10 Best Tap To Load Snapchat Prank That You Must Try With Your Friends!

10 Best Tap To Load Snapchat Prank That You Must Try With Your Friends!

What’s better, spending time with friends normally or texting them from an unknown number posing as their crush? If you like the second option then we bring you the Best Tap To Load Snapchat Prank that will make you laugh out loud and make your friend question their choices in making you their best friend.

Is the friendship even real if you don’t prank each other from time to time? I mean come there is a whole genre on TikTok, Omegle, and YouTube on pranking friends. They might go wrong sometimes but on Snapchat, we bring you some really wicked yet harmless pranks that are bound to only give you waves of laughter.

Playing pranks on friends has been a part of society for ages and with every new era and technology, all the ideas to prank people just got more creative. Snapchat has some of the evilest yet harmless tricks to prank your friends, and the best part about them is that they are extremely unsuspecting.

The best tap to load Snapchat prank will mess with your friend’s head because it includes drama, a faulty image, a joke, an emoji, and an unsuspecting victim.

How To Create The Best Tap To Load Snapchat Prank?

Now that we live in a digitally driven era, the pranks have also gotten digital. Now you don’t need to hide behind doors waiting for the perfect moment to give your friends heart attacks, now you just have to send them an anonymous link with a shady caption like “Is that you in the video?” And what better way to commence prank wars than with Snapchat?

If you want to know about some of the best tap to load Snapchat prank then keep reading. If you want to create the best tap to load Snapchat prank then, first of all, you need a great imagination and an unsuspecting victim. Once you have those then ideas will keep on flowing from your brain. Here are some ideas to begin with.

Best Tap To Load Snapchat Prank | Use It On Your FriendsImage Courtesy: Twitter

1. Tap To Load Images

The best pranks have the simplest execution, click a photo of the Tap To Load message on Snapchat, crop it properly and then send it across. Once your friend tries to tap on it, they will know they have been Punk’d. To make it seem more authentic send an emoji along with it.

2. Create Drama

Along with the Tap To Load image, send a concerning message like “Is that you?” or something like “OMG I can’t believe I saw this.” Your friend will be all frustrated thinking they missed out on something really important and be Punk’d, again.

Thus making it the best tap to load Snapchat prank there is in the market. I personally fell for this one once and have been wallowing in a need for revenge ever since, if you have any ideas please do share.

3. Jokes Never Fail

Send the image along with a cool joke or a funny comment to make it more believable. Your friend would definitely be tempted to know what’s so damn funny that it won’t load easily.

4. They Must Be Online

An important tip to remember before pulling the prank is to make sure that they are online. Otherwise, it can result in them missing the message or noticing the prank. Have them emersed in a deep conversation before pulling out the big guns and having them cornered.

Trust me this will work, It will work even better if the person being pranked is one of your closest friends because it’s easy to engage them in a conversation and it won’t end any time soon. Thus it’s the perfect ruse to create the best tap to load Snapchat prank. 

5. Emergency Prank

Send the image with a message that states an emergency like “I NEED HELP” or “PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS” or the classic old “I have some terrible news” and “did you see this? I’m still shaking.” This is among the best tap to load Snapchat prank and it never fails, seeing an emergency text your friend is bound to check it.

6. Sadness

What engages an unsuspecting victim more than a joke or drama is reading a distressing message from a friend. Send them the image with a message like “I can’t do this anymore” or “just look how painful it is.” Your phone will be burning up in no time will messages and calls from them asking if you are okay. Thus another day of creating the best tap to load Snapchat prank was spent well.

7. Sneak Attack

One of the cruellest and best tap to load Snapchat prank is the one where you send snaps and make it look like it was meant for someone else. Send a Tap to Load image followed by a sexy caption.

After a few seconds just write “OMG I’m so sorry wrong message” or “Oh no, the wrong person, please don’t tell anyone.” They will think you sent them a controversial picture and will try to load the image. Keep them guessing about that secret of someone in your life.

8. Fake Engagement

Nothing makes friends madder than missing out on a big occasion in your life. What will make their blood boil is seeing that they not only missed your engagement but are not able to see your photos too.

A very cruel best tap to load Snapchat prank is to announce your engagement by sending a Tap to Load photo along with an irresistible message like “It finally happened #engaged” or “wish you were here #ISaidYes.” The Tap to Load image will act as salt to the wound. Prank successful!

9. Birthday Prank

A similar and equally hailed as the best tap to load Snapchat prank is the birthday prank. It acts as a prank as well as a guilt-ridden experience for your friends. Send a Tap to Load image along with messages stating how sad it was to see no one remember their birthday and how it was most shocking to see them of all people forget.

Milk the situation by explaining the “photo” you sent by stating how you are sitting alone on a terrace with a warm six-pack and a cold pizza. Not only will they feel guilty about forgetting your birthday but it is frustrating when the image won’t be loading. But do this prank on not-so-close friends who don’t know your birth date.

10. Secrets

“Reveal a secret” in a Tap to Load photo to your and add a message like “please don’t tell anyone” or “you’re the only one I can tell this to” and make it even more confusing by asking “what do you think about it?”

Your friend will be excited to know you shared something juicy, frustrated that the secret is not loading, and will be embarrassed because they can answer your question. Finally, when they say the image isn’t loading just simply end the topic by saying “forget it” to make them even more curious. Best tap to load Snapchat prank ever.

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Best Tap To Load Snapchat Prank | Use It On Your Friends
Image Courtesy: Mashable

If you want to move beyond creating the best tap to load Snapchat prank then here are some more options to explore and show your love for your friend on Snapchat.

  1. You can always see a photo on the internet, like a beach or mountains, and send it as a snap to your friend making it look like you are there. This is among the best tap to load Snapchat prank.
  2. Some of the Snapchat lenses are too realistic, you try sending one to your friend making it look like you actually went bald, bought a Ferrari, or are somewhere in the ocean.
  3. Send a snap along with an important message like, “this reminds me of you” or “this is what I feel about you” and when they open it, it can be a random picture of a donkey, a drunk guy in a dumpster, or a crazy Snapchat lens.
  4. You can send them a bunch of random videos of you just mouthing words and not making any sound. But make it look like the video is fine and there is something wrong with their phone’s audio.

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Wrapping Up!

The best joys in life have come from pranking friends and seeing their faces after. It’s something that has brought people together and given them some of their best laughs. But something to ponder here is the fact that no prank should cross a certain threshold where it becomes fatal or cruel.

Everything else is allowed and encouraged. If you have a best friend then it’s your moral duty to prank them and some of the best pranks have been on Snapchat. So read the list of best tap to load Snapchat prank and try one today.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why do we need to add a message with a Tap to Load photo?

Ans. You should add a serious, dramatic, funny, or suspenseful message along with the Tap to Load photo to make the prank more authentic and lure your friend in.

Q2. How to prank someone repeatedly on Snapchat?

Ans. The best pranks are the ones with the best timing and lots of creativity. If you keep on pranking someone frequently and in the same manner, they are bound to get suspicious next time. So, keep a gap between your pranks and try different ideas every time.

Q3. What are some tips to pull the best tap to load Snapchat prank?

Ans. Important tips to remember when you want to pull the best tap to load Snapchat prank is to remember to be patient. Message them at a time when you know they are free and will check the message instantly.

Either drop the bomb in the first message (suspense/drama/emergency) or keep them engaged in a conversation and drop it slyly into the conversation (joke/sadness). Also, remember to keep a believable script ready to match your message.

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