Is Bereal Safe For Kids 2023? | Is Bereal Safe For Teens Too?

Is Bereal Safe For Kids 2023? | Is Bereal Safe For Teens Too?

Whenever any new app comes into the market the very first question everyone asks is if it’s safe to use. Only when we are satisfied do we get on with it. Today we answer is Bereal safe for kids? Social media apps and websites are nothing but a sh*tshow of toxicity.

Social media is a toxic place and the people affected most by it are young children, that’s why we need to find ways to make it better. Online bullying, harassing, shaming and hacking has become so normal that it’s all that’s seen on social media.

We need to rise above that because these things are eating up every generation that’s coming. BeReal is a new app that has been introduced recently and the question that needs to be asked is is Bereal safe for kids?

The answer to the question is Bereal safe for kids is yes it is. The app first of all doesn’t allow filtered photos to be uploaded and only wants raw and spontaneous photos from the user.

Is Bereal Safe For Kids?

Is Bereal safe for kids

It portrays an unreal picture of how people are living and puts a wrong image in the minds of young children on how to act on social media and what kind of life should be lived. Children on seeing this shun their lives, start hating themselves and end up hurting themselves and their loved ones.

This puts a sense of normalcy among young users that live and unfiltered photos can also be uploaded and they are completely fine. Posting a natural photo should be the new normal and always including filters isn’t a good thing. This is the goal behind the app.

Is Bereal safe for kids? If I have to answer this question in detail then this post will get too long and might qualify as a thesis. No, I’m not being dramatic it is the truth. The BeReal app is safe for kids on many levels. There, that’s your answer.

No other app in its class is better for kids, teenagers, and even adults than this one. Why? Well, let me put it this way. What is the most important thing that you need right now? Please don’t say money. The most important thing that a person needs every day is peace of mind, and yeah this app doesn’t give it to you directly but its works have been designed in a way that it does somehow give you peace of mind.

The concept of uploading a photo without any filters and editing imparts a valuable lesson among children that beauty does not lie in the fake standards created by social media. It gives them the courage to upload a natural photo of themselves and not care about their hair being messy, eyes being puffy or a big zit covering their nose.

So, on a mental level, this app crashes social media standards and teaches kids to not fall for them. So, tell me is Bereal safe for kids?

Age Limitations On The BeReal App

Is Bereal safe for kids

Is Bereal safe for kids? Here is something you should know about that. Anyone who is 12 years old and above can create an app on BeReal and it ticks off several age categories of social media. E (Everyone), E10+ (Everyone 10 years and up), T (13 years and up), M (Mature), and A (Adult).

How To Make BeReal Safe?

Is Bereal safe for kids

  • BeReal settings are set to private by default, and the option to share their photos in the “Discovery” is also given to them.
  • Turn off your location settings on the app. When you share a picture on BeReal, turn off your location sharing. This way they won’t be tracked.
  • Tell your child not to give out personal information on the app, for example, their full name, phone number, address, or school name.
  • Teach your child not to leave behind any digital footprints.
  • Set guidelines for your kids, and monitor them and their activities.
  • Check their friend requests, put a time limit on social media use, and teach them the rights and wrongs of social media etiquette.

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How Does BeReal Work?

Is Bereal safe for kids

BeReal only allows users to upload photos, you can’t post any videos here so it somewhat answers the question is Bereal safe for kids? That’s because video content is consumed more by users than photos. The best part about the app that makes it safe for users is that the photos uploaded on the app only last 24 hours.

And if you ever want to see the photos later, there is a section called Memories which stores all those photos. What makes it safe is that only you can access the Memories section and no other friend can see it. Another feature that makes answering is Bereal safe for kids easy is the fact that it lets you delete what you don’t like.

The app is not hardcore in its approach, it does make you upload a photo within a time limit but allows you to retake it if you don’t like it. And it also allows you to delete the photo if you don’t feel comfortable with what you uploaded. But there is a catch here too, you can only delete a photo once a day.

Follow these instructions if you want to delete your photo:

Step 1: You will see three dots next to the BeReal timestamp. Tap on them.

Step 2: Tap on the delete my BeReal option from the menu.

Step 3: The app will ask for a reason for deletion and will give you three options to choose from, Inappropriate Content, I don’t like my BeReal, and There was a Bug during capture. Choose one and your photo will be deleted.

Note: Once you delete a BeReal it also disappears from the Memories sections as well.

Wrapping Up!

I hope after knowing all this you can proudly answer the question Is Bereal safe for kids? And I hope your answer is yes. Feel free to you this app and rest assured that your is in safe hands. The only effect the app will leave on your child is to be real and love themselves as they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to create an account on BeReal?

Ans. When you download the app start by opening the app>enter your name>enter your date of birth> choose your country>enter your phone number>enter the verification code>enter a username and your account will be created.

Q2. How to unfriend someone on the BeReal app?

Ans. You can unfriend anyone on the app by logging into Bereal>Going to my friends>Tapping on add friends>Going back to my friends>Select the person you want to unfriend>Tapping the cross icon>and finally tapping the delete icon to confirm.

Q3. How to delete a BeReal account?

Ans. There are two different ways to delete a BeReal account for iPhone and Android users:

For iPhone – go to your Profile>Tap on the three dots>Open Settings>Tap on Help>Contact Us>Delete Account> Tap “Yes I’m Sure at confirmation.

For Android – go to your Profile>Tap on the three dots>Open Settings>Tap on Other>Delete Account>Give a reason for deletion>Tap “Yes I’m Sure” at confirmation.

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