeemed and used to pay for Discord Nitro, credits will be added to your Google Play account.

4. Debit Card

You need not be concerned about that if you have. You may quickly and easily use the debit card to pay for the desired Discord Nitro subscription on the Discord app.

If not, you must first get or maintain a debit card. After obtaining or maintaining a debit card, add some credit to your account and proceed to the following part to purchase a Discord Nitro pack.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free Epic Games?

Users of Nitro can create and collect their emojis, as well as upload files up to 100 MB in size, support for high-definition video, stream live content, share a screen, and more. The three-month free Discord Nitro deal is only valid for a short period (until June 24, 2021, 8:30 PM IST/11 AM EDT).

Please take note that only new Nitro users are eligible for the free three-month Discord Nitro promotion. Therefore, you won’t be qualified for this promotion if you’ve previously bought or claimed Discord Nitro. Now, if you’ve never used Discord Nitro, be sure to do so by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit the Epic Games Store page for Discord Nitro.

Step 2: When prompted, select Sign In to access your current Epic Games account or Sign Up to register a new one. Click the Get button.

Step 3: After signing in to your Epic Games account, select the Place Order icon in the bottom right corner.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

Step 4: The Discord setup page for the payment and redemption process will then be redirected to you after that. [Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the three months immediately] Have fun!

Please take note: Unless you actively cancel your subscription, your free pack subscription will automatically renew after three months for $9.99 per month.

Summing Up!

I hope this information helped you find the best way how to get Discord Nitro for free, also I’ve discussed some reliable ways to get it. How Can I Get Free Discord Nitro On Android? How Can I Get Free Discord Nitro Without a Credit Card? and How To Get Discord Nitro For Free Epic Games? Now it’s your turn to see if each of these strategies works for you or if you need to try another one.

In the comments area below, feel free to share any further queries you may have regarding the topics we have discussed. We hope you find this article informative as well as helpful. Thanks for reading!

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