How To Get Your Discord Token (2022) | 100% Working Methods

How To Get Your Discord Token (2022) | 100% Working Methods

Are you trying to figure out how to get your Discord token? Here is a straightforward tutorial on how to obtain your Discord token. A string of letters and numbers known as a “Discord token” is used as an authorization code to connect to Discord’s servers. Your user name and password are effectively encrypted.

Use a browser to sign into Discord to receive your Discord token. Go to Developer Tools and select Network. To reload the page, hit F5 on your keyboard. Click library after entering /API in the Filter field. Your Discord token may be found by clicking the Headers tab and then scrolling down to authorization.

You are given a token when you register for a Discord account. You can log into your Discord account with your Discord token, which is independent of your username, tag, and password. You can better defend yourself and secure your account by being aware of what it is. This article will explain how to locate this token in case you need to access it.


 How To Get Discord Your Token?

Your username and password for Discord, which is generated when you establish an account, are encrypted inside your Discord token. Your Discord token is an authorization code that allows you to access Discord’s servers. It is made up of a string of numbers and letters.

In addition to serving as a login mechanism, it “authenticates” each activity you take on Discord. The two types of Discord tokens are Discord User Tokens and Discord Bot Tokens. This is as simple as pie, even if it’s your first time. Only a web browser can be used to obtain a Discord token.

You can use Chrome or Firefox to access Discord. To find your Discord token, you must use the developer tools for Discord. The information on your Discord account can be completely accessed by someone who knows your token and can hack into your account.

Step 1: Open the Discord website first. Paste discord into the search field to accomplish this.

Step 2: Several buttons, including “Download for Windows” and “Open Discord in your browser,” will now be visible.

how to get your discord token

Step 3: Click “Open Discord in your browser” to access Discord through a desktop browser.


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Step 4: If you are not already logged in, enter your email address and password. In either case, Discord will have you logged in.

how to get your discord token


Step 5: In the top right corner, click the three dots to access the menu. Select Developer tools from the list of options after choosing More Tools.

Step 6: Alternately, use the shortcut in Chrome or Firefox. Simply hit “F12” or “CTRL + SHIFT + I.”

how to get your discord token

Step 7: There are numerous tabs on the new interface, including “Elements,” “Application,” “Console,” and “Sources.”

Step 8: You will automatically be taken to the “Elements tab.”

Step 9: The Application tab can be chosen by tapping the “>>” icon.

how to get your discord token

Step 10: The application screen will open after you click “Application.” There are numerous options in the left sidebar.


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Step 11: By clicking on the “Local Storage” area in the Storage section, it can be expanded.

Step 12: Now click on the option that says discord to launch it. After clicking discord,” you must look up “token.”

how to get your discord token

Step 13: Under, there are numerous keys and values listed in the storage area. Over those values is a search option.

Step 14: Enter “token” into the search field after typing it. You will do this to get rid of extra values.

Step 15: The results for “tokens” and “token search” will now show up, and By clicking “token,” you may view your Discord token.

Step 16: Clicking “token” will cause the Discord token to show up under “value.”

how to get your discord token

Step 17: By hitting CTRL+SHIFT+M or by clicking “Toggle device toolbar” in the top-left corner, you can also access the device toolbar.


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Step 18: The value tab is where you can find your Discord token. To copy your Discord token, select it and press CTRL + C.

how to get your discord token

Anywhere you need it, you may now use your token.



Q1. Will My Discord Token Change?

Simply updating your password will update the Discord token. Users’ Discord tokens are generated and distributed again when they update their passwords on the platform. If your token is taken, immediately reset your account password to preserve your privacy.

Q2. What Should I Do if My Discord Token Is Hacked?

If you believe someone else has access to your Discord account, you must immediately secure it. What you should do is as follows: Your Discord password needs to be updated and activate two-factor authentication (2FA).


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Wrapping Up!

So, we’ve covered how to get your discord token. Overall, getting a Discord token is easiest when done through a web browser’s developer tools. You will need to wait to utilize it until you have a portable computer, such as a laptop because this functionality is only accessible on desktops.

Scammers are those that demand your token under the pretense that they work with Discord. As a result, you ought to never give anyone your Discord token. If that occurs, you must immediately change your password.

We hope you find these articles informative as well as helpful too. For more updates on technology and gaming, stay tuned for future articles. Don’t forget this article for your loved ones and gamers’ pals. Thanks for reading them out!

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