How To Take Screenshots On Snapchat Without Anyone Knowing

How To Take Screenshots On Snapchat Without Anyone Knowing
Snapchat is a well-known messaging app among teens and even adults. The social media platform allows you to exchange pictures and videos also known as ”snaps”. People enjoy clicking pictures on the app because of the availability of a number of filters and fun features provided by the company.
Snapchat Focuses on maintaining the privacy of its users. One of its most-loved features which is also copied by many other social media platforms as well is that the pictures or videos disappear within seconds after they’re viewed by the receiver. Snapchat also notifies the sender if you take a screenshot of their snap, but sometimes we wish to save the snap for our own self or we want to share with others and we don’t want the other person to know as well. Don’t worry we have tried and tested out a few hacks which can help you to take screenshots of snap-on Snapchat without anyone knowing.

1. Using the in-build screen recorder

One of the convenient and most used methods to secretly screenshot on Snapchat is to use the inbuilt screen recorder available on Android and iOS.

1.1 Screen recording on Android-

If you are an Android11 user you’ll find the screen recorder in the Quick Settings panel. In 2022 many people still swear on this method. There is still evidence that Android users can use their in-built screen recorder to record a snap secretly without sending a notification. But beware this method mind not work on all phones. We recommend you to test it beforehand at your friend’s snap to proceed further safely.
Steps to take a screenshot without notifying the other person on Android
  • Step1-Open the quick settings page by swiping down from the top of your screen on your android phone
  • Step2- Find the screen recorder (swipe right to more options if you cannot find it in the first place) and tap on it to start the screen recording
  • Step3- Open Snapchat and view the snap you wish to save while the recording is still going on
  • Step4- Once you’ve done recording, close the snap and stop the screen recorder
  • Step5-This will automatically save your recording in your camera roll. From there you can watch it or even capture a screenshot of the running video.

1.2 Screen recording on iOS

Before 2021 iPhone users were capable of screen recording Snaps without notifying the other person but unfortunately it is was longer possible after May 2021. According to many iOS users, Snapchat showed the notifications to the other users regardless of them using the screen recording function.
This is all because of the latest updates Snapchat worked on in other to maintain it as a privacy Orientated platform.
But in some instances, if you haven’t updated the app or your system this screen recording hack worked for a handful of people. You can give it a try and as we said always test the hack beforehand in order to prevent you from any kind of embarrassment or conflict with the other user for not respecting their privacy.
In order to use the inbuilt screen recorder feature on iOS, you first have to enable the feature by tapping on the screen recorder option present in the control center.
If you are unable to find the feature there you can simply add it by following a few easy steps:
  • Go to settings>scroll and find the control center option> tap on it and select the Customize
  • Controls option> find the screen recorder option and add it to your control center. And you are done

How to take a screenshot on Snapchat secretly on and iOS using a screen recorder

Step1- Start screen recording by tapping on the screen recorder option present on the control center

Step2- Open the snap you wish to take a screenshot of while the screen recording is on

Step 3- Go back and stop the screen recording.

Step4- You can find the video in your Photos app and take a screenshot of the particular snap you wanted.

2. Taking Screenshot Secretly With another camera.



The best and the most fail-proof way to take a screenshot without notifying the other person is by using another camera. In this method If you want to take a screenshot of a snap you probably have to use another camera from another smartphone. You can definitely put another smartphone to good use in order to record a video of a Snapchat video or take a picture of a Snapchat image. After you have done that you can easily edit the video or the photo was taken and the other person won’t even know.
This is indeed a low-tech solution but at the moment this is the most trustworthy and reliable method to take a screenshot without anyone knowing.
Step 1- Open Snapchat on your smartphone and view the Snap that you want to screenshot.
Step 2- Use another phone’s camera to take a picture of the first phone’s screen while the Snap is on-screen.

3. Taking Screenshot Secretly Using third-party apps.

There are many third-party apps on the Play Store which can allow you to take screenshots on Snapchat without anyone. knowing. You can download them from Play Store or App Store to make full use of them.
There are a number of apps for full filling your purpose but the two most easy to use are SnapSaver (Android) and Sneakaboo (iOS). Other than that after the latest updates these third-party apps might not be that reliable, to be honest. Most of them end up sending a notification or do not work properly. We recommend you download the latest apps available on the Appstore and check them before actually using them on another person’s snap.

4. Using Google Assistant for Android devices


google assistant take a screenshot

For Android users, Another hack to secretly screenshot on Snapchat is by using Google Assistant.
The steps are quite easy:
Step1- Open Snapchat and the snap you want to take a screenshot of.
Step 2- Long-press the home button or verbally say “OK, Google.” in order to call out Google.
Step3- Now verbally ask the digital assistant to take a screenshot or you can also type manual the assistant will take the screenshot of the snap immediately without anyone knowing.
Note- The flaw in this method is that Google assistant will give you no option to save it directly in your gallery but instead you will be provided with an option to share it on other platforms. You can send it to your email or to another person to save it from there.

Using Airplane Mode to Take Snapchat Screenshots Secretly—Does it Really Work?

Traditionally there used to be a fail-proof method, where we can secretly take a screenshot without anyone noticing. It was a straightforward method where one had to open Snapchat normally and allow all the received snaps to load fully in the first place and following that put the device on flight mode. After that the user can take a screenshot and once it’s all done he/she can go back to the home screen and turn off the flight mode.
This used to be one of the most used methods. But unfortunately, just like any good developer, even Snapchat got to know about this loop and in its latest updates the company fixed it and snuffed it out. And sadly this workaround doesn’t work anymore. But if you are still managing to run an old version of the app you may be able to get away with it. We’ll leave the instructions here.
  • Open Snapchat and make sure to load all the received snaps  (don’t view them though!)
  • Now, turn off Wi-fi, mobile data, and even Bluetooth. After this, turn on the airplane mode.
  • Then open the snap you want to take a screenshot of on Snapchat and take a screenshot. (just make sure that your device has no internet connectivity)
  • Once it’s done we recommend you to wait for like 30seconds or minutes and then turn off your airplane mode. And your task is done!


Q1.Is it illegal to screenshot a Snapchat story?
No, it is not illegal to take a screenshot of a Snapchat story but it can be morally unacceptable to take a screenshot of some other person if you don’t have a valid reason to do so.
Q2.Does the Airplane Mode workaround used in the past still work?
No, the airplane mode doesn’t work with the latest version of Snapchat as Snapchat has successfully patched the issues that made these outdated methods work.
Q3.How Can you tell if someone screenshots your Snapchat?
If somebody has taken a screenshot of your snap using the obvious screenshot feature on smartphone Snapchat will quickly inform its users if someone took a screenshot of their snap. But not to forget there are many other sly ways to take screenshots without anyone knowing.

Wrapping up!

So, here are a few hacks that can help you in taking screenshots on Snapchat without anyone knowing. hope you found this article helpful. if you know of any other methods kindly comment down in our comment section.
Thank You For Reading!

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