How To Turn Off Location On Instagram For Android & IPhone [2023]

How To Turn Off Location On Instagram For Android & IPhone [2023]

Unless you know more about something, you may think it is nice, but in reality, it may not be. Do you know how to turn off Location on Instagram? Since we spend half of our time on social media apps. It is important to be mindful of how we use these apps.

When using these apps, be aware of what information they are collecting and how it will be used. Considering that, today, we’ll be discussing how IG uses your location and how to turn off location on Instagram.

While you launch the app, you are asked to give the app certain permissions. Without thinking twice, you usually click “Allow” for any of the permissions, such as your email address, your location, and other data. But how would you feel if you knew someone could access your stored data? That would be incredibly hurtful!

Instagram has access to your data and can track your movements. Recently, Many people have shown concern about the same. So, to help you with that I’ve mentioned a way to turn off the Location on IG.

How To Turn Off Location On Instagram

In recent 2022, Instagram introduced one more update or feature that helps in tracking your precise location, and yes this is you, who‘ve let this happen by allowing share your location with Instagram, at the time of launching the app on your phone.

However, Instagram accepted that they track their users and have all the records but it also stated that it doesn’t let any other person see or track your location.

But still, people are concerned about their privacy and do not want to share their location. Which is okay! And thankfully you have an option to turn off location info on Instagram.

Steps To Turn Off Location On Instagram on iPhone

1. Open your iPhone Settings

2. Scroll down to <Apps>

3. Select App Privacy

4. Tap on Location Services

5. From the List Select Instagram

6. Turn Off the Precise location.

How to turn off precise location


After this, You’ve successfully turned off the Precise location, and now nobody; even Instagram can not track your location anyhow.


Steps To Turn Off Location On Android

1. Open your Phone’s Settings

2. Go to Apps Management

3.  Scroll down to Instagram

4. Select App Permissions

5. Turn off the Location info of the app

How to turn off precise location


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What Is Precise Location Feature On Instagram?

The Precise Location feature on Instagram allows the apps to use exact locations using GPS service, which was first introduced in the 2020 iOS update. This feature helps users to provide accurate locations with certain apps and is used for different purposes from app to app.

The precise location feature is usually used by the apps to provide maps & location tags, that users use in their posts or stories sometime when they travel. Also, Instagram does not allow any other user except you to see the exact location.

How Can Location Be Tracked On Instagram?

There are many ways in which somebody can track your location on Instagram. However, to avoid such events it is suggested to turn off the location on Instagram. Considering that, below we’ve mentioned several ways to let you know How Can Someone Track Your Location On Instagram?

1. Via Location Tags

Most Instagrammers tag their location with their post to tell their friends & followers about where they are, but they don’t know that their location can be tracked easily via location tags. Below are the steps for how your location can be tracked via Instagram Posts

1. Open the Instagram app

2. Go to the profile page of the person whose location you want to track.

3. Click on the post where they’ve tagged their location

By doing this someone can easily track location on Instagram. However, there is no surety that the location they’ve tagged is correct. Also, It doesn’t provide Real-time of anyone.

2. Via IP Address

There are many IP loggers available to track someone’s exact location. The steps are mentioned below-

1. Open the Instagram app

2. Go to the Profile page of the person whose location you want to track.

3. Copy the account link of the person

4. Visit any safe IP logger and paste the account link there

5. Then, You will receive a link by IP logger (to track location)

6. Send the link to that person and ask them to open it

7. After the User opens the link, the IP logger will track the IP address of that person

8. Refresh the website and get the IP address of the user.

9. Visit a safe IP tracker website and paste the IP address there to track the exact location of the person.

These were some ways in which you or someone can track your and another person’s location. And one should always remember that one shouldn’t commit any activity which can harm any person.


Turn Off Location On Instagram – Things You Should Know

  • Many people were concerned about their privacy after Instagram introduced the ‘Precise Location’ feature. Recently, Instagram has claimed that it tracks your precise location but does not allow any other person to see your location.


  • If you want to keep your privacy, you can turn off your phone’s location information in your settings. There are several ways to turn off your location information on your device. Follow the steps mentioned above to do so.


  • Many apps, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. track your location. This is because, when you signed up for the app, you allowed the app to access your location information. However, you have the option available on your phone to turn it off.


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Wrapping Up!

In the article we’ve covered, How to turn off Precise Location On Instagram with their steps. There have been a lot of questions about the Precise Location feature on Instagram, but there is no need to be concerned about it as you can turn off Precise Location on Instagram. Hope you liked the article. Thanks for Reading!

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