How To Use Marriage Bot Discord With Commands | Easy hacks

How To Use  Marriage Bot Discord With Commands | Easy hacks

Have you ever thought of marrying someone online without committing or going through like matrimonial or marriage websites where you can find your life partner? So, guys, this is possible with Marriage bot discord, and know how to add marriage bot discord, where you can marry anyone inside a discord server and also make your wedding more interesting with a chip bot music bot, which would help you play music inside the server very easily.

If you are wondering how to use Marriage Bot Discord on your server, then, you need to open Discord>add Marriage Bot by using the link given below>tap on the invite>select the server and It’s done. To know more about the Marriage bot discord, do read the whole article and it will definitely help you to become a pro in the end.

How To Add Marriage Bot Discord?

As all gamers know and understand this thing very well, Discord is a kind of minefield for gamers. Here gamers from all over the world interact with each other on different servers and play games. You can easily add a marriage bot to your discord server within a few minutes and to do so properly, you need to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Marriage bot or you can click on “The Invite Link”.

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Step 2: The Invite link will directly redirect you to Discord where you need to put your Login details.

Step 3: Select the server where you want to add Marriage from the drop-down list or you can create one server for singles looking for a partner.

Step 4: Then simply, tap on all the checkboxes to allow all the “Permissions” needed to use the Marriage bot.

marriage 3
Credits:- exploringbits

Step 5: In this last step Authorize it by tapping on Authorize button and it’s done.

Once you’re done with the adding process, now you have to follow the instructions given below to know how to use it in the discord server.

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How To Use Marriage Bot Discord?

It’s very simple to use marriage bot discord like any other bot, but the only difference is that you need to use the ” m!” prefix {discord user name}. Follow the instructions to use the marriage bot discord given below:-

Step 1: Open Discord and select the “Server”.

Step 2: So, after you successfully selected a server, proceed to the next step.

Credits:- Reddit

Step 3: To marry or divorce anyone in the discord server use “m! { discord member name}”

Step 4: So when you type in the bot command in the text area it will notify everyone on the server and it depends on them whether someone wants to accept or reject your marriage proposal.

What Does Marriage Bot Discord Mean?

Marriage Bot Discord is the best bot that allows you to marry another Discord user just by typing a few commands and also you can adopt any user as your child (but you don’t have the option of becoming nasty to do a child).  To make your marriage interesting you can add music inside the discord server by using Chip Bot Discord.

 However, the couple who got married can get a divorce after some time by just giving the command and their child can also leave their family and can join another one. So what I’m supposed to do if I get divorced? Don’t worry you can easily marry another user you want and can start a new family tree.

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30+ Best Marriage Bot Commands To Use In Discord Server

So, there are lots of bot commands used in the discord server, but to know how this marriage bot command works you need to follow the instructions given below.

8 Best Information Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!partnerTells you who a user is married to.
m!childrenTells you who a user’s children are.
m!siblingsTells you who a user’s siblings are.
m!parentTells you who someone’s parent is.
m!familysizeGives you the size of your family tree.
m!relationshipGets the relationship between the two specified users.
m!treeGets the blood family tree of a given user.
m!bloodtreeGets the entire family tree of a given user.

5 Best Simulation Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!hugHugs the mentioned user.
m!kissKisses a mentioned user.
m!slapSlaps a mentioned user.
m!punchPunches a mentioned user.
m!shipGives you a ship percentage between two users.

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2 Mostly Used Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!marryLet you propose to another Discord user.
m!divorceDivorces you from your current partner.

7 Best Server-Specific Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!perksShows you the perks associated with different support tiers.
m!incestToggles allow incest in your guild.
m!goldGives you information about server-specific families and MarriageBot Gold.
m!forcemarryMarries the two specified users.
m!forcedivorceDivorces a user from their spouse.
m!forceadoptAdds the child to the specified parent.
m!forceemancipateForce emancipates a child.

4 Best Bot Stats Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!infoGives you information about the bot, including some important links, such as its invite.
m!inviteGives you the bot’s invite link.
m!voteGives you a link to vote for the bot.
m!statsGives you the stats for the bot.

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6 Best Parentage Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!makeparentPick a user that you want to be your parent.
m!adoptAdopt another user into your family.
m!disownLets you remove a user from being your child.
m!emancipateRemoves your parent.
m!disownallDisowns all of your children.
m!abandonCompletely removes you from the tree.

 Block Marriage Bot Discord Commands

m!blockBlocks a user from being able to adopt/makeparent/etc.
m!unblockUnblocks a user and allows them to adopt/makeparent/etc you.

Bot Settings Commands

m!prefixChanges the prefix that the bot uses.

Important Notice:- All the bot commands listed above are taken from Exploringbits.

Why Is Marriage Bot Discord Not Working?

Somehow, if you aren’t able to use some of the Marriage bot commands or it’s not working in your Discord server, it might be due to a server issue or an old version of Discord. So, if it still doesn’t work after updating it, you may need to ask for help from the Marriage support community server, as it would definitely help you resolve the issue.

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Wrapping Up!

Above I’ve given every possible information regarding how to use Marriage Bot Discord with bot commands and also I’ve mentioned some of the best marriage bot commands above.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section below and if you want to add up a few things you can also comment down.  Thank You!


Q1. How do you marry someone in Discord?

Ans. A Discord user can buy a ring from the Owo Shop and use the ring’s ID to propose to another player.  It’s worth noting that after a ring has been used to marry another user, it can’t be reused or sold.

Q2. How do you buy rings in Owo?

Ans. You should first open the store, Owo Shop, and then select the ring you’d like to purchase. If you wanted to buy the epic ring, you would go to Owo.

Q3. What are the commands for the Owo bot?

  • Aliases. blush, weep, dance, lewd, pout, shrug, drowsy, smile, smug, thumbs up, wag, thinking, triggered, teehee, deredere, thonking, scoff
  • owo pout is an example commands.
    owo slap, owo kiss, owo embrace, and other related commands.

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