How Often Does Bereal Go Off 2023? | What Exact Timing Does It Goes Off?

How Often Does Bereal Go Off 2023? | What Exact Timing Does It Goes Off?

Have you created a bereal account yet? If not then do it soon, you are missing out on a lot of action. For those who don’t know what the bereal app is and how often does bereal go off you have come to the right place. In this article, we will answer all these questions regarding the app and help you understand how it works and what makes it different from all the other apps in the market.

Bereal has taken some brilliant features of apps and upgraded them into genius features of itself. But because the idea behind the bereal app is spontaneity and authenticity, it doesn’t allow users to upload photos at their own will, bereal plays a little game of chicken with them.

At any time of the day, bereal sends a notification to its users and starts a two-minute timer. In those two minutes, the user has to click and upload a live, unfiltered, and authentic bereal. So now the question that rises is when does BeReal send this notification and how often does bereal go off?

How Often Does Bereal Go Off?

How often does Bereal go off

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Although the app is straightforward to use as it doesn’t have many complicated features, I have still come across many people who have a difficult time using bereal. This is mainly because users treat it like Instagram and Facebook where people upload photos and receive likes and comments in response.

Once a day, at any time, whether day or night, bereal sends a notification that states “it’s time to bereal” to its users. What is this notification sent for and how often does bereal go off? I will tell you. You see, unlike other apps, bereal doesn’t allow users to upload photos and videos at their own will, and that too with lots of filters and editing.

Bereal although is somewhat like those apps but many things make it different from them. It has taken features of many popular apps and modified them. For example, it makes you ask how often does bereal go off. Also, the bereal you upload will only last 24 hours and people can comment on your bereal.

But the difference is that instead of uploading a normal photo with effects and filters you have to take two live photos, one of you and the other of what you are doing. Also, people can comment but cannot like your bereal, they need to recreate an emoji reaction by uploading a realmoji.

The whole idea behind the app is to make users understand that social media standards on beauty aren’t real and that instead, they should be happy and comfortable with how they look. So, what does bereal do to stop users from uploading edited photos?

Well, bereal has no post button that just sits there waiting for you to upload something. You do upload photos but only when the app tells you to. Anytime during the day, bereal sends a notification to its users which reads “it’s time to bereal” which translates to “it’s time to upload a real photo.”

The user gets two minutes to click and upload two photos (from front and back cameras) of themselves and of what they are doing at that time. That’s the only way to upload anything on bereal and you can’t edit a photo in two minutes. Now, coming to the main question of how often does bereal go off? The answer is once a day.

How Many BeReal Can Be Uploaded In A Day?

How often does Bereal go off

How often does bereal go off and how many times can I upload a photo in a day? Like I said before bereal does things that have been done before but does them differently. You can upload a photo on many apps but only when the app allows, on bereal.

You can upload multiple photos on other apps but you can only upload one photo on bereal. That’s how bereal is keeping things different. On other apps, you can upload unlimited photos in a day but on bereal, you can only upload a photo once a day.

In a day the bereal notification only comes once and that is the only time you get to upload anything on bereal. The notification is sent at any time and cannot be predicted in advance and is different every day, for example, if you got the notification today at 2:00 pm it’s not guaranteed to get the same time tomorrow.

Tomorrow the time could be 3:00 pm, 10:00 am, or 12 noon. The only way to manage this notification time is by setting the correct time zone in your app. Every person living in the same time zone receives the notification at the same time.

If you live in a specific time zone in the U.S. and the time to bereal is 4:00 pm, then everyone in your time zone will receive the notification at 4:00 pm. And when it’s time for them, other time zones will receive the notification when the clock hits 4:00 pm in their region. So that’s the full answer to how often does bereal go off?

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How To Change Time Zones On BeReal?

How often does Bereal go off

If you want to know the proper answer to how often does bereal go off? And how to predict the time for the BeReal notification then that has also been answered for you. The only thing that’s in your control is to manage your time zone. If you enter the correct time zone then only can you receive the notification at the proper time otherwise be ready to upload a bereal at 3:00 am.

Open bereal app>profile>tap on three dots>settings>time zone>change>choose and you are done!

Step 1: Open the bereal app.

Step 2: Go to your profile and tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Open settings and scroll to the time zone.

How often does Bereal go off

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Step 4: You will be able to see the current time zone, tap on it to change the time zone. There are four zones available America, Europe, West Asia, and East Asia.

How often does Bereal go off

Image Courtesy: Kapwing

Can I Delete A Bereal?

Although it is discouraged on the app because it defeats the purpose of being spontaneous in uploading photos but it is still possible. You can retake a photo if you don’t like it but you have to do it within those two minutes. You can also delete a BeReal but the catch is you can only do it once a day. You can delete a BeReal by following these steps.

Step 1: Find the three dots next to the bereal timestamp and tap on them.

Step 2: Choose the delete my bereal option from the menu.

Step 3: Select one of the three options inappropriate contentI don’t like my bereal, and there was a bug during capture for why you are deleting the photo. Once a reason is chosen, the BeReal gets deleted.

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Wrapping Up!

So what did we understand from this article, one, we got the answer to how often does bereal go off? It goes off once a day. Second, we got to know that the time for the notification to arrive or the time for bereal to go off cannot be predicted by anyone. It’s spontaneous and is done to not give time to the users to prepare and edit their photos.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What happens when I miss the two-minute deadline?

Ans. If you miss the two-minute deadline to upload a bereal then you can still upload the photo but it will be marked as a late post. Also, you won’t be able to see other people’s bereal and access the discover section for that day.

Q2. Can you predict how often bereal go off?

Ans. BeReal is spontaneous in its approach and that’s why it doesn’t let anyone know its next move. To make users upload real photos and not give them any time to do any editing, it doesn’t keep a specific time to send the notification. It’s unpredictable.

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