How To Cross Out Text In Discord Using Strikethrough (2022)

How To Cross Out Text In Discord Using Strikethrough (2022)

Discord has now become the need of every hardcore gamer to stay connected with their fellow members every time they play games. Although it has many features for all the members to play Discord games inside the discord server and also stream youtube videos of games and many more things.

Over the years this platform has changed very drastically and also added many cool things to try with other members in Discord. You can add roles to a server and if you aren’t able to manage discord regularly they can manage everything for you. Anyone who is new to this platform will find it a little complex but if you know how to add bots to your server then you’ll become an expert in a very less time.

These bots will help you keep track of every activity that is going on inside the Discord server and we’ll keep you updated every time. Moreover, Discord also comes up with some cool chat and formatting options, that can be done with the help of the markup language that is used by Discord. You can also cross out text in Discord by using Tidle key(~) that you can find on your Desktop or mobile very easily. Simply use Tidles on both sides of your text and your text will cross out in Discord. But Do you know how to cross out Text in discord? Follow the instructions given below to format or strikethrough your text.


How To Cross Out Text In Discord Using Strikethrough – Here’s How To Do It?

So, It’s very easy for you to cross out text in Discord, but to do that you only have to do a “strikethrough” which can be done with the help of a keyboard. Follow the steps explained below:-


Step 1- Open “Discord” on your mobile or Pc.

Step 2- Type the text in the chat section and find the “Tidle(~)” on your keyboard. You can easily find it at the top left corner of your physical keyboard and if you’re using a mobile keyboard then go to the punctuations menu.

how to cross out text in discord
Source- BusinessInsider

Step 3- To cross out or give a strike-through effect put tidles(~) before and after the text like this: “~~[ your text]~~”.


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How To Cross Out Text In Discord Using Context Menu In Desktop

Users can use their desktop or browser to use Context Menu, so whenever you were writing something, you just need to right click on the text and a shortcut will appear, by using that you can cross out text in discord very easily. Follow the step-by-step guide explained below.

Step 1- Open “Discord” on your Desktop.

Step 2- Type your text in the “chat section” of your discord server.


Step 3- By using your mouse simply “highlight” the text you wish to “cross out.

canva3 2

Step 4- “Right click” on the text and a shortcut will appear, choose “S” from the list. You can also choose “B” to bold the text, “I” to italicize the text or “U” to underline the text.


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How to Use MarkupDowns In Discord

Untitled design 1 1

  • Bold- Two asterisks are required on either side for bold: **bold**


  • Italics- One asterisk or one underscore is required on both sides for italics: *italics* or _italics_


  • Underline- Two underlines are required on both sides for underlining: __underline__


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What If You Combine Two or Three Effects Together?

Bold and Italicized

Moreover, you can combine effects by adding the codes:-

Italicized, bold text is generated by three “asterisks”. Combining many codes might get you incredibly involved—and hilarious. Markup is unconcerned and unbiased. Simple terms and markup display what you direct it to.


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How to Insert Spoiler Tags and Empty Lines In Discord

Firstly let’s talk about

Spoiler Tags

Spoiler tags are given where you wanted to give a “spoiler alert” of any movie episode scenes that are being released but haven’t been seen by other members of your discord server.

Follow the instructions given below to do it.

Step 1- Launch the “Discord” app on your Desktop or Mobile devices.

Step 2- To hide the spoiler that you want to give is done by adding two “||” pipe characters before and after the text. Example:-

Bold and Italicized 1

Empty Lines

If you want to give some important information regarding the Discord server or anything you want to address inside the server you can use Empty lines so that the text that is hidden somewhere between the long comment text can be visible. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1- Open  “Discord” app on your Desktop or Mobile device.

Untitled design 2 1

Step 2-  By using the “Shift + Enter”  an empty line will be created anywhere in your comment.


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1. How to cross out Text in Google Docs?

To cross out/strikethrough a section of the text in Google Docs, click, hold the mouse button, and move the mouse from the start to the finish of the text. Hold down the following keys on “Windows: Alt + Shift + 5”. Hold down “Command + Shift + X” on a Mac.

2. What are some strikethrough shortcuts?

1. Excel strikethrough shortcut for (Mac or Windows):- Hit Ctrl+5 for Windows and Control + 5 for Mac.

2. Format Cells dialog box strikethrough shortcut for Mac:- Hit Ctrl + 1 on your keyboard to open the Format Cells dialog box and then select the strikethrough text effect with your mouse.

3. Word strikethrough shortcut for (Mac or Windows):- For Windows:- On your keyboard hit Alt, H, 4 and for Mac users:- On your keyboard hit Cmd+Shift+X.

3. Can you strike a text message you’ve previously sent?

Absolutely. A pin icon with the word “Edit” will appear if you hover your cursor over the text. Select that choice, then type your own u0022 before and after the text. Your writing will have a line through it if you click the tiny “Save” button directly below it.

4. Can I strike another person’s message?

No, you can’t do that. The ability to alter someone’s message is not available, not even to the server owner. If the message doesn’t sit well with you, you may add an emoji reaction or delete it by selecting the 3 vertical dots in front of it.


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above article helped you find the exact ways on How to cross out text in discord and also you can easily learn how to use markdowns to change your text. Everything I’ve mentioned above is very much useful in your discord server.

If you really found this information helpful, feel free to share your thoughts in our comments section down below. Thank You!

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