8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2023]

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2023]

“What are the latest and most amazing new Snapchat plus features”. The ability to add somebody to their profiles as their best friend, change the app icon, and track how many users are rewatching stories are just some of the six additional features that users have access to with a Snapchat+ membership.

Users of the platform have access to a variety of special, unreleased features. The Snapchat team will also provide users with priority help. If you regularly use Snapchat, you are probably aware of the advent of Snapchat Plus. A more advanced version of Snapchat is Snapchat Plus. You can also check if someone has a Snapchat plus or not, to know more about this, read the whole article till the end.

On June 29th, a premium feature called Snapchat Plus was added. So what exactly is Snapchat Plus? “Snapchat+” is a subscription that grants visitors advance access to additional features as well as exclusive access to particular capabilities in the transient messaging software. So, let’s get started and find out about the new Snapchat plus features.


What Are The Lastest And New Snapchat Plus Features?

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

Everyone adores using Snapchat. Sometimes, it’s the incredible filters. occasionally just for fun. No matter why you use Snapchat, you may now choose to subscribe to Snapchat +.  Also, check our previous article on how to use a Snapchat premium account.

Although trailing for a while in India, the nation with the highest Google and Facebook usage, Snapchat has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the past two years as in the South Asian market. You can create groups, can remove your bitmoji, and could mute someone even without knowing them.

At the time of its inception, the messaging service included six unique features, including the Rewatch indicator, Badge, Custom app icons, Best buddies forever, Ghost trails on Snap Map, Solar system, and more. These new features, it is thought, would improve user experience and give users features that are tailored to them. So, let’s have a look at our new Snapchat plus features!


1. Snapchat Badge

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

How are you supposed to know who really has Snapchat Plus, the company’s premium subscription, now that it has launched? Additionally, as part of a Snapchat+ membership, you will receive a special star icon that will appear next to your Snapchat user profile to show that you have a Snapchat+ subscription.

When others visit your profile, they should notice your Snapchat+ badge. By doing this, you can advertise to other users that you utilize Snapchat Plus. Though it is disabled by default, Snapchat Plus Badge. Therefore, you will need to manually activate this option.


2. Exclusive Snapchat Icons

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features

Additionally, Snapchat Plus enables you to change the app icon. If you have Snapchat Plus, changing the app icon is possible without using a third-party app. According to a recent tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, there are more than 30 icons available.

Once more, this function is only available with Snapchat Plus. The business might provide Snapchat Plus subscribers with more icons in the future.


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3. New Backgrounds For Bitmoji

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

If you’re tired of Snapchat’s Bitmoji backgrounds, you should absolutely sign up for Snapchat+. You can use the new Bitmoji Backgrounds as soon as you subscribe, which gives you access to them. Additionally, the Snapchat+ logo is slightly positioned on several of these backdrops.


4. Pin Your #1Bff

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

A really special function of Snapchat Plus is for your list of closest friends. You may pin your best friend. Your list of best friends can be personalized with this function. To pin someone, it doesn’t appear that you need to be best friends with them. Additionally, this function has an impact on the app’s Solar System.


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5. Ghostly Trails Of Friends

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

Snap Maps on Snapchat Plus have also received an upgrade. You can view every place your friend has visited over the last 24 hours by utilizing any of the Snapchat Plus features. It’s important to note that Ghost Trails are only discernible if your friend is willing to share their location alongside you. By touching upon their Bitmoji, which is shown on the Snap Map, you can see where they are right now.


6. Snapchat Solar Planets

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

The Solar System is perhaps one of Snapchat Plus’s most talked-about features. It is possible to access the element by choosing the friend and closest friend’s identification. The closest friend’s name implies that you are among all of your buddies and that they are among their list of best friends, not another way around.

Furthermore, the planets you get on Snapchat are based on how well-connected you are to someone. This is one of the latest and most trending features [new Snapchat plus features]. Because it is so engaging, users like to include it in their profiles.


7. The Story Rewatch Count

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

There are some unique benefits that only Snapchat Plus offers. The number of times a story has been viewed as one aspect of Snapchat Plus. You could see who viewed your story in the order in which your friends viewed it on the regular app.

The feature appears to be experimental right now, though it might soon be made available to more users. Features that depend on user interactions will eventually be made available to all users, according to The Verge.


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8. Snapchat Web

8 Incredible & Amazing New Snapchat Plus Features [2022]

You can use Snapchat online if you have a Snapchat+ subscription. Through your laptop or PC, you can transmit messages and photos in this manner. You may for sure love this latest or new Snapchat plus feature.


Wrapping Up!

So, we discussed what are the latest and new Snapchat plus features. Each new feature has its own unique feature and each one has its own merit. We really hope you discover the solution to your question.

Keep checking back for new articles for more information and entertainment. Don’t forget to comment on Americbuzz and return often to see what others are saying. Gratitude for reading!

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