20 Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android To Try Now 2023

20 Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android To Try Now 2023

Instagram stories are a great way of uploading photos and videos that you don’t want to keep on your profile forever. Sometimes Instagram stories are too good to be deleted so we use Instagram story saver apps to save them on our phones forever.

Although Instagram stories are archived by the app automatically, sometimes we delete them by mistake, or due to any update or crash of the app, stories can get deleted. Thus, we end up losing precious memories forever. So, what do to in this case?

We do it by downloading Instagram story saver apps on our phones. If you have an Android phone then you don’t need to worry about losing your Instagram Stories forever because we bring you some of the best Instagram Story Saver Apps for Androids. These apps save the stories as well as posts on your device by just copy-pasting their link.

Some of the best story-saver apps are Fast Save, Instore, Regrann, iSave, 4kdownload, AhaSave, QuickSave, TailWind, Snapdownloader, and Highlight Story Saver.

List Of 20 Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

The concept of stories was initially introduced by Snapchat, and slowly this feature became so popular that every app included it in their work. Instagram is the biggest social media app, and when it included the feature in 2017, it was bound to become a success.

Instagram Stories work exactly like Snapchat Stories, they have the same time limit, and viewing options, but if someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram Story you won’t be notified, unlike Snapchat. Anyway, Instagram Stories are saved in the Archive section but can still be lost due to many reasons, so that’s why we need to know about Instagram Story Saver Apps.

But sometimes due to some unforeseen reasons, like new updates, the crashing of the app, or deleting by mistake, stories can get deleted from the app. That’s where Instagram story saver apps come to the rescue.

These Instagram story saver apps are third-party apps that download Instagram stories, videos, and photos by simply copy-pasting the link to the story or post you want to be saved. These stories and posts are saved on the app itself. Here is a list of some of the best Instagram story saver apps for Android that you can download to save your precious memories from Instagram.

1. Fast Save

Instagram story saver apps

FastSave is considered to be the best photo and video-saving Instagram Story Saver Apps. Apart from photos and videos, it can record events that aren’t on social media.

2. Instore

Instagram story saver apps

It is one of the most convenient Instagram Story Saver Apps in the market. Not only does it save photos, videos, articles, and live material on your phone but also allows you to access it without the internet. The content will not be deleted after 24 hours and you won’t have to log into a third-party app or site.

3. Regrann

Instagram story saver apps

Regrann allows users to download photos and videos along with republishing someone else’s posts and captioning them later. Users can download any Instagram post using this app and preserve covers along with the slips during downloading.

4. iSave

Instagram story saver apps

It is one of the best Instagram Story Saver Apps because it allows users to download photos and videos in their original form. You can download your own and someone else’s posts and store them in an internal gallery that can be accessed in a separate tab.

5. 4kdownload

Instagram story saver apps

This app not only downloads Instagram posts but can also download TikTok videos and YouTube content as well. The app is completely free but includes a premium membership service to access some exclusive content.

6. AhaSave

Instagram story saver apps

It is also one of the best Instagram Story Saver Apps because it not only allows you to download Instagram stories and videos in high resolution but also allows you to copy-paste a link to any post you saw and share it on Facebook and Twitter as well.

7. QuickSave

Instagram story saver apps

Apart from being a great Instagram Story Saver Apps it also saves your existing and lost followers on an hourly basis to help you keep track of it and use this information to grow. It offers you to see all the popular articles to choose from. You can also edit photos using filters and other editing tools.

8. TailWind

Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

TailWind helps you create posts and post them through this app. It also connects you with all the necessary people who will help you grow your account on Instagram. It generates hashtags and finds your target audience and locations where your content grows the most.

9. Snapdownloader

Instagram story saver apps

It is one of the best Instagram Story Saver Apps because it enables users to download and store Instagram stories and posts in high resolutions. It also helps you convert the stories into MP3 or MP4 format and trim your films with the help of a video trimmer.

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10. Highlight Story Saver

Instagram story saver apps

Highlight Story Saver allows you to download and save Instagram stories and provide a protected view of stories. It means that you will not see any sensitive content while watching Instagram stories.

11. Story Saver for Instagram

Instagram story saver apps

Story Saver for Instagram saves Instagram stories and IGTV content. Apart from allowing you to download posts and stories from Instagram, the app enables you to copy posts, read them, and copy tags, articles, and videos with a tool. It allows enables users to share and republish entries directly on your profile.

12. StorySaver+

Instagram story saver apps

It is an all-rounder Instagram Story Saver Apps that allows users to download Instagram stories, watch and download articles anonymously, and download profile pictures in the best possible resolution.

13. Story Saver YOBA

It is one of the best Instagram Story Saver Apps and a multi-utility tool that saves Instagram stories, enables users to sign in using both Instagram and Facebook, download content from Facebook and Twitter, repost content, and stores photos and videos to use later.

14. Storynim

Instagram story saver apps

Storynim allows users to download all the content from Instagram like stories, posts, and reels. Users get an option to download them normally or privately and then store them in selected tales in any regular storage location on their device.

15. Story Downloader for Instagram

You can download Instagram stories, posts, and reels using this Instagram Story Saver Apps and you can additionally download highlights using this app as well. But you cannot see the reels of the user you don’t follow through this app. It app will also have a list of all the stories, reels, and posts it has downloaded.

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16. Video Downloader for Instagram

Instagram story saver apps

It has the easiest layout among all Instagram Story Saver Apps in this list. It has a simple textbox where you can enter the story URL and once the download starts it displays the real-time progress in the background. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

17. Story Saver


Instagram story saver apps

Story Saver is a very direct app that gets to the point the minute you download it. It doesn’t waste time in making you create an account, rather it starts downloading Instagram stories immediately. All you need to do is enter the URL to the story and it will commence the process that very moment.

18. Insta Downloader

Instagram story saver apps

Insta Downloader is another useful gem among Instagram Story Saver Apps. What makes it different from the other apps is its ability to carry out batch tasks. It means that users can download photos and videos from someone’s page if they download a media file that person has shared.

19. Insget

Instagram story saver apps

Apart from having all the qualities of the best Instagram Story Saver Apps, it has one unique ability. It allows users to choose the download quality and clear their download history. You can download any Instagram post by copying the URL and tapping the download icon. You can also copy the hashtags from the original post.

20. Reels Downloader

Instagram story saver apps

Reels Downloader downloads all formats of files uploaded on any photo-sharing app. It is used mostly for downloading Instagram reels and WhatsApp statuses. Whenever you copy a URL of anything you want to download, it shows a notification and pastes it on the app’s interface.

How To Save Instagram Stories?

There might not be a direct way to save Instagram Stories on Android and we already discussed different Instagram Story Saver Apps that we can use for this purpose.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading an app, or don’t feel safe about saving your stories on a third-party app, then there are other ways to save Instagram Stories. You can do it by saving the stories in the Archives section, in the Highlights, and uploading them as a post.

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Saving Instagram Stories In The Archives Section

Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

This is the most obvious way to save your Instagram stories, all you need to do is turn on the option to archive your stories. Then after that, Instagram will automatically keep on saving your Instagram stories to the Archive section. If you want to activate this option on your app, just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap on the Archive.

Step 3: Under the Saving section toggle on the Save Story to Archive option.

Saving Instagram Stories In Highlights

Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

Story Highlights is one of the new features of Instagram that saves Instagram Stories on the app even after their 24-hour deadline. The Highlights section is present on the profile page under the bio of the user. It looks like a story circle similar to Instagram Story and any of your friends can tap on it anytime to see what is inside.

The idea behind this feature is to create a space for you to save those stories that you believe need to be on your profile for more than 24 hours. Highlights can be used trivially by regular users but can be very useful for content creators of the app. It gives followers of influencers easy access to particular content.

It can be used to upload a collection of photos/videos for a specific product/service. They can upload customer testimonials or queries in this section. If you don’t want to download Instagram Story Saver Apps then do this instead:

Step 1: Tap on your uploaded story or go to the Archive section to select an old one.

Step 2: Tap on the Highlights at the bottom.

Step 3: Choose which Highlight category your story belongs to.

Step 4: Tap on Add New.

For Archived Stories-

Step 1: Open the Instagram Profile.

Step 2: Tap on + on the Story Highlights.

Step 3: Choose a cover photo and a name for your Highlights.

Step 4: Tap Add to add photos or videos to it.

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Saving Instagram Stories By Uploading As Post

Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

If Instagram Story Saver Apps are not your thing then the most permanent solution for saving your Instagram stories is uploading them as a post. In this way, your story will be a permanent part of your profile and will appear as a regular Instagram post for your friends to see. Follow these steps to upload stories as posts.

Step 1: View the story you want to upload.

Step 2: Click on the three dots on the screen.

Step 3: Tap on the Save option.

Step 4: Select Share As Post.

Wrapping Up!

If you ever like your Instagram Story so much that you feel like saving it forever then do it by using Instagram Story Saver Apps. Sometimes the Instagram app can crash or face technical difficulties that can result in wiping out your photos and videos.

So it’s always a good idea to have a backup somewhere safe. Select any one from the following, Fast Save, Instore, Regrann, iSave, 4kdownload, AhaSave, QuickSave, TailWind, Snapdownloader, or Highlight Story Saver to create a haven for your memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to see your Archived stories on the Instagram app?

Ans. If you want to see all of your saved Instagram stories then Open Settings>Tap on Archives. All your stories will be categorized according to their date of uploading.

Q2. How to download Instagram stories on iPhone?

Ans. Fortunately, there is an option to save your Instagram Stories on iPhone and you can do it by Opening your Instagram Story>Clicking on the three dots>Tapping on Save>Selecting Save Photo/Video to select the individual story you want to save>or Selecting Save Story to save every story you uploaded as a single video.

Q3. How can you save other people’s Instagram Stories?

Ans. If you want to save other people’s Instagram Stories you can do with the help of Instagram Story Saver Apps or by screenshotting it. The latter option is a little sneaky unless you ask their permission.

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