How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram With Just 5 Steps in 2022

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram With Just 5 Steps in 2022
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where one can share pictures, and videos, also chat with friends and family whenever they want to with many evolving fun and privacy-focused features. Of all these features the most recent one added by Instagram is the option to restrict someone on Instagram. This feature is very helpful and at the same time not. The platform is also very helpful to those who want to grow their business organically with their content and with the help of Hashtags.
Many features like 3D Avatar, Vanish mode and this one is new and many Instagram users are not well acquainted with the function properly with this, the question that arises is How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram? Well, there are a few ways to find out for sure and in this article, we’ll explain to you some of those.

What happens when an account is restricted on Instagram?

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  • If you restrict someone on Instagram the restricted account user won’t be to know when you are online or not. They will not be able to see if you’ve read their messages or not.
  • So when you’ll restrict an account They will not be able to see marked as “seen” notifications under their DM.
  • Their comments on your posts will only be visible to the person you’ve restricted and if you wish to see them you can always Tap on ‘See comment’ to do so. Adding on if you want a restricted account Holder’s comment on your post to be visible by everyone you can tap ‘approve’, either you can ignore it or you can always opt to delete comments on your posts on Instagram.
  • You won’t be able to receive any notification from the significant person in case of further comments or messages as well.
Basically, if you have restricted someone you can limit the person’s access to your accounts with regard to your profile as well. That includes messages, activity status, and comments, among many other things.
So, all in all, this feature creates a gap between you and the other person without really blocking or removing them from you your account. Restricting someone on Instagram aids you to keep people away from seeing specific content like your stories or if you are online or not. And if you’ve been restricted by a person on Instagram it is quite clear that they do not want you to barge into their life.

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t want to make it an easy task for you to figure out if someone has restricted you on Instagram but fortunately there as some sly ways can do so without accessing the app yourself. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

A. With the Help of Comments

Step 1- Create a new Instagram account. (To know how to create a new Instagram account we have given a quick guide at the end of the article)
Step 2- Find and open the user’s account who you think restricted you.
Step 3- Scroll through the profile and search for the post where you have commented from your old account.
Step 4- Scroll through the comments and if you do not find your comments there it means the person has restricted you on Instagram.

Note – Please note that in this method we are assuming that the person you think has restricted you have a public account and if he/she has a private account then you’ll not the ability to have any access to his/her account

B. With the Help of Activity Status

Step 1- From a new Instagram account search for the user’s account that restricted you.
Step 2- Open an account and notice if you can see if the user is offline or online. If you are able to see their online/offline status from that account and not from your own primary account that means he has restricted your old account.

Note: You have to log out from your primary Instagram account. After this process is over, you can log in to your main Instagram account again.

C. Through Direct message (DM)

Step 1- Open your Instagram and log in to your account.
Step 2- Search the user’s account who you think has restricted you.
Step 3- Try to send a message.
Step 4- You have to wait for a day or two and notice if your message hasn’t been seen or the user not found the message came for a long time or its reply doesn’t come, that means you are restricted on Instagram by them

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How to create a new Instagram account?

Till now you know how important it is for you to have a new Instagram account in order to know if you have been restricted by someone on Instagram or not. There is like no point in checking it from your primary account if you need to be sure about it. To make a new account on Instagram follow the following steps-

Step 1- Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone.
Step 2- At the bottom right corner of your feed, you’ll locate your profile picture. Long press on that icon with you display a picture.
Step 3- Following that a drop-down menu will pop up. Among all the options Tap on “Try a New Account.”
Step  4- Choose and app your username for yourself and then set a password.
Step 5- Add in the Asked details like a phone number or your email id just to make your account secure.
Step 6- After you’ve filled in the required details tap “Complete Signup.”.

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Q1.What does it mean to be restricted on Instagram?

When you’ve been Restricted by someone this means that they’ve limited you from following and viewing their pictures and updates. That includes messages, activity status, and comments, among many other things

Q2.Who can restrict/block me on Instagram?

A person who possesses an Instagram account has the ability to block or unblock you on Instagram. This includes people who are following you, your friends, and even your family members

Q3.How can I tell if someone blocked me on Instagram?

There are many ways to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram. The most common one is they will no longer be visible in your DMs as well as in your follower list. You can also try sending the message to the person you suspect has blocked you if you are unable to do so then most probably they have blocked you.

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If you ever suspect that you’ve been restricted by someone on Instagram and you want to be sure about it, then this guide will be a great help for you.

And god forbid it turns out to be true don’t be upset there are always other platforms for you to connect with the person for good. So, try it for yourself and if you found our article valuable  kindly we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box

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