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Snapchat is an outstanding social media platform where people from all over the world send their day-to-day work, activities snaps and more than 100 million users use Snapchat happily. Snapchat is not just for chatting or sending pics or videos but also a great way to connect through the world and get to know their daily work life. Apart from this, you can also calculate  Snapscore, to check whether you have the most snap score among your friends or not, Indeed having a good Snapscore looks cool and more popular.

Snapchat has some cool filters too and comes up with some of the best features like video calls, voice chat. If you’re well aware of the earning feature of Snapchat i.e “Spotlight” where you can create some good content to earn crystals on your span chat profile and after earning much you can easily convert them into money which you can withdraw from your account.

But as you all know today we’re going to discuss the “Snapchat viewer app” where you’ll learn some proven tricks to view someone’s story and also we’re going to address some of the best Snapchat story viewer apps to view Snapchat users secretly.

So have you ever tried viewing someone’s Snapchat Story anonymously? If the answer is still missing then we’d love to show you what we’ve created for you.


What is Snapchat Story Viewer App?

If I talk about my Snapchat then there are a lot of streaks, stories and videos daily shared with me by my friends and knows. But the story features is one of the best things Snapchat has where you can see the story within 24 hours before vanishing.

So Snapchat story viewer app is nothing special but a simple way to view story insights like which friend watched the story at first or how many have seen the story and also there is some spy app that allows you to see your friends or Unknown story without letting them know. Although Snapchat has a feature to view stories inside the app and you can simply set your story privacy to everyone, my friends or no one if you’re looking for some more tricks you should follow the article till the end.

How to See if someone Viewed Your Snapchat Story on iPhone?

So, the steps are very easy to see who viewed your story, follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:- First Open Snapchat on your iPhone

Step 2:- Go to your profile Icon and Open it.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 08 at 12.51.58 AM1

Step 3:- Look a little down and you’ll see My stories, Open and you can now see who Viewed your story with their names.

My Story

How to See if someone Viewed Your Spanchat Story on Android?

The steps to see who viewed your Snapchat story on android is quite Similar to iPhone, follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:- Open Snapchat on your android phone.


Step 2:- Go to your Profile Icon at the top left corner.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 07 at 10.49.32 PM1

Step 3:- Then scroll a little you’ll see my stories option open it and everyone who viewed your story now is seen by you.


How to Change your Story to Private Snapchat Story? 

Snapchat has a feature that allows a user to set their settings of stories to private so that no one can see their story and only those who were selected by the user were able to see their story.  

You’ll get three options:- Everyone, My friends and Custom and if we talk about customers then in this option you can choose those friends with who you want to share your story and others aren’t able to see.

Here are a few steps to Private Snapchat Story Easily ( Easy Steps)

Step 1:- First Open Snapchat on your mobile phone. 

 Step 2:- Tap on the Profile icon at the top left corner.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 08 at 12.51.58 AM1

 Step 3:- Go to settings scroll down a little and you’ll see “Who Can..” and choose the “View my story” option.

IMG 1783

 Step 4:- Open View my story and Select ‘Everyone,’ ‘My Friends,’ or ‘Custom’.

IMG 1782

How could you tell if someone has screenshotted your Snapchat Story?

Snapchat has an inbuilt feature that allows a user to see who screenshotted your Snapchat story, but it will only show how many screenshotted but will not show who screenshotted several times by the same user. This will not be communicated to you in any way. In the ‘My Tale’ area, you can see how many Snapchat users have screenshotted your story.

Snapchat has an inbuilt feature that allows a user to see who screenshotted your Snapchat story, but it will only show how many screenshotted but will not show who screenshotted several times by the same user.

To do so, scroll up on your Snapchat stories to see the listing of Snapchat Story Viewers, then tap on the ‘Screenshot’ symbol directly next to the ‘Viewer’ icon to see the usernames of those who took a screenshot.


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How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story anonymously without the internet?

Step 1:- Open the Snapchat app on your mobile phone and then tap on the profile icon. 

Step 2:- Refresh the ‘Stories’ tab once you’re there to ensure that all Snapchat stories are properly loaded.


Step 3:- Close Snapchat completely after the second step.

Step 4:- Turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ to disable both mobile data and WiFi.

newsnapairpolanemode 5d250b6a6fca4b9da5148c3e4d20ee53
Credits:- Lifewire

Step 5:- Then, launch the ‘Snapchat’ app and browse to view someone’s Snapchat.

Step 5:- After you’ve finished watching the stories, make sure to clear the Snapchat app’s cache.

Step 5:- After deleting the Snapchat Cache, simply disable the ‘Airplane Mode.’ This allows you to watch someone’s Snapchat stories anonymously.

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Credits:- Lifewire

9+ Amazing Snapchat Story Viewer App | To View someone’s Snapchat story anonymously-

There are various methods for viewing the Snapchat story. However, if you don’t want to be bothered with the tedious technique of viewing Snapchat stories, you may use some of the Snapchat story viewer tools that are accessible online to view Snapchat stories anonymously.

So, below we’ve listed some of the best Snapchat story viewer apps for both android and iPhone, and also we’ll help you to know more about these apps like their features, how to use, and compatibility.


5 Best Snapchat Story Viewer App for both Android and iOS (2022)


1. SpyZie

17 0523 Spyzie app 600x450 1


SpyZie is one of the great Platforms for android mobile which helps you to spy easily on someone’s Snapchat story. This app has many features and has excellent UI design. The best thing about this app is it’s not only for Snapchat but can be used for other social media platforms.  The requirements to run this app are very low and can be used by any low-end device. 

Some Good Features of SpyZie:-

1. It can track messages with its local tracking.

2. Compatible with both Android (Android Pie 9.0)and iOS devices (iOS 12).

3. Easy to use and understand.

4. It can be used for other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Hike or Whatsapp etc.

How to Use SpyZie :

Step 1:- Register for the app and create an account on Spyzie.

Step 2:- Install Spyzie on your Android device

Step 3:- After entering all of your information and gaining access to your Spyzie dashboard, you can spy on your children’s and friends’ Snapchat activities.




mSpy is another premium spy platform that comes up with some exciting features like spying on children, friends and employees too. This app works so well on any device whether it’s a low-end device. This app has a feature to spy on someone’s Snapchat story or videos anonymously. This app also works for other social media platforms too.

Some Good Features of mSpy:-


1. Best customer support 24/7

2. App store rating:- 4.1 out of 5 

3. It supports Gos tracking and stealth mode

4. It can be used to do screen recording.

5. It also allows you to track all incoming and outgoing calls.

6. When it comes to Snapchat it works really well to spy on someone’s story, Snaps, and videos.

7. It can also use for other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

How to Use mSpy :

Step 1:- Sign up for an account by clicking ‘Try Now’ on the official website.

Step 2:-  Choose a subscription that is appropriate for you and finish your payment method. You will get an email with instructions for installing the software.

Step 3:-  Get the app and install it on your smartphone.

Step 4:-  Log in with your username and password and start tracking Snapchat activities.


3. SpyFone

spying app

SpyFone can be considered as the best Snapchat story viewer app which has many features. The best part of using this app is you can download this app on your android phone easily by following the instructions.

It gives you free features at first but to access its premium features you need to upgrade to the Premium version. It can also be used to spy on close ones like children, friends, or your girlfriend without letting them know.

Some Features of SpyFone:-

1. You can view contacts to see your loved ones’ daily calls information.

2. It can be used to monitor Gps

3. One of the features is free to reverse phone lookup which is used to know who owns the phone numbers.

4. Customer support 24/7 

5. Easy to understand UI design of the app. 

6. Compatible with both Android (android 6.0 or above) and iOS( iOS 12.0 or later).

7. Android app Size:- 1.6 MB

You can directly download the app for both android and ios by following the link given above.

How to Use SpyFone:

Step 1: Go to the Spyphone app’s official website to download and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: Sign up or create an account after downloading and installing the app.

Step 3: Relaunch the app and log in with your credentials and start spying.


4. CocoSpy

whatsapp spy ios 46df1154ad
Credits:- Cocospy


Cocospy is the best app you need to spy on someone’s Snapchat or any other social media platform. This app allows you to spy on anyone without letting them know with its excellent espionage tool. The app is totally secured and can be used on your android device very easily. Cocospy also allows users to spy on someone’s Snapchat story, video, and snaps too.

Some Features of CocoSpy:-

1. It can be used to watch all the incoming and outgoing calls.

2. It allows users to spy on someone’s location from time to time.

3. It supports stealth mode to spy totally anonymously without being caught. 

4. Compatible with both android and ios devices.

5. It can be used to keep track of other social media platforms too.

How to Use CocoSpy:

Step 1:- First, get Cocospy on your smartphone and install it.

Step 2:- To sign up, you must first create an account on Cocospy.

Step 3:- Provide all of the needed information before connecting to a target device. You may begin tracking as soon as you finish it.

5. The Truth Spy

Snapchat Story Viewer Apps


The Truth Spy is another best spy app to keep track of someone’s phone activities on your mobile phone without letting them know. You can monitor many things like GPS tracking, call recording, and also you can browse the mobile history.

Some features of The Truth Spy:-

1. Best customer support 24/7 

2. It can be used to spy on WhatsApp chats and calls.

3. You can also use the live call recording feature.

4. Compatible with both ios and android devices.

5. It can be used for other social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat.

6. You can also see deleted messages.


Wrapping Up!

Hope you liked the article on the Snapchat story viewer app with the proper genuine and easy methods. And also we’ve mentioned some of the 5 best Snapchat story viewer apps to view Snapchat users secretly with their features and how to use every app. If you really liked the article do let us know your thoughts on it. Thank you!

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