How To Fix iPhone Camera And Flashlight Not Working | 14 Hacks To Fix Now!

How To Fix iPhone Camera And Flashlight Not Working | 14 Hacks To Fix Now!

Have you ever faced a problem with the iPhone camera and flashlight and wondered how to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working? The iPhone is designed with unique features and advanced automation technology. But sometimes users face problems with the camera where it goes black and enables them to use a flashlight.

Users get quite upset and start finding ways to know how to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working problem. Instead of providing the rear clarity, it does not function properly. This issue can be frustrating to iPhone users but don’t worry as I have collected several ways how to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working issue.

Well, this is a serious issue if you love photography. But don’t worry! So, what if it is a serious issue? We will solve it with ease using simple methods. I have come up with a few methods that will work and solve this issue. Let’s dive right into the article. Stay tuned to learn about how to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working.


How To Fix iPhone Camera And Flashlight Not Working?

Before knowing how to fix iPhone camera and flashlight not working issue it’s important to know why this problem occurred. There might be 2 reasons for this:

1. Software issues


Software problems are common and can be the main reason for your camera and flashlight not working. Sometimes camera app stucks or you don’t have enough memory. There might be some setting conflicts or software glitches. These can the reasons for this issue but don’t worry as these problems can be easily cured.

2. Hardware Failure

hardware damage

Did you drop your iPhone in the water or on the floor? Oops! Your phone might get damaged and this can become a major problem for this issue. But every problem has a solution and I am here to tell you how to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working.


How To Fix iPhone Camera And Flashlight Not Working On Your Own?

Many iPhone users face this problem and don’t know how to fix iPhone camera and flashlight not working. But this problem can be fixed using some simple tricks and methods. Check out these six ways to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working:

1. Restart Your iPhone

restart 1

Restarting the phone is always one of the best ways to remove any kind of glitches in the device and this is an effective solution.


2. Delete Photos And Videos

Delete photos videos

Every iPhone user knows that their camera stops working when the phone’s memory is full. Therefore, transfer your photos and videos to your PC or iCloud for backup and restart your iPhone. This is a simple method to fix your camera and flashlight not working.

3. Remove The iPhone Cover

remove phone cover

Are you wondering why? Sometimes when your phone is covered with an opaque phone cover it might be possible that it is blocking your flashlight. So ensure that your cover is not blocking and if it does then remove it.


4. Update Your iPhone

update 1

Some pending software updates create some issues and prevent the flashlight or camera from working. To check for updates go to settings>general>software update and then click on the “Download and Install” option.


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5. Factory Reset Your iPhone

iPhone reset

If you are not willing to take the help of any third-party software tools then you can reset your iPhone to its factory settings. This will erase all the unwanted and corrupted files including your other important content so don’t forget to back up your important files.


6. Reset iPhone Settings To Default

This problem can occur if the phone’s configuration is corrupt or not compatible. Therefore resetting iPhone to default may solve this problem. And don’t miss to back up your media before performing this step. Try out these simple ways to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working and if nothing happens contact Apple support.


How To Fix The Black Screen Issue On The iPhone?

Have you ever come across a situation where your screen goes black when you open the camera? Quite frustrating, right?  But you can solve these problems with the solutions mentioned below. 

1. Turn Off The Camera App

close camera app

Sometimes the camera app doesn’t load properly when you open it. This can cause your camera screen to turn black. To overcome this problem you can simply close the camera app forcefully. But first, you need to tap the home button twice and get a preview of the app. Now closes the app by swiping up the camera interface and closing the app. Now wait for 5 minutes and restart your iPhone again. 


2. Turn Off The Voice-Over Feature

turn off voice over

Sometimes your camera screen turns black surprisingly due to the voice-over feature. You can easily resolve this problem just with some simple clicks. To turn off this feature go to “settings” and then scroll down to find a “general” option. Click on it and then find accessibility and turn off the voice-over feature. This trick can solve this issue. 


3. Switch The Front Or Rear Of The Camera

Switch the front or rear of the camera

This is a simple trick when your front camera is not working. Switch the rear camera by tapping on the camera icon and wait for a few minutes then turn on the front camera and you might see that the black screen problem is resolved. Isn’t this trick easy?


4. Contact Apple support 

Apple support 1

If you have tried everything and still couldn’t solve this issue you can always visit the nearest Apple service store.  Sometimes software is not the problem and this issue might be caused by some hardware failure. In that case, only apple support can help fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working problem.


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How To Fix Disabled Flashlight On iPhone?

1. Close background apps

Sometimes background running apps might affect flashlight activities. Therefore to avoid it, close the iPhone apps running in the background and see if the flashlight is working or not.

2. Force restart

Sometimes the flashlight doesn’t work due to some corrupted files on your iPhone. So restart your iPhone and it will remove all the unwanted things on your iPhone and might resolve the flashlight not working problem.

3. Adjust flashlight brightness

You can adjust the flashlight brightness in simple steps. Go to the control center and then press and hold the flashlight icon until the brightness indicator appears. Adjust it and you might see the light flashing.

4. Repair iOS

There might be some problems with your iOS so you can repair it with the ult one. This tool can fix this problem without any data loss. This process takes 10 minutes. Download the firmware and start repairing your iOS.

To repair your iOS you need to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 1: Download the ult one on your computer.

Step 2: Two options will appear on your screen: “standard repair” or “deep repair”.

Step 3: Select standard repair and click on “download repair”.

Step 4: Download and install the firmware.

Step 5: After installing firmware click on “start standard repair”.

Step 6: After 10 minutes, check if your flashlight is working or not.


How To Fix A Disabled Camera On An iPhone?

  1. You can try to switch to other video apps like Snapchat or facetime.
  2. Try to wipe off your lens and if there is any gunk it will be removed check if your camera is acting normally or not.
  3. Make sure the case is not obstructing the lens.
  4. Are you using a third-party camera app? If yes, there might be some software crashes. Try closing and then reopening your third-party camera app. But if it still does not work, delete it. Use the inbuilt camera because it is perfect on its own.
  5. Try to not have any configuration profiles because they might restrict your camera access.


Wrap up!

If your iPhone camera and flashlight are not working, then these methods can help you resolve this problem. If nothing is working, consider it a hardware problem and visit the nearest Apple service center.

This problem can arise due to many reasons but it’s not so big that you can’t resolve it. I told you several ways to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working. If you are facing this problem then try them and if nothing works, I will advise you to contact Apple support.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why are my camera and flashlight not working?

Ans. Their problem might occur due to two reasons: Software Problems or Hardware Failure. In case of a software problem, you can restart your iPhone or factory reset it. But if you are still not able to fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working, visit the nearest Apple service center.

Q2. Can I reset my iPhone to fix the black screen issue with the camera?

Ans. Yes. Follow these simple steps. Go to settings>general>reset. Now check whether your camera is acting normally or not. If not then try some other ways.

Q3. What should I do when my camera screen turns black?

Ans. To fix this problem try switching your camera or restarting the camera app. Also, turn off the voice-over feature if it’s on as it can be one of the reasons for your black camera screen.

Q4. Why is my phone’s flashlight icon greyed out?

Ans. This might happen when your camera is turned on or you don’t have enough battery.

Q5. How should I fix my consistently freezing camera?

Ans. You can try some ways to fix this problem.

  • Close all the running apps.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Update your software.
  • Contact Apple support.

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