How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord With Dyno and Carl Bot

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord With Dyno and Carl Bot

Do you guys want to know how to add reaction roles on discord? You must constantly be on the lookout as the server owner to keep your players interested. Regrettably, Discord does not offer a simple method for setting up reaction roles. You can give members roles by using the Roles setting. However, that will never be as practical as self-assigned reaction duties.

Server administration is significantly simplified by Discord’s role feature. To maintain safe and controlled servers, it is advised for all administrators and moderators to use roles. To differentiate VIPs or server workers from other users, roles are useful for other users as well.

If you are in charge of a system that receives hundreds of new members every day in addition to thousands of current users, you are aware of how painful it would be to give every one of them a position. The good news is that there are bots out there that let people create their roles by leveraging Discord reactions. In this article, we’ll go over how it operates, the kinds of bots you may use, and how to add them to your server.


 How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord In 2022


Gamers have been using Discord as a social platform ever since its launch. It should come as no surprise that Discord is the most widely used chat program among gamers, with more than 150 million users globally. One aspect of Discord that makes it unique is reaction roles.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Before we show you how to use this function, let’s quickly go over how it operates and why it might be helpful. Before an admin or mod assigns them the proper position, new members on many moderated servers are restricted in what they can and cannot do. Depending on whether any moderators are available, this can take a few minutes or even many hours.

Reaction roles can help your server be friendlier and more productive while allowing you to skip this step. A message will be presented to a user when they join your server, and they can respond to it. This, along with the potential jobs that may be assigned, is explained in the message.

Users can acquire or give up a role by hitting the button or touching on a reaction with a tool called a Reaction Role. Reaction roles differ in hue based on the role of the message sender in addition to their general function. Depending on the sender’s moderator privileges, a reaction role, for instance, might turn green. Even further, you might list the rights that each role is associated with.


What Are Reaction Role Bots?

The Discord bots known as reaction role bots, on the other hand, are created to automate standard server features. Only the server owner can add reaction role bots, which are third-party integrations. The ability to configure reaction role bots differently. But all bots have the same ultimate objective. I.e., develop reaction roles most straightforwardly.


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Not all functionalities are offered for free by all reaction role bots, it should be noted. You are only allowed to create a certain amount of reaction roles. For the extra features they offer, others will charge you. The most well-known reaction bots on the market are listed briefly below.


How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord Using Carl Bot?

Among server administration bots, Carl is one of the most well-liked. It is widely used and has been installed on over 4.3 million systems. Any text channel can be used to launch Carl Bot’s command, and you can customize reply roles to your liking.

On how to use the commands, the creators also offer extensive documentation. When using Carl Bot’s free tier, you can build up to 250 reaction roles. There is also a premium subscription option if you require more privileges or positions.

Step 1: Visit the webpage for it. Select Use your Discord credentials to sign in and sign in with Discord.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 2: To add Carl Bot to your server, follow the on-screen directions. Open any text channel by going to the server in Discord.

Step 3: Put Carl-bot at the top of the Role list before continuing.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 4: Enter the command “?reaction role make.” By pressing Enter, you can choose the general or any other channel.

Step 5: Roles should be entered, followed by entering. To obtain a hex color code, click the given link, or enter none.

Step 6: As you add roles, be sure to divide them with emojis that correspond to each role’s name.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 7: To confirm, make sure you receive a green checkmark. Write “done” and hit the Enter key when you’re finished.

Step 8: To find your reaction roles, go to the channel you already choose.


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How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord With Dyno?

Dyno bot is excellent assistance in managing reaction roles thanks to its Autorole and Joinable Ranks features. It offers a simple setup interface and is utilized in more than 5.9 million systems. It allows you to create up to three reaction roles on its free tier. You can build an endless number of reaction roles if you buy the premium edition.

Step 1: Enter your Discord login information at the

Step 2: Select Modules from the server dashboard menu.

how to add reaction roles on discord

Step 3: Choose Reaction roles from the list of modules that are supplied and enable them.

Step 4: Choose a channel and input the reaction role name under “New message.”

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 5: Enter a unique reaction role message and choose Plain message as the message type.

Step 6: Select Add Reaction from the Reaction options menu.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 7: Choose an Emoji by selecting the Plus symbol under Reaction.

Step 8: To assign a role to the reaction, select the Roles picklist.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 9: For every extra position, choose Add Reaction. Once you’re done, click Save.


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How Do You Add Reaction Roles On Discord?

The bot must be added to your server as a first step. This manual makes use of MEE6.

Step 1: Log in to the MEE6 website using your Discord credentials.

Step 2: Click Authorize after choosing your server. Verify that the Manage Roles permission checkbox is selected.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 3: Go back to Discord so you may begin establishing the required role or roles.

Step 4: Select Server Settings from the expanded menu by clicking on the server’s name.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 5: Click Create Role after selecting the Roles tab. The roles can now begin to be altered.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 6: Give each role a name so that you will know which ones to give the bot. Additionally, you should pick the proper color and the required permissions. On your server, create as many roles as you desire.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 7: Make sure that MEE6’s role is elevated above the recently generated ones. Reaction roles Blue and Red, for instance, are listed below the role of the robot (MEE6) in the graphic below.


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Step 8: Go back to MEE6’s dashboard now. Because it has an online dashboard, which makes things much easier, we chose this bot for reaction duties. Reaction Roles must be enabled under Server Management.How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Step 9: You ought to be redirected to the feature’s settings after activating Reaction Roles. You can select a text channel, type your message, and add things like a title and an image. To keep things simple, just select a text channel and type a message.

Step 10: The reaction and roles can be modified below these options. By selecting Add Reaction, you can add relevant reactions.

Step 11: After adding the reactions, give them their newly formed roles before completing your adjustments and clicking Save. You have the option to activate or disable Members should be allowed to choose numerous roles.

How To Add Reaction Roles On Discord ?

Users should be able to choose their responsibilities by reacting to the message once they have saved it and it has been transmitted in the text channel. React to the message to test your new system, and then click your name to see if the role has been given to you.

You should be finished if you meticulously followed these instructions. Now that you’ve made it simple, every person on your server can quickly assign themselves a position.


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Wrapping Up!

Adding reaction roles to your Discord server may be the solution if you’re seeking a means to make it more dynamic and interesting. Users will be able to designate their roles, which will assist you in maintaining channel organization.

Reaction roles, whether it be a straightforward thumbs-up or an animated GIF, are a guaranteed method to keep people interested while still automating processes that might otherwise take more time to accomplish. What is your preferred emojis for Discord reaction roles? Please share with us in the comments area below.

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