What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Bereal?

Are you getting curious about what does the lightning bolt mean on bereal? Well, I think everyone wants to know what this lightning bolt is and why this appears, and all that question arises in our heads. Well, bereal is a trendy social media platform that is well-known for its authenticity.

Bereal is getting popularity just because it doesn’t have any editing feature and there are no viral filters available on this social media platform. This app sends you a notification at any hour of the day and you have to upload a picture using your front camera or back camera within a time limit of 2 hours.

So, today in this article we are going to discuss the query regarding what does the lightning bolt mean on bereal; how you can use this lightning bolt on bereal, and everything regarding the lightning bolt. So without any further delay let’s straight jump into what does the lightning bolt mean on bereal.

The lightning bolt on bereal app is an instant reaction feature and you can make this realmoji according to you. It is just like the flashlight feature of apps like snapchat, instagram, etc.

What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Bereal?

What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Bereal?

The main motive of this bereal app is to motivate people to show their real selves to their friends that is why it sends you a notification at any time so you have to take your candid photos and upload them. Also, if you are retaking your photos on bereal it will also show this to your friends.

What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Bereal?

What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Bereal?

The lightning bolt feature on the bereal app allows you to record your own reaction to react to a bereal and this lightning bolt is also known as an instant realmoji. To use instant realmoji you have to hold the circle according to your face position and this will take you to the instant realmoji.

Now you will see a transition on your screen and after that bereal will start instructing you to slide in and release to send. Now to send you to have to move your thumb to the big and release it. Just make sure the reaction you want is similar to your facial expression.

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How To Delete The Lightning Bolt Reaction?

What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Bereal?

Sometimes we accidentally react to someone’s picture and we keep wondering how to delete this. Well in case you have accidentally reacted with a lightning bolt to someone’s picture on real then you can delete it by tapping on the reaction, long press on it and there appears a dustbin sort of icon tap on it, and tap on it. Your lightning bolt reaction is deleted.

Wrapping Up!

So we have come to the end of discussion regarding what does the lightning bolt mean on bereal. I hope the above mentioned information is useful as well as informative for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the meaning of discover on bereal?

Ans. On bereal discover means that you are sharing your bereal profile publicly that means any bereal user can see your profile.

Q2. How you can turn off your location on bereal app?

Ans To turn off your location you have to just tap on the bereal notification then take the photos then go to location settings then tap on it to turn it off then upload your bereal.

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