What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature 2023? | How Do We Use It?

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature 2023? | How Do We Use It?

Are you also seeing people gossiping about instagram candid stories feature and wondering what this new feature is? Well, today in this article we will be discussing all the information related to this new feature of this social media platform, instagram, and whether this is really a feature or just a rumour.

Instagram is launching various different features to make this platform better and to give users a better experience. If you are an instagram user then you must be aware of the newly launched notes feature of this app where you can share small notes with your friends for 24 hours.

These candid stories feature of instagram is just a feature of this meta app which resembles the bereal app. This feature has not been launched officially and they are internally testing the feature.

So, to know more about this instagram candid stories feature keep on reading this article till the end.

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

Instagram has various intriguing features like viral filters and short videos these short videos are called reels on instagram and these reels are a great source of income various social media influencers use this instagram feature of reels to earn money through it.

As this new feature of instagram which is not launched yet is somewhat similar to the BeReal app where you have to post your real photos without any filters and instagram is also working on this feature to make people post their real faces without any filters or editing.

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

Instagram candid stories feature is an adapted version of the BeReal app. As in the BeReal app, users have to post their pictures without using any filter in a similar way instagram meta is testing this feature where users have to post a candid picture of themselves at an odd hour whenever they get a notification from the app within 2 minutes. This candid challenge will show you the real side of people without any filters and editing.

How To Use Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

What Is Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

Let’s not forget that there is no prototype of this app as I have told you earlier the instagram candid stories feature is not launched yet it is under processing and instagram is testing this feature internally so the only way to know how it will work is by relating it to the bereal app. Here are some of the points on which it’s working may base.

  • Users must have an instagram app on their device and they must have signed in.
  • Instagram may send messages to users at odd hours.
  • The user has to use only the rear camera of their device.
  • The users have to upload pictures within 2 minutes after they get the notification.
  • There may be a story tray to add candid photos of other people also.

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What Is The Thought Behind Instagram Candid Stories Feature?

instagram candid stories feature

Alessandro Paluzzi gives the idea of this new instagram candid stories feature. He is a reverse engineer who provides his audience with the latest updated information and has a large following on Twitter.

As the bereal app doesn’t have any filters so users have to post their original photos without using any filter in a similar manner instagram is planning to launch this filter where people can post their candid pictures to show the real side without using any filters and editing tools. This will be just a new feature to shoot up the user’s experience and engagement on this platform.

What Other Features Does Instagram Have?

There are various features of instagram that are under testing and one of them is launched and that is the instagram notes feature, where you can put short messages that are visible to your friend and they will automatically get disappeared after 24 hours.

The various other features of instagram that are not yet launched are collaborative collections where you can save the shared post according to your preference just like you starred message on whatsapp.

Another one is group profiles where you have to make a group just like you can add stories for close friends which shows a green circle around the story but in group profiles, there will not be any green circle and you have to add people in your group profile to share your stories with them.

 What Are The Other Features That Are Common Between Instagram And Other Apps?

One of the most popular and viral features of instagram is reels which completely resemble tiktok short videos it came into existence after tiktok got banned and youtube also has this same feature youtube shorts and also facebook also have reels feature now.

Another feature of instagram that resembles other apps is its filters as this is an adaption of snapchat filters and snapchat was the first app to introduce snapchat filters. Additionally, snapchat had a bitmoji feature which instagram adapted recently as an instagram avatar and now this feature is also introduced in whatsapp.

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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered the main topic of discussion regarding the instagram candid stories feature. I genuinely hope you have got all the necessary and latest information related to this new feature of instagram which is not launched yet.

So this is all about instagram candid stories feature. If you find this article informative and of any use to you then don’t forget to share this piece of information with your friends and loved ones. Keep coming back to Americbuzz and thank you for reading this article till the end.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is an instagram locket?

Ans. The Instagram locket is not really something related to instagram but it is a whole different app that is somewhat similar to the instagram photos uploading feature and it is available for iphone users only.

Q2. How to unmute notes on instagram?

Ans. If you have accidentally muted notes on instagram and thinking about how you can unmute it the start by opening the instagram app then login to your account then tapping on the search icon then searching for your friend’s name then tapping on the following option then tapping on the mute option then tap on the mute icon to turn it grey and so you are good to go.

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