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Power users wishing to get more out of the chat network can subscribe to Discord’s Discord Nitro subscription tier, which offers add-on functionality. Cool features like server boosting, animated profile images, platform-wide emojis, and many more are included with Discord Nitro.

You can find how to cancel discord nitro on mobile and Pc,to do so simply “Login-> Profile-> Click-> Cancel-> Followup”. Discord Nitro is overkill for some users, thus they might not be willing to pay a regular fee to maintain their subscription. You can cancel discord Nitro, whether you signed up for a free trial to try out the features or are a paying client who no longer wants to keep the service.


5 Easy Steps On How To Cancel Discord Nitro?

how to cancel discord nitro

Here are 5 simple steps to terminate your Discord Nitro:

1. Use your login information to access your account.

2. Pick your profile from the menu in the top right corner.

3. Click on “Discord Nitro” in the left panel’s User Settings section.

4. To cancel a subscription, tap the “Cancel” icon next to it.

5. Verify by swiftly responding to the follow-up.

How To Cancel Discord Nitro On PC?

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The steps you should follow to cancel discord nitro or your PC are as follows:

1. Utilize the correct login information to access your Discord account.

2. From the bottom left of the screen, select the Settings icon (the gear icon next to your user profile). Tap “Cancel Subscription” from the confirmation window that comes now, and that’s all there is to it.

3. Your cancellation of the Discord Nitro subscription was completed. You can use all the Discord Nitro features up until your subsequent billing period, as was already specified.

How To cancel Discord Nitro On Mobile?

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Now you know how to cancel discord nitro? Following are the steps to follow for how to cancel discord nitro on mobile.

1. Tap on the icon for your profile photo in the bottom navigation bar after opening the Discord mobile app.

2. Now select “Manage Subscription” from the Nitro settings menu, and then on the following screen click “Cancel.”
3. Tap “Cancel Subscription” from the confirmation window that comes now, and that’s all there is to it.

4. Your cancellation of the Discord Nitro subscription was completed.

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How to Stop Discord Nitro Auto-Renewal Using Android?

Without your knowledge, the subscription automatically renews, and you might not even be aware of it. The bad aspect is that after you’ve been automatically subscribed, you cannot get your money back. You must halt the subscription’s auto-renewal if you want to prevent this kind of hassle.

Discord is used with a variety of platforms, including Android, PC, and MAC. I’ll demonstrate how to stop android auto-renewals for you.

Using Android, disable auto-renewal for Discord Nitro

Using your Android device, stopping the auto-renewal only takes a few minutes. Just make sure your internet connection is secure. Here are the steps to disable Discord Nitro’s auto-renewal on an Android device:

1. Launch the Discord app on your phone. Then click on your profile photo. Now, Select User Settings.

2. To access the Nitro Settings, scroll below. The Manage Subscription option may be found under the Nitro Settings selection. Toggle this option on.

3. When the option first appeared, the Cancel tab would show next to the Switch Plan option. To cancel, click.

4. You will see a popup with the words “Cancel Your Subscription?” There is a red box below that says “Cancel Subscription.” Toggle the red box on.

5. After that month or the subscription duration, the subscription will no longer automatically renew because you have stopped it.

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How To Cancel Discord Nitro Using DoNotPay App?

donot pay logo new

Use the DoNotPay program to save time and energy if the previously described ways seem too time-consuming or involved. The DoNotPay approach makes it simple to manage and cancel your subscriptions to all of your services. Let’s use DoNotPay to cancel your Discord nitro, then.

The steps to cancel Discord Nitro using DoNotPay are as follows:

1. Launch DoNotPay by opening it on your web browser.

2. Choose Option > Find Hidden Money from the menu.

3. If you want to cancel your Discord Nitro subscription, type that in the appropriate box.

4. To ensure the discontinuance, reply to the confirmation email.

What occurs after cancelling your Nitro subscription?

Discord will inform you of the advantages you will lose after you cancel your subscription as soon as you click the Cancel button. After your current billing cycle, the benefits will no longer be available.

You can utilize the Nitro benefits up until the conclusion of your paying cycle, in other words. If you cancel your Nitro subscription in August but your subscription expires in September, the Nitro features will continue to function through September.

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Q1. What happened if Discord Nitro is cancelled?

When you cancel Discord Nitro, you will continue to be able to use its benefits until the conclusion of your current billing period. At the conclusion of your billing cycle, all of your server upgrades and other Nitro benefits will expire.

Q2. Can I Get a Nitro Gift Sent Refund?

If you change your mind after giving Nitro as a gift, you can ask for a refund. However, you cannot get the Nitro gift back once the user has claimed it.

Q3. After claiming a trial, does Discord Nitro automatically renew?

If you don’t remember to cancel your subscription after utilizing the free trial, Discord will bill you automatically.

Q4. Can I Stop My Nitro Discord Subscription?

While your Nitro membership is on hold, you are unable to use the premium features. Additionally, this break period may be prolonged for a total of 14 days.

Q5. Can I ever cancel Discord Nitro?

To cancel a Nitro Payment, simply log into your account and select that option. It’s that easy.

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Wrapping Up

Above we have mentioned How to cancel Discord nitro? If you are going through a difficult period, cancelling your Nitro subscription would be really beneficial. If you wish to remove the Discord Nitro subscription from your devices, I hope this guide will be helpful.

But I want you to know that my team will always be there to assist you if anything goes wrong or seems difficult while you are reading the article. Simply enter your comment in the comment section. Do like, share and comment, and share your views with us. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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