Arcane Bot Discord | How To Setup & Level Up Fast In Arcane Bot 2023?

Arcane Bot Discord | How To Setup & Level Up Fast In Arcane Bot 2023?

Arcane Bot Discord is a multipurpose bot that comes up with lots of features that other bots might ask you to pay for and If I talk about its users then it’s been used in more than 700k  active discord servers.  Like the Counting bot, it can also manage the community activity that can help you to keep a healthy environment. So if you want to use mee6 features you don’t need to pay for it, it’s totally free with the arcane bot. To level up in Discord it has features that allow users to earn points which helps them to unlock a higher level of ranks which includes a moderator and other big ranks inside the server.

To use the arcane bot in the discord server use “a” prefix and type the command. So, below we’re going to discuss how to use arcane bot discord with bot commands in detail. Do make sure to follow the whole article till the end.

How To Add Arcane Bot Discord?

Like other bots we Previously discussed, it also has very easy steps. Follow the instructions given below to add an arcane bot to a discord server easily.

Step 1:- Go to Google and search Arcane bot or you can click on the Invite link to get the Invite link directly.

Step 2:- After you click on the Invite link it will redirect you to “Discord” where you need to log in with your username and password.

How To Use Arcane Bot Discord With Bot Commands

Step 3:- Select the server from the drop-down menu and tap on it.

Step 4:- Then it will ask you for some necessary permissions, just “checkbox” all and fill up the captcha.

Step 5:- Tap on the “Authorize button” and it’s done.

 How To Use Arcane Bot Discord With Bot Commands?

The arcane bot can be used in your discord server with these easy steps given below, but before using any commands do make sure to use correctly “a” prefix.

Step 1:- Open Discord on your mobile phone or PC.

Step 2:- Select the “server” where the bot commands will be executed.

How To Use Arcane Bot Discord With Bot Commands
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Step 3:- Choose a bot command from the list below, prefix it with “a” and type the command name.

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Features Of Arcane Bot Discord

So there are lots of arcane bot discord features and a few of them we listed above in the introduction part. Below we’re going to show some really cool and useful features that can be very helpful to you when you start using it.


  • Youtube Notifications

With the help of the Arcane bot, you can easily set up YouTube notifications that can help you send users directly from Discord to the YouTube channel.

  • Leveling

The arcane bot provides a scoreboard and a variety of free and infinite role awards. You can customize the custom link, as well as the roles and features within the server.

  • Voice Leveling

Voice leveling is another best feature that lets you enable voice leveling and that will let you start calculating voice activity. It also lets you filter out users who are AFK, mute, deaf, or idling for XP.

  • Reaction Rules

Reaction roles allow discord users to set up roles for them and you can also give your discord a friendly and cool feel. You can also set up reaction roles with some clicks.

  • Advanced Logging

Advanced logging is a very useful feature that lets you leave and join a server very easily. It can also keep track of your messages inside the server.

  • Moderation

So here come the most useful features that can help you prevent spamming, mass emojis, and many more activities that can harm the community. You can also use moderation commands to kick mute or ban anyone inside the server.

  • Custom Commands

Custom commands let you create commands according to you and where you can easily give roles, set up rules, and do whatever you like to do.

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 Best Arcane Bot Discord Commands

As I mentioned above bot commands can only be executed properly if you use the correct prefix, so below we’ve mentioned some of the useful arcane bot discord commands. So before you try to use any bot command use “a” prefix and bot command name.

 11 Best General Bot Commands  

  • Avatar

View a user’s avatar.

  • Dashboard

Get a link to your server’s dashboard. NOTE: Only users with the Manage Server permission can access the dashboard.

  • Help

Get links to multiple resources such as this page, the support server, voting links, and more

  • Invite

Get the link to invite Arcane to another Discord server

  • Premium

Get a link to view perks for purchasing premium

  • Roleinfo

Get info on a role in the server

  • Serverinfo

Get a general overview of your server. Provides member count, boosting info, and channel information

  • Stats

View statistics on Arcane such as discord servers, users, commands, and other various statistics

  • Support

Get a link to Arcane’s support server

  • Userinfo

Get information on a user. Provides roles and other basic information on a user. Mention the user or provide an ID

  • Vote

Get a link to vote for Arcane.

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5 Best Reaction Roles Bot Commands

  • Embed

Create an embed for reaction roles or other uses.

  • List

List all reaction roles created in your server

  • Reaction Roles

Start the setup process for creating a reaction role. Check out the “type” command afterward

  • Remove

Remove a reaction role from your server.

  • type

Change the type of reaction role after you have created it

So, these are some commands I’ve listed from the arcane. bot and to know more commands you can click on the link.

Why Is Arcane Bot Discord Not Working?

If you can’t use Arcane Bot Discord or it doesn’t work in your Discord server, it could be because of a server issue or an older version of Discord. If it still doesn’t work after you’ve updated it, you may need to seek assistance from the Arcane bot support community server, which will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the problem.

Wrapping Up!

Hope this information helped you to know how to use Arcane Bot discord with bot commands, also we’ve mentioned some of the useful bot commands that can only be used with the “a” prefix.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What does Arcane bot do on Discord?

Ans. The arcane bot provides all the servers for free with unlimited roles and rewards.

Q2. Is Arcane bot safe to use?

Ans. Yes, the Arcane bot is safe to use. It is a powerful and versatile Discord bot that can help you to enhance your surfing experience on Discord.

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