Ideas To Grow Snapchat Streaks | 10 Best Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Ideas To Grow Snapchat Streaks | 10 Best Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Have you ever played any board games? Any game where you have to take turns playing, where the game can’t move forward unless either of the players plays their turn. I’m describing every board game ever made, and I’m sure you must have played at least one growing up.

Since times have changed and the digital era has taken over, these nostalgic elements have found new ways to become a part of the new culture. One such way is through Snapchat streaks. Snapchat, as we all know, is one of the leading social media platforms in the world, and among its many features that have taken it to the top, Snapchat streaks are something that all users become vested in once they start.

Snapstreaks are as addictive as beauty filters and as fun as the dog filter. But like any other work you do in life, Snapstreaks also need consistency. It might be fun when you start a streak but after a time it might get tedious to keep up, or the other person might lose interest. So in this case how can Snapstreaks last? Here are some tips to grow Snapstreaks and keep them exciting at the same time.

Here’s Snapchat Streaks Explained

Ideas To Grow Snapchat Streaks

The simplest example through which I can make you understand what Snapchat streaks are is with the help of Badminton. During a game of badminton, a shuttle is smashed from one player to another and if a player misses the shot then the game is over. Similarly, when a person sends a snap (a photo or a video) to a friend on Snapchat and that friend sends some back, and this process keeps on going then it is called a Snapstreak.

In other words, a Snapchat streak or Snapstreak is a feature of Snapchat which allows users to exchange live photos and videos with their friends. Snapchat keeps a count of the exchange and the idea is to see how long can this go. There is nothing complicated about this game, it is just a trivial feature aimed at providing fun and frolic. The only catch is that the duration of a streak is only 24 hours, if a snap is not exchanged within 24 hours then the streak is lost.

It just acts as a tool for bringing your friends closer. Even if you don’t have time for long phone conversations, a snap a day will keep your friends close and worries away. Once you get a hold of Snapstreaks then there won’t be any stopping you. People have been known to take the trend to the next level by creating streaks for more than 2000 snaps. If that’s not commitment then I don’t know what is. In a way, this too becomes a symbol of commitment, dedication, and consistency. So here are 10 ways that will help you grow Snapchat streaks


Ideas To Grow Snapchat Streaks | 10 Best Ideas You Should Try In 2022

For all the avid Snapchatters who love making Snapstreaks with their friends, here are some ways to can up your game. These ideas will help you maintain your streak and will also keep the process enjoyable throughout. If everything goes well then who knows maybe you will be the next record holder for the longest Snapstreak.

1. Snap Every Day:

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The most basic rule of keeping any Snapstreak alive is to keep clicking the camera every day. A Snapstreak can be lost if you forget to send a snap within 24 hours of sending the last snap. So make sure that you send at least one snap every day to keep the streak alive.


2. Find Someone To Snap With: 



Just like for relationship advice it is said “find someone you can be crazy with”, while making Snapstreaks you need to find someone you can snap with. Not everyone is keen about these streaks so you need to find someone who is as passionate and invested in doing this because if all goes well it could be a lifelong experience. Imagine you crossing the 1000 snap mark and the other person just stops and breaks the streak. No one should ever go through that heartbreak.


3. Snap Within Your Circle: 



The best way to find people to snap with and keep tabs on your Snapstreaks is to make them with your close friends. This is because you are always in constant contact with them, and you speak to your best friends every day. Thus it will remind you to send a snap across every day. Makes sense right? You won’t be able to maintain a Snapstreak with someone you are not in constant touch with.


4. Include Anything In A Snap:


 Snap anything to everything, be it a mug, a t-shirt, a bird, an airplane, or superman. Whatever you find amusing and worth sending across to your friends, just do it. Snapping isn’t about being the best photographer, finding the right angle, the right aesthetic or the right lights. It’s just about having fun and taking it easy. If you found a cloud shaped like a squirrel, it’s worth snapping.


5. Snap Everything You Eat: 


The easiest thing to snap is food. If you have nothing to snap about then snap about whatever you are eating. You can never go wrong with food. Having a smoothie? Snap it! Having a pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks? Snap it!

6. Blank Snaps Will Also Work: 

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Somedays you just don’t feel like finding clouds that look like squirrels or you are not in the mood for a pumpkin-spiced latte, what to do then? How to keep the streak going? A simple answer to that question is to just send a blank snap. Cover your camera, let the screen turn blank and click snap. Voila!

7. Consider The Day You Start Snapping: 


This is more of a psychological trick you can use to start a streak with someone. If you start a streak with someone on their birthday or an anniversary they are more likely to respond. Thus the possibility of starting a streak with them increases by 4000%.


8. Choose A Time Of The Day: 


Choosing a particular time of the day to send snaps is important. Choose a time that is convenient for you. Keep the time later in the day because you are bound to open Snapchat at least once a day and once you do you can send a quick snap then. Otherwise, if you set the time early in the morning chance are you will miss it if you overslept someday or got busy with other work.

9. Keep Track of Emojis: 

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Snapchat emojis are not just for fun, they serve a much higher purpose, to save Snapstreaks. Once you start a Snapstreak with someone certain emojis will start to appear beside their names. when the streak begins a fire emoji will appear when you complete 100 days of snapping the 100 emoji will appear and a grimacing face will appear when Snapchat labels someone as your best friend. But the emoji to look out for is the hourglass emoji, when the 24-hour time limit is about to expire this emoji starts to appear. So whenever you see this emoji it means that it’s time to send a snap.

10. Pin Conversations: 


Pin your conversations with your friends with whom you have Snapstreaks to keep them on the top of the chat section. In this way, they are always in front of your eyes when you open Snapchat even if you have other conversations going on. You can pin up to three friends so that three safe streaks.


What Things to Consider While Sending A Snaps To Your Friend

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1. Not everything counts as a Snap: You need to understand the difference between sending a photo and sending a snap. Wait! Wait! Let me finish, I know both these words are the same thing but on Snapchat, they could have two different meanings. You see, a Snapstreak saving snap is a live photo or video that you click in real-time and send across.

  • A photo or a video sent from a camera roll doesn’t count as a contribution to a Snapstreak. Other things that don’t contribute to saving a Snapstreak include messages you send your friends, photos or videos sent via camera roll, spectacles and sending locations.

2. Beginning of the streak: A Snapstreak does not start on the very first day, you need to keep snapping for 3 consecutive days for a Snapstreak to commence.

3. The Exchange: To keep a streak alive both parties need to keep sending snaps. Just like in badminton only one player can’t keep the game alive, similarly, only one user can’t keep sending snaps to keep the streak going.

4. Time Limit: A snap needs to be sent to a friend within 24 hours of sending the previous snap. If the time limit is missed then the streak is lost. So feel free to remind your friends to send you a snap if the time is running out.


Snapstreaks are very easy to start but very hard to maintain. It’s not like chatting where you can pick up many days after you left off. Here you need to be consistent every day and need people who are willing to be consistent with you for a long time. So choose wisely and follow the above-mentioned tips to keep the fun going and the streak running.


Frequently Asked Questions about Snapchat Streak

What is the longest Snapchat Streak ever recorded?

The longest Snapchat streak has been recorded has been for 2663 days created by two best friends Hannah and Lauren.

Can Snapstreak be made in group chats?

No, photos and videos exchanged in a group chat aren’t considered as a part of Snapstreaks, snaps sent individually are only considered.

What does the pink heart emoji signify?

When two friends have been constantly chatting, calling, and sending photos and videos to each other constantly for two months they receive a pink heart emoji next to their name.

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