Checkout How To Delete Discord Server On Any Device (2022)

Checkout How To Delete Discord Server On Any Device (2022)

So, how many of you know that you can switch servers by just Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down. But what if there are lots of Servers inside a Discord and you can’t manage them all. Servers are not only for listening to music, watching videos on youtube, and counting the members who joined the server but can be useful for various other activities.

If you’re a Creator with a large audience and can’t manage on your own, there is one server known as Katheryne, this can help you with that and keep you updated every time, any type of activity inside a discord server like spamming, disturbing the server community environment, everything can be managed by this bot efficiently.

But what if there you’ve so many bots that you installed inspired by our articles and want to delete a few of them. It’s very easy to delete a server, simply Tap on the “Three dots” at the top right corner inside a server-> “Select Settings”-> “Server settings”-> then at the top right corner after you press that three-dot icon you’ll see a “Delete server” option, click on that and it’s done.

To know more practically do follow the article and we’ll guide you on How to Delete a Discord Server


How To Delete Discord Server On A PC Or Web

Deleting a Discord is easier than To delete a discord server from a Windows, Mac, or Linux, using the Discord application or the Discord web version. Follow the step-by-step guide shown below and you’ll easily delete the server in 4-5 minutes.


Step 1:- Open Discord on your PC and then sign in to your account.


Step 2:- Choose the “Server” you wish to remove from the panel on the left in Discord.

1 discord desktop select server 1
Source- HowtoGeek


Step 3:- Tap on the “Downward arrow”-like symbol and you’ll see a drop-down menu from that Click on “Server Settings.”

2 discord desktop server menu 1
Source- HowtoGeek

Step 4:– After then Tap on “Delete Server” from the panel on the left of the “Server Overview” page.

3 discord desktop server settings
Source- HowtoGeek

Step 5:- Now click on the “Delete button”.  You’ll be asked to put your entire “Server name” into the box. Then click “Delete Server” at the bottom of the screen.

5 discord desktop delete server prompt
Source- HowtoGeek

Step 6:- Successfully your Discord server will be removed!


How to Delete a Discord Server on iPhone

So, the process to delete a discord server on mobile whether it’s Android or iPhone is pretty much the same, here’s how to do it, follow the step-by-step guide explained below.

Untitled design 131
Credits:- BusinessInsider

Step 1:- Open Discord on your mobile phone and Go to the server you wish to remove.


Step 2:- Open the side menu by swiping right, then tapping the “Server’s name” at the top of the screen.


Step 3:- Choose “Overview” from the Drop-down menu.


Step 4:- Click “Delete Server” at the bottom of the “Overview” screen.

Step 5:- Confirm that you definitely want to delete the server. Tap on “Yes” to confirm the action.  You’ll need to input the auth code from the Google Authenticator app if you have two-factor authentication enabled.

Step 6:- Now your Server is deleted and you’re all set to go with another one with the same steps.


So what if you don’t want to delete the server and you also don’t want to need it? It’s a bit tricky, but let me tell you one thing you can also transfer your ownership to another discord user. But if you don’t know what ownership is? “Ownership means”that you can transfer ownership of your server to someone else if you’re ready to leave it but want someone to look after it. The server will not remain in your server but another discord member can manage it.


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How to Transfer ownership to another Discord user

So, here’s How to transfer ownership to another discord server, and to do so follow the step by step guide shown below:-


Step 1:- Open up your server settings, and choose “Members” from the left sidebar.


Step 2:-  Then you’ll see a list of all the members of the server. Put your cursor over the name of the person you wish to transfer ownership to, then click the three dots on the right.


Step 3:-  Choose “Transfer Ownership” from the drop-down menu and it’s done.


Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How do I delete a Discord server on my IPAD?

To begin Simply Open Discord on IPAD -> Select the server you want to delete -> Then tap on the arrow icon and there you’ll see Server settings -> Tap on server settings and then “Delete the server” and you’ll have to put the 6 digit code and after it will be authorized, you’re done with it.

2. Can a bot delete a Discord server?

Yes, it is possible to delete the server, and to do that you have to be the owner of the server.

3. What happens when you delete a Discord server?

Discord will delete your server after it has been authenticated. All server members will be deleted, as well as any saved or shared information.


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you to know How to delete a discord server and to know how? We’ve shown step-by-step instructions that help you do it very easily.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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