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Discord was originally established as a community for gamers to meet up and play online. It quickly developed into a well-liked chat room for fans of anime, music, movies, and other media. Discord began its life as a voice channel for gamers. However, it is much more than that in modern times. Your server becomes a private hangout thanks to the bots, streaming capabilities, voice channels, and several other customizing tools it offers, also you can marry with other Discord servers Virtually with marriage bot discord.

You can find out how to find Discord servers by Launch-> SelectHomepage-> Click the Join-> Left menu-> Search bar. It is equivalent to not using Discord at all to use it without connecting to a server. However, it could be challenging for a beginner to join a server with active members. You can use this guideline to know how to find discord servers? Discord also comes up with lots of features that allow you to manage any activity with the help of Discord roles that you can give to discord members.

However, figuring out where to start your search is not always simple. Also, if Discord is new to you, you might not know where to begin. We have therefore put together a few strategies on how to find discord servers?

It’s Simple to Find Great Discord Servers

The Discord server-finders mentioned above are living proof that using the Discord software to find servers isn’t always the best option. You can use any of these techniques to learn how to find a Discord server that suits you because there are servers available for practically every subject you can imagine.

It will be encouraging to know that Discord’s user base and community diversity are expanding daily. You can find your online tribe using these techniques and join discussions about topics you are interested in.


7 Easy Steps On How To Find Discord Servers On Pc In 2022?


Using the server search feature included in the Discord desktop software is the simplest way to find Discord servers.

1. On your PC, launch the Discord application.

2. Select the compass-shaped Explore Public Servers button.

3. You will arrive at the home page of the official Discord server directory, which features a search bar at the top and links to various well-known Discord servers.

4.  Click on any of these to learn more about the community and the level of activity there.

5. Simply click the Join icon at the top of the screen to join a Discord server if you like it. To go back, click the compass icon once more.

6. By using the categories on the left menu, you can find additional Discord servers in addition to the highlighted, well-liked servers.

7. Using the search bar is an additional method of locating Discord servers.

These are some seven simple steps on how to find discord servers?

How To Use DiscordMe To Join Servers On Discord?

Utilizing Disboard is another technique to discover the top Discord servers. Disboard has compiled a list of Discord servers for a variety of interests, such as numerous gaming communities and fandoms for anime and manga. Discord servers are also listed for topics including music, technology, movies, memes, and role-playing games.

Scroll down and use the Disboard directory’s Popular Tags and Categories on the home page to search for a Discord server. Popular tags are listed in green, and categories are listed in a light blue colour. A list of Discord servers relevant to a given topic is displayed when you click on it.

To find servers linked to a particular subject, you can also add a phrase to the search bar. Or, click on Evaluations at the top to discover ratings for specific Discord servers and browse user reviews of communities. Then click to join when you find a server you like.

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How To Find Out Which Discord Servers A User Is In?

Using Discord’s built-in Mutual Servers feature is the only way to find out which Discord server another user is on. You can do this to view the servers that you are currently sharing with a certain user. Here is how to utilize that function:

1. Start Discord.

2. Check your friend list or the Member List of a server.

3. To choose the user’s profile, locate them and right-click their name.

4. Click Mutual Servers when the user’s profile has opened.

5. All of the servers you share with that specific user should be listed under this tab. Our PC Strike Discord Server is the only one that we share in common with the MEE6 bot.

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Some Popular Discord Server For Online Directories

Searching online Discord server lists via an internet directory is an alternate way to find Discord servers to join. These renowned Discord server directories are worth checking out.


1. The oldest database of Discord servers, containing sections for LGBT issues, politics, learning languages, music, and the usual video gaming topics. To find servers that suit your preferences, utilize the search bar. You can look through the categories and tags listed beneath the search box if you are unsure of where to begin. You will find famous channels or stations that have experienced an unexpected spike if you keep scrolling.

2. Another trustworthy server directory with thousands of alternatives per category is Discord. me. You may search for unique servers and bots as well. You can explore the channels linked to your search queries using the enormous search bar at the top.

The most popular channel categories are presented immediately below the search box. The top servers are shown if you scroll even farther down. You may even check out the sites with explicit content and those with a recent spike in members.

picture of server discovery home page2

3. A huge variety of gaming and geek culture Discord servers are available to join on the website An enormous number of servers for the gaming and geek communities are kept in this directory.

You will notice the site’s sleek and simple interface as soon as you arrive. You can navigate the site with ease and locate what you’re looking for. The highlighted channels are listed on the landing page. There is a search box at the top that might help you locate the servers that are relevant to your interests. To view all the categories, click the “browse” button next to the search bar.

You can select a few servers after exploring the others to check out before deciding to join. You can scroll indefinitely in search of a channel that suits you. You may sign up for several channels.


How To Find  Private Discord Servers?

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There are numerous private servers in addition to public servers, which can be connected with a single click. Only invitations are accepted for entry onto these servers. You can receive the invitations directly from the server’s creator, or you can find the URLs on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Private servers, as compared to public servers, have between 50 and 500 users. They may be more devoted to a certain community even though they are less active than the open ones. Although open servers are “universal,” they are typically more active. You can think about joining a private server if you prefer a smaller, more intimate setting.

On sites like Reddit, looking for a private server is much simpler. There might be a link to a private server here. You will be taken to a landing page after clicking on it. You can access the private server after tapping on the “Accept Invite” button.

There are some servers where you must adhere to particular rules. You will receive a warning message from the moderator or the bot if you don’t comply. In the worst case, you can be asked to leave. Some channels will also ask you to text the moderator before you can enter. Here’s how to find a private Discord server?

You can also start your own server and invite your gaming group or friends to it. A server can be a private area where you can communicate, broadcast games with friends, add bots, share memes, listen to music, and talk on voice channels!


Some Other Platforms To Find Discord Servers

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  • Reddit:  Reddit is one of the sites to find private Discord servers, as we have stated. Similar to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and other sites, Discord servers may also be linked to pages and communities on those sites.


  • Influencers:  They have television shows, and movies and may also have their own Discord servers. Even websites and blogs can provide a route for their readers. A number of gaming firms have a Discord channel where fans may get updates and tips.


  • Game streamers: On their own servers, a number of game streamers that use Mixer or Twitch to broadcast their streams keep their audience informed. You are able to join their channel if you follow them. The same holds true for other gamers and YouTubers. There is also a Discord server for tech-related articles and videos.


  • Facebook Groups: You can check Facebook Groups for servers. For members to connect in, some Facebook groups also have Discord servers.


  • Investments: People who are interested in business, the stock market, and investments also have their own channels. Even some singers, painters, manga and anime lovers, and other members of these groups have servers available.

Wrapping Up!

Feel free to browse and search until you find the online community that’s perfect for you. You can join as many Discord servers as you like. But if you’re having trouble finding the right server, why not start your own Discord server, invite people to join, and start a new community together. We really hope you like these efforts.

So, this article explains How to find Discord servers. By using the Discord app, web directories, and other tools, as well as how to distinguish between the finest Discord servers and those you should stay away from. Do like, share and comment by commenting in the section. Till then stay safe and healthy!

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