How Does Your Snap Score Go Up | 5 Best Ways To Score Up Now!

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up | 5 Best Ways To Score Up Now!

Are you also searching for how does your snap score go up? Well, Snapchat is a very intriguing social media platform and these teenagers are going crazy for this application but to be honest, I am also kinda impressed with the features this application offers to its users if you’re an active user then must have known this.

Snapchat filters, I mean who wouldn’t love these sassy, quirky, and on top of that fascinating, and funny filters that always keep us entertained? And these cartoon filters have you ever tried these? OMG! I mean look how adorable and cute they are and at the same time funny also.

Well, Snapchat also comes up with the feature of Snap streak which can keep you entertained as well as engaged with your friends through snaps and videos. Also, many teenagers are going crazy for maintaining their Snap streaks they won’t forget to send streaks even if they can’t remember their daily life things like what they were going to do.

And to maintain a snap streak is the best way to increase a snap score, the more you send and receive snaps the more increased your snap score is. So without further delaying let’s get into how does your snap score go up? what you can do to increase your snap score and many more things regarding Snap score.


How Does Your Snap Score Go Up?

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up? |5 Best Ways To Score Up|

Well, if you don’t know the new features of Snapchat then I think you must try them they are so bombing I mean there is a feature called ghost trial, this feature allows you to see your friend’s travel activity in the last 24 hours and it also shows you the route they had taken with a yellow dotted line.

Isn’t it interesting? there are many other features also like the Snapchat badge, Snapchat icon, story rewatch count, pinning someone on Snapchat, and many other features also which are available on Snapchat plus. Also, if you are thinking about the Snapchat symbols then don’t forget to check out our previous articles like the yellow heart, X symbol, grey arrow, and much more.


What Is Snap Score?

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up? |5 Best Ways To Score Up|

Well, a snap score is just a number that shows how much you have used this social media platform for your interaction with other people or how many snaps you have sent or received from your friends or other Snapchatters.

People are going crazy to score up their Snapchat score which is also known as snap score. Some people are even competing with each other to see who has a huge snap score but let me tell you this is all just for fun there is no such benefit of this snap score.


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5 Best Ways To Increase Your Snap Score

If you’re thinking how does your snap score go up overnight? then I would say this is not possible and don’t get scammed by these online frauds and third-party apps because the only way to increase your snap score is to use this app. So, let me tell you the five best ways through which you can increase your snap score organically.

1. Through Sending And Receiving Snaps

The more Snaps you send and the more snaps you receive the more snap points you get. You can’t say people to send more snaps to you but one thing is for sure you can send a lot of snaps and videos to your friends in case you want to increase your Snap score. Well, text messages are not counted so make sure you send them Snaps instead.

2. Through Adding New Friends

Well, Snapchat allows you to add as many friends as you want. So, make sure to add new friends to increase your snap score, because the more friends you are adding more will be your snap score.

3. Through Adding Stories

If you’re thinking you are only sending and receiving snaps then why my snap score is not increasing gradually, it is because you’re not using this app properly you have to be active on Snapchat and also you have to add stories to increase your snap score.

4. Through maintaining Snap Streaks

Maintain snap streaks because it is a fun activity to do with your friends and also it will increase your snap score because you’re sending them snaps and videos.

5. Through Not Using The App For A While

It doesn’t mean that you have to take a break for a long time just don’t use this app for a while and when you open it after some time you will get bonus points.


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How To Check Your Snap Score?

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up? |5 Best Ways To Score Up|

If you don’t know how to check your snap score then follow this step guide.

Open snapchat>tap on profile>number below your snap code. 

Step 1: First, open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Then, tap on your profile bitmoji on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Then, tap on the number below your snap code.

And you can easily check your snap score.


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How To Check Your Friend’s Snap Score?

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up? |5 Best Ways To Score Up|

Well, we are also curious to know our friend’s Snap scores and why shouldn’t we because Snapchat is all about interacting with your friends. Follow this step guide to check your friend’s Snap score.

Open the snapchat application>swipe left>open chat>tap on the bitmoji icon>number right before the zodiac sign. 

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app first.

Step 2: Then, swipe left to open the chat section.

Step 3: Then, tap on the specific chat and tap on their bitmoji icon.

Step 4: Then, tap on the number mentioned below their name.

And that’s how you can easily check your friend’s snap score.


What Are Snapchat Trophies?

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up? |5 Best Ways To Score Up|

When Snapchat was launched that time it has a feature of Snapchat trophies that were given as a reward to its users but now Snapchat has replaced this feature with something similar called charms.


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Wrapping Up!

So, this is all about how does your snap score go upMake sure to maintain snap streaks with your friends and stay connected to them through this social media platform, Snapchat and increase your snap score by using this application.

So, this is all about how does your snap score go upMake sure to share this piece of informative writing with your near and dear ones and come again to americbuzz for more such information. Thank You for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How Does Your Snap Score Go Up?

Ans. There are various ways to increase your Snapchat score like sending and receiving Snaps, adding new friends, maintaining Snap streaks, adding stories, etc.

Q2. How to check your Best friend list n Snapchat?

Ans. If you are thinking about how you can check your best friend’s list on Snapchat then follow these simple steps and you’re good to go first, open the Snapchat app, then swipe left to open the chats section, then tap on three dots, then click on manage friendship and check.


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