How To Be Aesthetic On Instagram? | 7 Original Tips To Make Your Instagram Aesthetic

How To Be Aesthetic On Instagram? | 7 Original Tips To Make Your Instagram Aesthetic

Being aesthetic on Instagram is not that hard, you need to do a little thinking about what you post on Instagram. And if you are struggling to make your Instagram aesthetic don’t worry this article just wants you to need to make your Instagram aesthetic. We have a few tips and tricks you can try out to make your Instagram even more aesthetic effortlessly. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

We all know Instagram is a place to exhibit your life and emotions through pictures and sometimes videos, which is why everyone wants everything to be perfect on Instagram, and who doesn’t love being perfect and admirable on the gram. It becomes essentially important for people to be aesthetic on Instagram to get more followers and engagement on the App.

We might have seen many Instagram influencers have a particular aesthetic be it a traveler with scenic pictures on his feed or a foodie with pictures of mouthwatering dishes on his/her Instagram feed. Even if you be aesthetic on Instagram just by considering a few tips we have listed below, follow them to know to become aesthetic on Instagram.

Here Are The 7 Original Tip To Be Aesthetic On Instagram Easily

1. Pick A Particular Color Scheme

If you want to be Aesthetic on Instagram you have to choose your color and stick to it till the end. Before you start posting on Instagram you should pick a color scheme or palette and take pictures and edit them according to those particular colors on the pallet.

This gives your Instagram feed a uniformity and a finished look. If you’ll post pictures on Instagram with unmatched color it won’t look that pleasing to the eyes therefore many Instagram influencers use a particular color palette for their Instagram photos to make their Instagram feed look more color coordinated and uniform.

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2. Know The Power Of Editing

Everything is falling apart if you don’t master the art of editing pictures and videos for the gram. It is wise to edit pictures way before posting them on Instagram. If you know the art of editing you can make a bland picture transformed into an Instagram-worthy post.

Instagram itself provides many options to edit pictures from the App but there are many other third-party applications for editing your pictures and bringing changes. Third-party applications provide more options to transform your picture and videos as compared to Instagram, also keep in mind that you have to edit them according to the color scheme of your Instagram feed to make them look even more aesthetic. Some third-party app recommendations are photoshop, Inshot, Lightroom, etc.

3. Use Aesthetic stickers and GIFs on Instagram stories to make your Instagram aesthetic.

If you are more of a story person then this tip is for you. Instagram stories are a great way to post pictures on the gram. You add a variety of Aesthetic stickers to your Instagram stories to make them stand out.

How to add stickers and GIFs on Instagram stories

Step 1: Open Instagram and Tap on the ‘+’ icon located at the top right corner of your screen.


1 1


Step 2: From there Tap on the story option this will lead you to the camera interface where you can click a picture or upload one from the gallery by swiping up.


2 3


Step 3: Once you have the picture Tap on the smiley icon located at the top right side of your screen.


2 4


Step 4: Now Tap on GIFs this will give you some trending GIFHY.


1 42


Step 5: You can use the search bar to find aesthetic stickers.

For getting aesthetic stickers type in :
  • BOHO
  • The Uncommon Place
  • Vipapier
  • Lidiaontheroad
  • Ohlalalita
  • Queenbemonyei
  • Ilustragabs


1 43


Step 6: Now place the selected sticker on your Instagram story and you are done. You can use many GiFs in a single story you can combine them to make your Instagram stories look more aesthetic.

1 44

4. Add Music To Your Instagram Stories And Post To Make Your Instagram Aesthetic

Who doesn’t like music if you are one hell of a music person then you can use and add your favorite song to your Instagram stories and posts which will make them look even more aesthetic? There are many viral sounds on Instagram and you can use them to increase your engagement and make people with similar Music tase follow you.

How To Add Music To Your Instagram stories

Step 1: Open and login into your Instagram account

1 1

Step 2: Then go to the Instagram Story creation interface.

Step 3: Swipe up and select pictures from your gallery. ( You can select one picture at a time or multiple pictures at a time)


2 3


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Step 4: Once you’ve added the image as you normally do you’ll notice a sticker icon (it is in the shape of a small square with a smile on it) usually located at the top left of your screen Tap on it.


2 4


Step 5: Following that you’ll get a wide range of stickers and gifts there, and among them search for the music icon and tap on it. It is usually placed in the initial options.


2 5


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Step 6: This will lead you to Instagram’s in-app music library. From there you can search and select what you want to upload to your Instagram stories.


2 6


Step 7: Instagram also allows its users to add as well as cut music according to their wishes. It also allows us to decide the duration of the story with the song. You can add any precise part of the song which you wish to use.


How To Be Aesthetic On Instagram

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Step 8: Select and confirm the song and tap on add to Story in order to upload your story on Instagram. And that’s it the song will be added to your Instagram story, you can also move and past the song sticker on your Instagram story accordingly.


1 3

5. Organise Your Highlights And Keep Them Color-Coordinated

Highlights are a great way to showcase your special moments on Instagram by saving them from stories, it is a great way to categorize your Instagram stories on a various basis you can make a dedicated highlight for stories related to your family, professional life, friends, places where you’ve been, fitness, food and many more.

So it is wise to make sure your highlights are updated now and then and of they are nicely coordinated based on the color scheme you’ve opted for your Instagram feed it looks more pleasing to the eyes and will attract more users to check them out resulting in following you. So having color-coordinated and nicely categorized highlights can make your Instagram feel look even more aesthetic.

1 47

6. Use Aesthetic Filters To Make Your Instagram Aesthetic

Just like Snapchat filters, even Instagram provides many filters for its users and there are many hidden gems you should try out to make your Instagram photos even more aesthetic.

From dark filters, like-Aesthetic textures by rxkyx  Grace by Marlonmmayer to filters that will make your photos and stories more brighter and saturated like- Kira Cinematic by Ya.molli and VHS style by Demiandrou Instagram has them all and they won’t let you down. If you feel editing your picture is too much work then we recommend you to use Instagram filters for your pictures to be aesthetic on Instagram.

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7. Post-Aesthetic Reels

Instagram reels are becoming Famous day by day through the feature has opted from TikTok many people do enjoy making reels on Instagram. Reels are a quick way to show your essence to your followers as well as other Instagram users. You can make reels by using trending songs and by applying Aesthetic filters to your reel.

Reels can help you to blow up on Instagram and bag more followers on the App. It can be as short as 15 sec to as long as one minute which is sufficient for people to identify your aesthetic and the essence of your Instagram feed.

Wrapping up!

So in a nutshell we can say Instagram is a great place to showcase your aesthetic. You can make your Instagram aesthetic by posting color-coordinated posts and stories. Adding music and aesthetic filter to your stories can make them stand out in the crowd.

You can edit your pictures and videos before posting them or you can simply use aesthetic Instagram filters to make your Instagram more aesthetic.

Try these tips out for yourself and let us know in the comment box which one worked the best for you. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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