How To Remove Bitmoji From Snapchat 2023? | How To Do It?

How To Remove Bitmoji From Snapchat 2023? | How To Do It?

So, How to remove bitmoji from Snapchat? This question might be bothering you too. On a regular basis, Snapchat introduces new features for its users. We shall discuss Snapchat Bitmoji in this post. In 2016, the Snapchat team unveiled this incredible feature. As your profile photo, you are unable to place your own image inside the ghost icon.

Snapchat requires a Bitmoji there unless you prefer to keep the space empty. Recently, Snapchat implemented a function known as the Snapchat dual camera, which enables users to simultaneously record films using their phone’s front and rear cameras.

This feature has been praised by millions of Snapchat users. Additionally, you may use Snapchat VR eyewear for added entertainment while enjoying this unique function. Utilizing music, Snapchat stickers & filters, etc., is simple for anyone with a basic understanding of video production.

The default profile photo is available for those who haven’t created a Bitmoji avatar. Your photo, however, will permanently vanish once this avatar is produced, and the same is true of Snapcode. Consequently, in this article, we’ll look at how to remove Bitmoji from Snapchat.


What Is Bitmoji On Snapchat?

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The Bitmoji feature on Snapchat is now available to you. You can now delete Bitmoji from your profile, despite the fact that it is a fun element of the program. Since the launch of Bitmoji in 2018, Snapchat has never before allowed users to delete their Bitmojis.

The most prominent element of Snapchat is the regular addition of new features. Not to overlook the new terminology that is being used on the app. However, Snapchat rarely makes UI modifications to its app.

Now, you may remove someone from your Snapchat friends list. A paid membership app called Snapchat Plus was only just created by Snapchat. Users of Snapchat Plus can display the badge on their profile to identify themselves to other users.

Bitmoji enables extensive avatar creation since it gives users the ability to customize and characterize their avatars down to the smallest features. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to make your own stickers and enables more original digital interactions.

It’s very uncommon for users to devote countless hours to perfecting and making their Bitmojis. On Snapchat, Bitmojis are almost universally used, yet some users are not happy with them. So, without wasting your precious time! let’s find out how to remove Bitmoji from Snapchat.


How To Remove Bitmoji From Snapchat?

By unlinking Bitmoji, you can delete or unlink Bitmoji from Snapchat. Continue reading to learn the steps outlining the same in-depth along with helpful pictures for your comprehension.

Here, we’ll go through two simple ways how to remove Bitmoji from Snapchat, account for both iOS and Android devices, including “straight from the Snapchat app” and “using the Bitmoji app”; the details are detailed below in more detail:

how to remove bitmoji from snapchat

Step 1: You must first launch the Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android device and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, click the symbol in the upper left of your screen.


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Step 3: Then click the “Settings” option that appears in the top-right corner of your device’s screen to access your profile page.

Step 4: When you arrive at the “Settings” page, click “My Account” from the options list that appears.

Step 5: Additionally, if you click on the text at the bottom, a pop-up dialogue box will appear, and you may confirm your selection by tapping it.

how to remove bitmoji from snapchat

Step 6: Your Snapchat account will then have your Bitmoji separated once this process is finished.

Step 7: Your Bitmoji avatar will be wiped from both the Bitmoji app and Snapchat if you created it using the Snapchat sign-in feature.

Additionally, the Bitmoji avatar is no longer associated with your profile or Snapcode. Upon removing or uninstalling Bitmoji from the app. As a result, you have been unable to send any badges to your closest or shared friends.


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What Is The Snapchat Process For Resetting Bitmoji?

To remove your Bitmoji from Snapchat, simply unlink it. To achieve it, adhere to the subsequent instructions.

What Is The Snapchat Process For Resetting Bitmoji?

Step 1: Open Snapchat and select the Bitmoji symbol in the top left of the screen.

Step 2: As shown in the illustration below, press the Settings gear icon after which you should tap Bitmoji > Unlink My Bitmoji.

Step 3:  To reset your Snapchat Bitmoji, select Unlink at the end.


How Can Bitmoji Outfits Be Removed From Snapchat?

You may quickly remove any item from your Bitmoji avatar that isn’t currently worn with any costume by following a few simple steps; each step is shown below one by one:

Step 1: You must first take out the apparel from your closet part.

Step 2: It would be quickly deleted from your closet if you tapped on the icon and then selected an option from the pop-up box.

Step 3: You must first take the item out of any ensembles where you have been used. To remove it from your closet, you simply need to repeat the procedure described above.

Step 4: Remove the costumes you’ve created for such an item from the gridlines by tapping on, selecting the option, and pressing the button.

Step 5: Tap on the “Thumbnail” icon to select “edit” if you only want to change them rather than eliminate them.

Step 6: You must now take the item of clothes out of the closet after finishing this step.


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Snapchat: The Tough Way to Delete Your Bitmoji On Android

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely delete your Bitmoji if you use an Android phone. You must manually locate the files in order to access the app data because Android stores it in secret directories on each device. Just carry out these actions.

To access Snapchat’s app information, navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info. Clear Data is the second option after tapping the Storage tab located at the top of the screen.

It is not necessary to select both Clear Cache and Clear Data because selecting Clear Cache would only erase all snap photos, messages, etc., but not your avatar. Snapchat is now available for free re-download, so you can start over.

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Snapchat: The Tough Way To Delete Your Bitmoji On iPhone

The process is a little simpler on iPhones; you only need to tap and hold the “x” button until you are asked to confirm. However, regrettably, no tales will be deleted by this.


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Wrapping Up!

You are now aware of how to remove Bitmoji from Snapchat. While the Bitmoji avatar remains on the app, you can remove it from your profile. However, your Bitmoji Avatar will also be removed if you created the Bitmoji using Snapchat.

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We genuinely hope that you will find this knowledge to be both practical and enlightening. Keep an eye on Americbuzz for additional details about forthcoming entertainment and technology stories. Many thanks for reading!

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