15 Best Websites Like Instagram You Should Try In 2022

15 Best Websites Like Instagram You Should Try In 2022

Instagram is undoubtedly the most used application when it comes to sharing pictures with beautiful captions, stories, short clips, etc. But there are a lot of Best Websites Like Instagram now as the social media race gets fussier and fussier that is because Instagram mourned a major outage a few days back that left many Instagram users in the dark.

Some are not satisfied with the recent aloneness policy changes for quite some time now, and some have lost curiosity about the app since Facebook acquired it. And eventually, some desire to try out something fresh and new rather than scrolling through the mixture of photos, videos, Instagram Reels, and more. That’s why people are in search of the Best Websites Like Instagram.

There is no exact copy of Instagram obviously but there are many other Best Websites Like Instagram. So today will gonna discuss these alternatives which might not be as big as Instagram but they are growing slowly and steadily.

Here Is The List Of Best Websites Like Instagram You Should Try


Best Websites Like Instagram

In the age of the internet and social media, online privacy seems like a myth Isn’t it?. However, Cluster provides you with some sort of peace and privacy so that you can share your life’s precious moments only with those who truly care.

Cluster lets you share photos and videos, like Instagram, but only with the people you want. Now you no longer have to worry about strangers or people who troll and do vulgar comments.

It’s like a digital photo album to collect all your precious moments in secrecy. This online bubble created by Cluster is earning it a lot of appreciation and the app is becoming popular day by day. The cluster has a grid-like interface just like Instagram and is accessible on iOS as well as Android platforms.


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Imgur works in the same way as any photo-sharing platform; you Post pictures clicked by you, which can be viewed and shared by others. It is one of the best apps like Instagram. However, Imgur has a few benefits: memes and funny content are just as popular as regular pictures on this platform. The large quantity of original quality content makes Imgur a veritable gold mine.

Another unquestioned benefit of Imgur is its closeness with major chatroom apps like Reddit. Reddit users use a lot of Imgur links in their posts. If you have ever spent time there, you know the popularity of this picture-sharing app. Imgur also features GIFs by the thousands. If you’re in search of an Instagram alternative, Imgur should be a perfect fit for this.


Amazing Facebook Features 2

If you’ve not used Facebook for a long time then, it’s possible that this inclusion might puzzle you. Over the course of years, it has changed a lot, by mimicking, copying, and buying other social media apps of its competition to stay on par with them. Just like Instagram, Facebook features stories, and posts, with lots of editing options.

You know what, Social media app development service providers all over the world still look up to Facebook when working on their apps as it is the oldest one. Facebook is one of the best apps like Instagram in many ways now – it has stories, lives, images, and video sharing with a lot of editing options pretty similar to those of the Instagram app.



flickr logo png 21

Amazed if people still use Flickr? They certainly do! In fact, the Flickr mobile apps have undergone some pretty impressive changes now, complete with photo filters, editing effects, and a slick feed. This is a visual platform for posting, sharing, discussing, and archiving photos and video material.

Soon after Instagram had a big privacy policy kerfuffle back in 2012, many people rediscovered Flickr, switched to it, and never went back because it turned out to be that good. Even though this application is not as vibrant as Instagram but still remains on the top for image storage and sharing.


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Snapchat comes pretty close to Instagram in terms of popularity and functionality, especially as both are in the race of being the best choice for users to share their stories. Just click a photo or make a short video of a few mins to share as a story with your friends on Snapchat, and it will automatically be deleted within 24 hours.

If you like the idea of non-permanent posts, then Snapchat might just be the app for you since all photos and videos you post there, whether through messaging or stories, will disappear after some time. Snapchat also features GIFs and a wide amount of stickers too.


weheartit logo large 4f537c397c877fd303b26683c0e72d19bd480cb3d97bcfe8ff1b8f7f8ca7a4941We Heart It is another popular picture-sharing platform. Its content is more self-examining or analyzing, primarily made of inspirational and motivational photos. There is an emphasis on positive aspects of life. Instagrammers who love inspirational content might really love this application not just for the content posted here but for connecting to very positive and inspirational users in the community too.

The layout of WE HEART IT is similar to Pinterest and you can use it to browse for photos. You can also share GIFs and videos, which adds a bit more versatility to this app. You should know one thing that most of its user base falls under 24 years of age, mostly comprised of women. Knowing this fact should help you involve better with the app and the people on it.


unnamed 1

Pinterest is not what one would call a social network, it’s hard to argue that it’s one of the most powerful visual apps in the world. Pinterest is a social photo-sharing service that has over 750 million ideas for anything from arts and crafts to family, career, and love life.

In fact, if you love the visual appearance of Instagram. Pinterest is going to make you crazy over its eye-catching platform. One thing Pinterest features that Instagram does is the ability to “repin” or save pins from other users.



unnamed 2

Tumblr has regrettably lost its way in the last couple of years, losing tons of its loyal users in the process, but it still is one of the popular social media apps on the internet. Tumblr makes sharing easy with its smooth interface like Instagram which is very easy to get used to once you spend time learning its ways

Unlike Instagram, Tumblr lets you edit anything about your profile page and feed. But Tumblr doesn’t feature stories or broadcast live videos like Instagram.

You know what you can also share images, videos, and GIFs, in the form of a post called a thread. You can reach these threads with the help of particular hashtags, which is quite fun as Tumblr users do come up with very creative unique tags and usernames. It also lets you create unique GIFs, and stickers making this app another meme heaven.

You also can’t ignore the nostalgia Tumblr put forward with its interface. Do you remember Myspace? The app will definitely evoke you to the MySpace era. Tumblr doesn’t feature stories or broadcast live videos like Instagram. But still, it kicks the list of best apps like Instagram for its many other functions.



Just like Instagram, Twitter also uses hashtags. people use Twitter to get the latest news from this social media. but now twitter also features pictures, videos, and gifs. It is indubitably one of the best apps like Instagram.

Twitter has a 140-character limit to its posts, therefore, users must type tweets concisely in a short, understandable, and, meaningful manner.

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Tiktok is mostly popular among the younger audience. Tiktok features lives and short videos mostly 15 min with everyone or your contacts. TikTok has a large following of 500 million monthly all over the world.If you love watching reels and making reels on Instagram then this is the best app like Instagram for you.

This app was also the most downloaded social media app in 2018. With its customized feeds of quirky short videos set to music, filters, and sound effects, the app is notable for its quality and high levels of engagement. TikTok is always in notice also for its daily challenges and trends.


vsco share image

In the VSCO app, you can take pictures and post them on the app where other users can enjoy them. Hashtags and captions are a thing here, like Instagram.

There are plenty of filters you can use to improve image quality, which, of course, isn’t something new. There is a ‘tool kit’ option in this app, which takes care of every minor detail. From removing unwanted things from the healing features to improving skin tone, contrast, and clarity, you have a large number of options to edit the pictures to your liking.

You can also add the makeover images back to your camera roll, or share them on other social media platforms later.

Muzzy isn’t a competitor to apps like Instagram. It just helps to increase your following on famous social media platforms by making your profiles more catchy and attractive. Essentially, it helps you to create mind-blowing collages of pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever you want to post them. You can also add awesome quotes, frames, and amazing unique filters to further enhance your profile.

Of course, Muzzy also has somehow social media aspect to it too. You can also view other collages of your friends and knowns on this app and draw inspiration from it. Muzzy is available for free for iOS and Android platforms.

unnamed 4

The first and obvious advantage of this app is a large number of filters, easily surpassing Instagram in the filter quality. The editing options are in a wide range, the quality is mind-blowing, and sharing, although a bit tricky, is no rocket science once you get the hang of it.

The updated version is probably its biggest drawback. It does take a while to get used to, especially when you’re using the Retrica app for the first time. But if you have time on your hands and want to explore, give Retrica a shot as it is one of the best apps like Instagram for photogenic persons or for editing.


Dribble is a social media network for designers, creative persons, and everyone who wants to get inspired by their work. dribble lets you find out and follow the best designers from all over the world.

Currently, most of the dribble subscribers use their profile as a portfolio. They can also search for ideas and connect with other designers from anywhere around the globe. Dribble helps you to share screenshots to show your current project, no matter what kind of creative professional you are.

new yummi

It’s a social media app for foodies which features sharing of favorite dishes, geotags, and discussions. A user’s food log shows the mirroring of their nutrition lifestyle and food. It is one of the best apps like Instagram but only for food bloggers.

When you open the app for the first time you be like this Instagram for food. at yummi all your carefully photographed food pictures are encouraged.

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