What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat | Here’s The Right Answer For You!

What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat | Here’s The Right Answer For You!

Well, Snapchat is not only famous for its different languages and slang that are used there but it is also famous for its unique symbol language now you must come here thinking about What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? If you aren’t a Snapchat user yet then try I’m sure you gonna love it.

The more you explore Snapchat the more new things you got to know about it and once you start to understand these symbols the more interested and indulged you will be. Snapchat has some other features that are recently launched but to enjoy those you have to buy a monthly subscription plan to get access to Snapchat premium.

Well, Snapchat has some free features also you can have the access to various snaps across the world on Snap map and you can still maintain a Snapchat streak if you’re not a premium member also you can enjoy a lot of Snapchat filters that make your pictures and videos more attractive for free.

Well, A Yellow Heart appears next to someone’s name on Snapchat when you and the other person are interacting a lot with each other. Keep on reading this piece of information till the end to find out What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? So, without frittering away time let’s get into this.


Here’s What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

Every social media app has its own to show you how much interaction you are doing with your friends. But Snapchat has its way to show in different emoticon languages, it differently shows if your message has been seen or not through arrows and boxes of different colors.

Don’t panic if you’re not getting why this symbol appeared while sending Snapchat streaks to your buddies or when you were talking with them. I’ve got this for you and tell you why these friendship emoji appears in front of your friend’s name.


What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

Well, A yellow-colored heart appears next to your friends name when you both are each other’s Bff and you both interact with each other a little more than every other person in your friend list. You can say you are each other’s #1 Bff. But a yellow heart appears only in front of a single person and if you interact with some of your friends equally then it becomes difficult to get A Yellow Heart.


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What Are Some Other Friendship Emojis Indicate?

What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat?

There are various friendship emojis that appear in front of your friend’s name on Snapchat and each emoji symbolize something different and also the level of friendship you share with them.

So basically there are three kinds of emoticons are used on Snapchat to describe your friendship. One of them is hearts another is face emojis and some mixed emojis also appear so let’s comprehend each kind of emoticon that appears:

Heart Emoticons

1. A Yellow Heart 💛

This shows that you two are each other’s BFF and interact with each other mostly.

2. A Red Heart ❤️

A red heart shows that you are each other best friend for two weeks straight.

3. Two Pink Hearts 💕

It appears when you and your friend are each other’s Bff for a month.


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Face Emoticons

1. Smirking Face 😏

It appears when the next person is your Bff but you’re not their Bff.

2. Sunglasses Face 😎

It appears when you and your friend have a common Bff.

3. Blushing Face 😊

It appears when you and your friend send a lot of streaks to each other.

4. Grimacing Face 😬

It appears to show off the same Bff, which means the next person and you are sharing a common Bff.


Mixed Emoticons

1. Fire Emoji 🔥

It appears to show that you and the next person maintain streaks with each other. It shows the number of days you both are sending snaps.

2. Hourglass Emoji

It appears to remind you that your streak is going to break soon so send it asap.

3. Cake Emoji 🎂

It appears to remind you of the next person’s birthday.

4. Baby Face 👶🏻

It appears when you have added someone recently that means you are new friends.


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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered the main topic regarding What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? Well Snapchat has a lot of emojis and it becomes difficult to understand but I have discussed some of the friendship emojis that appear next to your friend’s name. So, next time when you see an emoji then do explain it to your friend also.

So, this is all about What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? I wish that you find this article handy if that’s the case then do share it with your friends. Also, keep visiting back to Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles. Till then stay healthy and enjoy reading. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What does the grey arrow on Snapchat indicate?

Ans. The grey arrow on Snapchat indicates that you haven’t added the person to your friend list in front of whose name appears as a grey-colored arrow.

Q2. What is the meaning of FS on Snapchat?

Ans. FS on Snapchat stands for “For Sure” or “F*cks Sake” but one should know the context of the conversation to understand what it really means.

Q3. What is the meaning of OML on Snapchat?

Ans. OML on Snapchat stands for different meanings like Oh My Lord, Oh My Love, and On My Life so be aware of the meanings of this acronym while using it.


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