5 Methods To Turn Off The Read Receipts On Instagram Instantly

5 Methods To Turn Off The Read Receipts On Instagram Instantly

Instagram is a well-known and very trendy social media platform where you can connect with your families and your loved ones. It helps you get updated about the current scenarios that are going on across the world. Moreover, as Facebook and other social media platforms, Instagram also lets you share, like, and post pictures and videos on your account or feed. Feed is another name of the account we use on Instagram. You can read another article regarding this. In this post, we will learn how can we turn off the read receipts on Instagram when we do not want to read a specific sender’s message.

Sometimes you don’t want to open the message but you are very curious to read and you want to pretend that you did not read the message. There can be a problem when you don’t want to read the messages but open them accidentally. There is no such way to directly turn off the read receipts on Instagram.

But there can be a way out of this problem. To know the way out continue reading the article that how can we turn off the read receipts on Instagram.


Instagram does not directly allow you to turn off the read receipts, but at the times when you don’t want to read the messages you can simply turn off the WiFi and turn on the Airplane mode. Let me explain in detail.

Methods To Turn Off The Read Receipts On Instagram Instantly | How Can You Do This Trick?

This trick is also used in Facebook, You just simply have to turn on the airplane mode and follow by turning off the WiFi of your device, and ensure that you are using the latest version of the Instagram app. You have to keep reading the message for a while to keep pretending that you haven’t read the messages because this trick won’t work immediately as you open the messages.


There are some steps to perform this trick-

  1. First, open the Instagram app.
  2. Then open the DM section which is the message section in the app.
  3. Turn on the airplane mode followed by turning off the WiFi.
  4. Then read the messages that you want to but don’t want the seen receipt to be shown.
  5. Now close your inbox and return to your profile.
  6. Go to the menu icon, the three vertical lines
  7. Simply Logout from your account.
  8. Then turn off the airplane mode.
  9. Then Simply log in back to your account

5 Methods To Turn Off The Read Receipts On Instagram Instantly

And voila! You did a great job in reading the messages that you did not want to read. This is the commonly used trick to avoid those messages that you don’t want to open but want to read the messages.


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Checkout Another Method To Turn Off The Receipts On Instagram

Another method by which you can turn off the receipts is by connecting your Instagram DM box to your E-mail ids. This is very beneficial for you as it hides your activity status on Instagram when you are officially active. You can do this by registering on an app named DMpro.

Steps to connect your Instagram account to your E-mail-

  1. Register on the app DMpro for free.
  2. Then log in to your Instagram account.
  3. After finding your account on Dashboard, click on the manage accounts button.
  4. In the DM tab, open the tab DM TO EMAIL.
  5.  Find your account and email address at the bottom of the page.
  6. Then check the box to connect status.
  7. Connect your DM’s to your e-mail id


And you’re done! This method is so useful that you can read the messages without informing the other side but you can also read the messages even if they have unsent the messages after sending.

End of the Line-

There is more than one way to turn off the receipts on Instagram, but I would suggest you use the DMpro method to read the messages without informing the other party or side. This also provides you with a support system that is more willing to help you with their services.

Till then Happy Learning!

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