How To Send Silent Messages On Instagram | Complete Guide!

How To Send Silent Messages On Instagram | Complete Guide!

Are you also thinking about how to send silent messages on Instagram? Instagram always impresses its users by updating new features and updates. There are many good changes brought by Instagram to make it more interesting. In consideration, as we’re talking about features let’s talk about an interesting feature of Instagram i.e. Silent Messages.

In some of our previous articles, we have covered; how to turn off Instagram location, fix 60 seconds not working issue, reset your forgotten password, and reset the Instagram explorer page problem. We always wish to provide you finest and faultless guides.

In this article, you’ll get to know How to Send Silent messages on Instagram. You just need to type /Silent <Space> <text> and then send the message, by doing this you will be able to send silent messages.

The Instagram app has introduced a lot of new features which include Vanish mode, Add your stickers, new features for blocking, Like Stories without sending Dm, etc. Last year, In 2021 Instagram introduced an interesting feature called “Silent Message”. So, If you’re looking for a way to know How to Send Silent Messages on Instagram. Keep reading!


What Is the “Silent Messages” Feature On Instagram?

The ‘Silent Message’ feature enables you to send messages to your friends or anyone without notifying them. This means the person you’ve sent the message to, won’t be able to know unless he or she opens chats on InstagramYou can send silent messages to your friends or in groups, and the message could be anything like simple text, Video, Image, audio, etc.


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 How To Send Silent Messages On Instagram?

If you want to send messages to your friends without notifying or disturbing them, you can simply use the ‘Silent Messages’ feature of Instagram. To send silent messages on Instagram, follow the steps mentioned below-

You just need to type /Silent <Space> <text> and then send the message, by doing this you will be able to send silent messages.

Step1: To send a silent message, First, Open the “Instagram App”.

Step2: Open the Chatbox by tapping on the DM icon appearing upper-right side.

Step3: Select the contact to whom you want to send a silent message

Step4: Start your message with/Silent or @Silent and type the message [For instance- /silent Hey 🙂 or @silent Hye :)]

Step5: Send the message and you are done!

This is how a Silent message works. Also, keep in mind that whenever you want to send a silent message you’ll have to put /Silent or @Silent each time before typing the text.

Typing /Silent or @ Silent before any message allows you to send silent messages and the person you are sending the message to, will remain unnotified unless they open the chat box on Instagram. Hope now you know How to send Silent Messages on Instagram.


When & Why To Send Silent Message?

Instagram is the best messaging app and the Recently updated “Silent Message” features make it more interesting, where you can send messages to your friends & followers without letting them be notified. Here are some reasons mentioned below to use ‘Silent Message’ features.

  • If you’re in class and want to tell a friend something, you can send a “Silent Message” so that the message ringtone doesn’t pop up and create sound.
  • Or, when you know your friend or any other person to whom you want to send the message, is busy and you don’t want them to be disturbed by the notification, then you can simply send a ‘Silent Message’
  • Also, you can send Silent Message to your Partner as a surprise, as it will not notify them and when they’ll open the Chatbox they’ll get surprised when they’ll see your message. That would be special!


How does the ‘Mute’ feature of Instagram Different from the ‘Silent Message’ Feature of Instagram?

Both the features are very different from each other, As the “Mute” feature allows you to temporarily Mute a particular person’s message notification which means, you will not get the message notification related to the person you’ve muted unless you’ll Unmute them again.

On the other hand, the “Silent Message” feature will send the message without notifying the receiver but only when you will put /Silent or @Silent before the text. To send Silent Message, Type @Silent <Space> <Message>.


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1. What is Instagram’s Silent Message feature?

Ans. The Silent message of Instagram allows its user to send messages without disturbing/notifying the receiver. The feature can be used in Private chats & in groups as well. With the Silent Message feature, you can send images, videos, simple text, etc silently.

2. What does the Silent message feature do?

Ans. The silent message feature of Instagram allows you to send messages without notifying the person you’re sending the message to.

3. When does Instagram introduce the Silent Message feature?

Ans. Last year, In 2021, Instagram introduced the Silent Message feature.

4. How does the Silent Message feature work?

Ans. To send a Silent Message you need to type /Silent or @Silent before each message. This helps in sending messages without notifying the receiver.


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Wrapping Up!

Many of you were asking about Instagram’s Silent Message feature and how to send silent messages on Instagram. Keeping that in mind, we’ve mentioned all possible information about the silent message feature in this article.

We hope the article helped you, and if it does you can tell us in the comment section below. For more updates on technology, social media, or tech-related articles, keep exploring back to Americbuzz and its future articles. Thanks for reading!


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