How To See Liked Pictures On Instagram

You may learn a lot about a lot of topics by finding out what others in your immediate circle enjoy and dislike. Your watching behavior may also be influenced by how well-liked something is. In 2019, Instagram discontinued a feature that allowed you to view your friends’ activities in a feed. How do you see liked posts on Instagram?

Instagram, like Facebook, keeps a history of all the posts you’ve liked, which users may browse inside the Instagram app. Since it’s hidden in the settings, though, not many users are aware of this useful feature. If you want to review the images and videos you’ve liked in the past, Instagram’s feature that lets you examine your liked posts can be useful.

Additionally, it saves you from having to remember and manually search for a specific article by allowing you to quickly unlike specific posts that you have previously loved

How To See Liked Pictures On Instagram? How to view the Instagram pictures you’ve liked?

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You can view the 300 most recent posts you liked on Instagram. You have either double-tapped or clicked the heart icon next to these posts.

Go to your Instagram profile and click the Menu button in the upper right to view your previously liked posts. From the next pop-up menu, select Your activity. From here, select Likes under Interactions inside Your Activity.

How to view another person’s liked Instagram posts?

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In other words, you cannot view all of another account’s liked post activity. Instagram offered a “following activity” feed where you could view the in-app activity of the users you were following till 2019. The Following tab displayed the likes and comments of other users, and the “You” tab included information about your recent activities.

You must actively visit the post in question to see if another user has liked it if you want to know what they have liked. The only method to know if a post has been liked is to investigate the like activity for that specific post.


How to unlike Instagram pictures that you’ve liked?

You can quickly unlike any of the 300 most recent images, films, or videos, but not all of your liked posts. To achieve this,

Go to the Likes area on your iPhone. After that, long-press on the post you wish to dislike and select “Unlike” from the menu. To dislike a specific Instagram post, you can also open it and hit the love icon.

On an Android device, you can, unlike a photo or video gently drag your finger over the heart button while tapping and holding it on the Likes screen. Additionally, you can open a specific post in the feed view and dislike it there.

How to display your likes on a PC?

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Can I access my Instagram liked posts from a computer?

That’s not feasible, regrettably. There is no method to view Instagram posts you’ve liked on a PC or desktop, even if you can like posts using the Instagram app or website. That’s because Instagram’s web version only provides rudimentary capabilities.

Installing the “Layoutify: Improved Layout for Instagram” extension for Google Chrome is simple for Windows and Mac users. The Instagram website’s original look is messed up by this extension, but it still gets the job done. You can install it just to view your laptop’s history of liked posts.

Visit and click the 3-horizontal dots in the upper right after installing the Layoutify extension. The Chrome browser now allows you to view your liked posts in a grid. To view more posts, simply click the “Load more” button at the bottom of the page.

Re-reading Liked Posts Has Some Restrictions

You can only view the 300 most recent posts (photos and videos) you’ve liked, according to Instagram’s help page. Even if that’s a lot, you might not be able to find something you liked a few weeks ago if you’re an Instagram super user who likes hundreds of pictures every day.

If you liked a post while utilising the Instagram mobile app or Instagram on the internet, it will be visible to you. However, the app only displays liked posts. Although it’s unclear whether any posts you liked using an Instagram third-party app, such as Iconosquare, appear, if it doesn’t work for Instagram’s web platform, it probably won’t function for third-party apps either.

NOTE: It should be noted that if you commented on a photo or video but did not also like it, you cannot retrieve it if you lose it. Only by hitting the heart icon (or twice tapping the post) on the Likes screen will you be able to see posts that you have liked. Therefore, even if your primary goal is to leave a remark, make sure you click the heart button if you want to be able to return to a post later.

Why You Should View Your Old Likes?

There are several uses for being able to access posts you’ve already liked. Return to the page where you previously liked it to:

  1. From earlier posts, you liked, find new accounts to follow.


  1. When you enjoyed a post but didn’t have time to read the lengthy caption, do so now.


  1. As more people view a particular item in their feeds, read further comments to stay up to date on the conversation.


  1. If you enjoyed a post but don’t now have the time to make a response, leave your own comment on it.


  1. Check out useful information again later that you wish to examine in more detail, such as a product, service, competition, exercise regimen, recipe, cosmetics tutorial, or something else.

What you like on Instagram is more than just a way to show someone you appreciate what they posted. It’s a useful approach to save items that are worthwhile and intriguing enough to revisit.


Q1. How do you delete Instagram postings that you liked?

Open the post you wish to un-like, then tap the heart icon to unlike it. It is then taken off the list of Likes.

Q2. How do you view Instagram posts that other users have liked?

To view all the likers of a given post, select that post and press “X likes.”

Q3. How do you see what Instagram posts someone liked?

To discover who has liked it, you must visit the post itself and select Others. There is no longer a “following activities” feed.

Q4. How Do you Hide Likes On Instagram?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Posts and turn the Hide Like and View Counts toggle to On if you don’t want to see the total number of likes and views on posts from other accounts. Go to your feed, tap the three dots next to a post, and select Hide like count to hide the like counts on your own posts.

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