What Does Snapchat Plus Offer? [2023] | Everything You Need To Know!

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer? [2023] | Everything You Need To Know!

Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to upload media in the form of stories and snaps to share with their friends. So What Does Snapchat Plus Offer next? Snapchat Plus is one such service that has answered all the doubters who asked “okay, what now?” They got a solid answer showing that Snapchat is more than sending photos; why type a long, written post to convey a message when you can show people visually?

All you need is a good imagination and What Does Snapchat Plus Offer will blow your mind. Let’s face it in today’s time there are many competitors of a business with each offering the same service differently. The only thing that will keep you in business is if you do it in a better way or at least in an innovative way.

Similarly, there are many social media sites/apps today and each of them is trying its best to give better services than the other. In such competitive times, What Does Snapchat Plus Offer? Snapchat has been able to stay strong because of its unique way of offering augmented reality through filters and lenses. This made it a hit, especially among the young generation, and the latest service to join the club is Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus offers much more than just more filters, apart from modifying many existing features it comes in with many new features that make Snapchat much more interesting and fun. The new exciting features offered by Snapchat+ include Story Rewatch Count, Ghost Trails, Snapchat Icons, Priority Story Replies, Post View Emoji, Bitmoji Backgrounds, Snapchat Web, Snapchat+ Badge, and Pinning Someone as #1 BFF. Let’s discuss each of these offerings one by one.

Here’s What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

Snapchat Plus or Snapchat+ is a premium subscription service offered by Snapchat that gives users access to many new, experimental and pre-release features. Many of the features offered by Snapchat+ are an upgrade to some of the existing features while the rest are newly added features exclusively, all available only for Snapchat+ users.

If you want to avail of these exclusive services then you must subscribe to the service and pay a small monthly fee. To get a subscription to know What Does Snapchat Plus Offer just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open your Snapchat Profile.

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

Step 2: Tap on the Snapchat Plus icon.

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer


Step 3: Choose a Subscription plan.

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

Step 4: Tap on Start 7-day Trial.

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer


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What Does Snapchat Plus Offer?

Want to know what Does Snapchat Plus Offer? Well, Snapchat Plus offers many exciting features that make the Snapchat experience much more fun and useful for all Snapchatters. Whether you have a personal account for sharing snaps and stories with your friends or you have a professional account for creating exciting content, Snapchat+ is helpful in both cases. Here is a list of all the services offered by Snapchat Plus.

1. Ghost Trials

snapchat plus feature ghost trails

No, Snapchat is not joining Ghostbusters and allowing its users to find ghosts in their areas. If anyone tells you that Ghost Trials allows users to identify ghosts in their areas and catch them like Pokemon Go then don’t listen to them, no matter how cool that sounds.

Ghost Trials allow users to see the location history of their friends for the past 24 hours. But it only works if your friends have enabled their location settings and allowed you to see it.

2. Story Rewatch Count

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

This is an upgrade to not just the story feature but is one step ahead of the screenshot feature. When regular Snapchat users upload stories, they can see who viewed that story and who took a screenshot of that story. But Snapchat Plus users are getting an extra slice of cheese, apart from the former two features, Snapchat+ users can now also see if their stories have been rewatched and by whom.

Doesn’t that come in handy to know who in your friend circles like your stories the best? Or if you are a content creator, it will help you see which stories of yours get the best response from the audience.

3. New Snapchat Icons

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

Snapchat is known for its quirky collection of icons, it has one for every mood, occasion, holiday, and even country, and you might think that’s enough. But nothing is ever enough on Snapchat, whenever you think “Snapchat can’t top this” all Snapchat does at that moment is top it. When everyone thought now there are no new icons to explore Snapchat+ comes in with 30 more.


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5. New Bitmoji Backgrounds

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

Tired of seeing the same yellow, floral, and pattern-styled Bitmoji backgrounds again and again? Well, you’re in luck, subscribe to Snapchat Plus and get access to new backgrounds that will make your Bitmoji cooler and you happier. The new backgrounds include new beach designs, professional designs, and natural designs all of which aim to make you feel elite and exclusive.

If you are using a professional account then having a cool Bitmoji background can make your profile seem more appealing and impressive to the audience. It’s the first thing they see about you and first impressions do matter.

6. Premium Snapchat Plus Badge 

snapchat feature image e1666087946874

Have you seen verified accounts on other social media platforms? They seem so cool and are designed to let everyone know that these accounts are important to the app. Don’t you ever wish you had that? Don’t worry Snapchat has got you covered, Snapchat plus offer includes a premium badge in the shape of a star that appears next to your name.

Having a star next to your name automatically signifies importance, elitism, and royalty and the Snapchat Plus badge signifies that you are Snapchat royalty. Many Snapchat influencers have these next to their names which has helped them gain a good amount of subscribers.

7. Priority Story Replies 

At least once in your life, you must have replied to a celebrity’s story hoping that they would reply to you and make your day. That dream, my friend, is about to come true because Snapchat Plus is going to do exactly that for you. If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber then you can now reply to your favourite creator’s stories and your replies will be prioritized by Snapchat to that they are more visible to the creator.

8. Post View Emoji

This feature is exactly how it sounds, Snapchat Plus subscribers can set an emoji that will be visible when their friend sees the snap that was sent to them. It means whenever you send a snap to your friend and they open it, instead of just saying “Opened” there will be an emoji that will signify the same.


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9. Pin Friend as #1 BFF

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer

What Does Snapchat Plus Offer best friends? If you love someone then you should let them know and let the world know, this is what Snapchat means when it offers Snapchat Plus subscribers the offer to pin someone as their #1 BFF. Once they choose someone then that BFF’s chat will be pinned at the top of the list forever and they will appear at the top of your friend list.

10. Snapchat Web

snapchat plus web

If you’re still not impressed and are asking What Does Snapchat Plus Offer? Then here is something that might interest you. Finally, after much deliberation, Snapchat has decided to launch a web version of itself, but with a condition. The web version is only available for Snapchat Plus users.


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Wrap Up!

Snapchat has always been at the top of its games since its inception. From pioneering a new way of photo editing and a more private way of sharing snaps, to popularizing the terms stories, snaps, and filter. Snapchat has always found new ways to upgrade its services with its latest offering being Snapchat Plus. If you ask What Does Snapchat Plus Offer then let me tell you that it is a very exclusive and useful service that can be enjoyed and benefitted by both commercial users and private account holders.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the subscription cost of Snapchat Plus?

Ans. The subscription cost of Snapchat Plus is $3.99 per month which can be availed in one of the three ways. $3.99 per month, $21.99 for 6 months, and $39.99 for 12 months.

Q2. Does Snapchat Plus remove ads?

Ans. No, currently Snapchat Plus does not include removing ads but maybe in the future, it will be able to do so.

Q3. Is Snapchat Plus available for all operating systems?

Ans. Yes, Snapchat Plus is available for both Android and iOS as a mobile app and can be used in any operating system as Snapchat web.


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