How To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps or Stories | 6 Working Ways To Fix it

How To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps or Stories | 6 Working Ways To Fix it

Snapchat is a social networking platform that allows us to talk and share pictures and videos easily with friends from around the world. Since it is an American multimedia instant messaging application which is initially released on the 8th of July in the year 2011 and is available in 37 different languages. Here on Snapchat, you and your friend can maintain a Snap Streak which means you and your friend have snapped at each other within between 24 hours for more than three consecutive days.

Snapchat has a feature where you can add friends nearby you just by tapping on the Snapchat location maps. But apart from all the features, this platform gives, many users dealing with Snapchat loading screens are stuck on load and aren’t able to load Snaps and stories.

So, today in this article we’re going to discuss How To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps or Stories and also we’ll show you some methods that would definitely help you get rid of this issue as soon as possible.


 Reasons Behind Snapchat Not Loading Snaps or Stories

If your snaps or stories aren’t loading there might be some problems that the Snapchat server is facing that is why your snaps are not loading. The following reason may be listed here – 

  • Check If Snapchat is down If Snapchat isn’t loading snaps or stories, the first thing to consider is that it might not be working for anyone. For this, you have to check whether the Snapchat server is down and if it’s down, it’s for everyone so in that case you have to wait for that time when the Snapchat server is up. Since there is a way to check whether Snapchat is down or not. Down Detector is a site that tracks all kinds of services and whether they are down or not.


  •  Check for the latest version or updated versionIf you are running an old version of an app is usually OK, but it might create some issues in some instances, especially when significant changes are done to the apps. It might be worth checking for updates. Open the Google Play Store or App Store and check for any available updates. 


  •  Clear the app cacheMost of the apps automatically download media and other types of data onto your phone but if those files are corrupted, it may cause Snapchat to stop working or to show some glitches. Clearing out cache files won’t make you lose any of your data or snaps and might it may sort you to load your snaps or stories.


  • Check your internet connection – If Snapchat or snaps aren’t loading the problem may be with your internet connection. To check quickly that your internet connection is good check another application or by surfing the Internet on your web browser and if nothing else works then the internet connection you are using has some issue. Try to switch to Wi-Fi and if switching to Wi-Fi doesn’t solve the problem you might reset your router may solve the issue. For those users who use a VPN, you might need to disable VPN while using your Snapchat. Snapchat sometimes stops operating if it detects any third-party programmes, such as VPNs.


  •  Close and re-open Snapchat – If Snapchat isn’t down but still it’s not working close the app and re-open it, and if the issue is still there try logging out, of your account and logging back again. This step will re-sync your all snaps with the server and might fix the issue you are facing. 

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Well How To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps or Stories

As, If Know you all know what are the reasons behind the issue and now with the help of these methods listed below you can easily fix Snapchat loading snaps or stories error, do make sure to follow the steps.


1. Restart The Mobile

The most basic solution to Snapchat snaps not loading is to restart the mobile.  If there is only a minor issue, such as your programme not loading properly, this solution may work. So, just restart your Android mobile or ios.


2. Give Permissions To Snapchat

If the above method does not work, it is likely that Snapchat did not acquire authorization from your phone’s storage, locations, and other features. If you do not provide access, Snapchat will be unable to identify screenshots, store specific content, and scan Snapcodes.

How To Activate Snapchat Permission?

Step 1:- Load Snapchat on your smartphone and tap on “Profile” at the top left corner of the Screen

Untitled design 33
Step 2:- Click on the “Setting Gear” Icon at the top right corner.

Step 3:- Go to the Privacy Section and Click on “Permissions”.

Untitled design 34

Step 4:- Allow Permission and restart the app again to check whether the problem is solved or not.


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3. Erase Snapchat’s Cache

So, when you download and start using the Snapchat app, the cache begins to gather data from the app. If the cache is full, the cache might cause various issues in the app. By Clearing the app cache the issue might get fixed.


How To Clear Cache On Snapchat?

Step 1:- Access Snapchat on your smartphone and simply tap on the “Profile” at the top left corner.

Untitled design 33 1

Step 2:- Then  Go to Settings by tapping on the Settings “Gear Icon”.

Step 3:- Select “Account Action” to clear the cache.

Untitled design 35

Step 4:- Press the “Continue button” and within a fraction of seconds, all of your Cache will be deleted.

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4. Clear The Snapchat Messages

If your snaps, photos, or stories are not loading properly, you may also clear all Snapchat messages and clearing all the chats will also low down the load on the app and it might help you get rid of the issue easily.


How To Clear Snapchat Messages?

Step 1:- Launch Snapchat on your phone or tablet and tap on Profile.

Untitled design 33 1

Step 2:- Click the “Settings Gear Icon” and there you’ll see a clear conversion option.

Step 3:- Tap on Clear Conversation. and pick one chat and click on Cross Mark.

Untitled design 36

Step 5:- Hit the Clear button and the chat will get deleted.

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5. Uninstall and Re-Install The Snapchat App

If all of the above methods have doesn’t work well, the best option is to uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat app. To uninstall, “Touch and hold” the app icon for a long time, then hit “Uninstall and confirm the decision”.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won’t Snapchat load my snaps?

Somehow if your Snapchat app isn’t working good and also not able to load snaps or stories then there might be several reasons that can be fixed by clearing the cache, Uninstalling and Re-installing the app and also by restarting the app.

2. How do I clear the Snapchat cache?

It’s very easy to clear the Snapchat cache and to do so follow the steps given below:-

  • To open Settings, tap on “My Profile.”
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “Clear Cache.”
  • On iOS, hit ‘Clear All,’ and on Android, press “Continue.”


Wrapping Up!

I hope this guide helped you successfully know How To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps or Stories if still, you aren’t able to do it, you can also contact the Snapchat support team and they would definitely help you fix it as soon as possible.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down and we’ll be happy to solve any query. Thank You!

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